Lila and Mia Host The Bidness – Round 16

The Business

Lila: I’m sure my mom told you that we were all sick last week. Or that they were all sick last week. I didn’t get sick because I am tough.


The Business Mia: I got sick. It wasn’t fun. My belly was mad at me or something. It wouldn’t let me have any milk. It wouldn’t let me have anything or it would send it back out. I cried.


Lila: Yeah, poor Mia. I felt bad for her and so I was very nice to her. I didn’t even hit her or try to take any of her toys. I didn’t want my belly to get mad at me like hers was mad at her.

Mia: Tater was sick too. His belly was really  mad at him. But Mommy says that we all must be feeling better because we are back to our ornery selves. She said between everybody being sick and the pouring rain on Saturday that we have spent “entirely too much time together.” But if we didn’t spend time together, what else would we do?

Lila: Mom says that we need to give her some space. She said she’s ready to get a nanny for us.

Mia: But I don’t understand….why would Mommy need a nanny? She’s big.

Lila: No, dummy! Mommy doesn’t need a nanny for her, she needs it for us!

Mia: But we don’t need a nanny! We have Mommy! She is our nanny!

Lila: That’s why she wants a nanny! She wants to get away from us!

Mia: But why? I don’t want to get away from her.

Lila: She tells us that we drive her crazy. But I don’t see her driving when she says it. Maybe she needs to go to Crazy or something. I’m sure she would come back.

Mia: I don’t know…Tater always says that if we are bad Mommy will go away and never come back.

Lila: Tater doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He needs a nanny.

Mia: Maybe that’s why he goes to preschool. Maybe that’s where the nannies are.

Lila: I don’t know. All I know is Daddy says we don’t have enough money to get mom a nanny. So I think we are safe. Unless she decides to drive to Crazy.

Mia: Well if she goes to Crazy, I want to go with her.

Lila: But that’s why she wants to get a nanny! She doesn’t want to go to Crazy!

Mia: Or maybe she really does and she’s just pretending she doesn’t! Mommy can be tricky sometimes. Like when she sneaks out without us knowing and makes Daddy watch us.

Lila: We need to pay closer attention so she can’t do that anymore. We should go find her now and make sure she didn’t sneak off without us!

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I’m Not Here Because I’m At The Chiquita Moms Community!

After Blissdom, I’m still trying to catch up! I am so busy and tired it’s crazy! I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m one of the five Charter Chiquita Moms, and that I’ve asked you to help me grow the Chiquita Moms Community by joining, but did I mention I’m writing over there, too?

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For this week’s post, I actually vlogged (yes! I tried to vlog again!) all about fun and healthy fruit snack ideas, like the one above. Cute, right? Well I give you a couple of more ideas too! And my kids love them!

I’ve also written about the kids’ nicknames, how to get picky eaters to eat vegetables, I introduced my family to the community ABC style, heck The Bidness even wrote a post!

So head over and check out the community! There’s lots of good stuff there!

Today’s also Jason’s birthday and I’m going to make his favorite meal: Steaks with a yummy sauce and hot spinach salad. Look for the recipes tomorrow!


Lila and Mia Host The Bidness – Round 15

The Business

Lila: We are mad at my mom right now. She’s dumping us to go on an airplane to go to work far away. She left this morning.


The Business Mia: Yeah, she snuck out before we woke up. She is going to a conference. In Blissdom. Or called Blissdom. Or something.


Lila: She said she is going to miss us, but she sounds pretty excited about it. Why can’t we go with her? We are good!

Mia: Yeah, we are good! We will be quiet.

Lila: Instead, she says we have to stay home with Daddy.

Mia: Tater too. Tater is really mad that Mommy is leaving. So is Lila. Cuz Lila is a sissy-la-la.

Lila: I LOVE MY MOM! Why does everybody make fun of me because I always want to be with her?!

Mia: Because you cry if she even leaves the room! You need to chill out!

Lila: I don’t need to do anything. I already miss her.

Mia: I bet Daddy will take us to the park! He always takes us to the park.

Lila: Yeah, he does. And he lets us sleep in his bed with him. I think it’s because he’s lonely without Mommy.

Mia: I don’t know…I have heard him tell Mommy that we are horrible to sleep with because we are all over the place and we kick him.

Lila: Mommy says he is an Independent Sleeper and doesn’t like to snuggle like we do.

Mia: I don’t like to cuddle either! I just want some space. I get hot.

Lila: Well, Mommy let’s me nuggle her. I love nuggling.

Mia: Tater will sleep in his own bed. I bet Daddy tries to sneak in there too! He says it’s not comfortable, but he has more room. If he sleeps diagonally.

Lila: Tater snores. I hope Daddy doesn’t put him in bed with us!

Mia: This wouldn’t even be a problem if Mommy just didn’t go!

Lila: She says she needs to have “me” time sometimes. Why does she want to be alone?

Mia: Maybe she loves us so much that she doesn’t want to share us with Daddy and Daddy is making her go!

Lila: Oh! I bet that’s true!

Mia: Don’t tell Daddy we know that though.

Lila: Yeah, we don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Mia: Okay Mommy, we’ll try to be good while you are gone.

Lila: But don’t have fun. We want you to come home and if you have fun you might not come home.

Mia: SHHHHH! If Tater hears that he’ll go crazy!

Lila: Just come back, okay Mommy? We love you!

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Lila and Mia Host The Bidness – Round 14

I am SUPER excited to be guest posting over at SITS and sharing my tips for how to build a blog community (loyal readership) on your blog! If you are interested in growing your readership, definitely stop over and read it! But Lila and Mia also have a few things to say here, so I’m handing the floor over to them now…

The Business Lila: My mom never lets us talk anymore. Even though she knows you guys like it when we do.


The Business Mia: Yeah, she’s mean sometimes. She doesn’t even want us to play on her iPad. We love Angry Birds.


Lila: Maybe she would let us if we didn’t get into so much trouble all the time. She always says that we start one mess and while she cleans it up, we make two more.

Mia: I don’t think that’s true, though. I think she just thinks everything is a mess. We are just having fun!

Lila: I know! And then she makes us go play outside, so we throw rocks. Daddy doesn’t like that. We like to take the bark out of the planters, too. We throw it in the lawn, all over the patio and at the dogs. We get in trouble for that a lot.

Mia: Uh huh, we do. Mommy says “I never let you play with that and you always get in trouble, so why do you keep doing it?!”

Lila: Doesn’t she know it’s fun? That’s why we do it!

Mia: You know what else is fun? Throwing stuff in the toilet.

Lila: Yeah! And unwinding the toilet paper roll. And trying to flush our diapers. Did you guys know that doesn’t work?

Mia: Mom doesn’t think so. Mom is never fun.

Lila: You know what else is fun that mom doesn’t like? When we dump cereal all over the couch. Or out of the box. Or try to feed it to the dogs. She doesn’t like any of those things.

Mia: Getting Tater in trouble is fun too. All I have to do is start crying and mom yells “TATER!” like she’s really mad.

Lila: Even when he doesn’t do anything! That’s probably why he hits us all the time because he knows that even if he doesn’t he’s still gonna get into trouble.

Mia: Our mommy got our haircut finally. Did she tell you that? Now they call me Lloyd because she says that is what my haircut looks like.

Lila: Well, at least you have hair! The lady told mommy I can’t wear piggy tails in my hair anymore or it won’t grow!

Mia: Yeah, I do have more hair than you.

Lila: We got tricycles for Christmas, and I love riding mine. Mia just pushes hers around though.

Mia: It’s not my fault that my feet don’t reach the pedals! You’re a giant!

Lila: No I’m not! I am big like Tater.

Mia: Well, it’s still fun even if I just push it.

Lila: And the last thing we want to tell you is that mommy says we talk a lot. And ask a lot of questions. And she says we are going to drive her to drink with all the questions.

Mia: She just gets mad because she doesn’t know the answers, I bet!

Lila: Tater knows the answers! He knows everything.

Mia: Mommy says he thinks he knows everything.

Lila: I don’t know. Maybe he is smarter than mommy. He’s way more fun than mommy!

Mia: SHHHHH! What’s that? I think Mommy’s coming! Or is it Tater?

Lila: Well if it’s Tater, he can help us find a mess to make, right?

Mia: Let’s go find out!

Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 13

Lila: Me and Mia are mad. We just found out that Ethan got to answer 20 questions on Mommy’s blog yesterday…on a video! We never got to do a video!


Mia: Yeah, we have to sneak on the computer while Mommy thinks we are taking a nap. But really we are still boycotting naps because we can have a lot of fun when Mommy thinks we are in our room.


Lila: That’s true. We can. She doesn’t even care about the mess we make in our room. But sometimes, she is on the computer and we sneak out and do other stuff.

Mia: I don’t like taking a nap. But Lila still needs one.

Lila: No I don’t!

Mia: Yes you do! Remember the other day when we were playing and you just laid down to rest for a minute? You fell asleep!

Lila: No I didn’t! I was just resting my eyes!

Mia: That’s not resting your eyes! That’s sleeping! I opened the door and went to find Mommy because I was bored and she yelled at me and was carrying me back into bed. Then she saw you and said “I have to get my camera” and then she just made me watch TV in her room. She wasn’t even mad!

Lila: Whatever. You are making this all up. I don’t know where that picture came from. Besides, I want to tell them about Halloween.

Mia: Oh! That was fun! We got to get candy from everybody for no reason! They just gave us candy!

Lila: Well, we had to say “Trick-or-Treat!” and “Thank you”. But we got a lot of candy! And Mommy won’t let us eat it all.

Mia: Mommy is mean. Tater was a pirate and said “AAARRRRR” a lot.

Lila: And poked us with his sword. Mommy had to take it away from him.

Mia: And we were cheerleaders. Daddy LOVES USC.

Lila: We had to say “Fight On Trojans” and that made Daddy happy.

Mia: And I like climbing the stairs. I don’t know why Mommy gets mad at me when I do, but she does.

Lila: She gets mad because you climb on the wrong side of the bars! And you go up too high! She thinks you will fall.

Mia: Well sometimes you do it too.

Lila: No I don’t! I stopped at the second step…you go up 9 of them.

Mia: Mommy says I can’t do it anymore or I will crack my head open.

Lila: Well you might. Look what happened to me on Monday when I fell off of the bed. It really, really hurt.

Mia: It is a big owie.

Lila: This is what it looks like today. It doesn’t hurt as much, but Mommy says it looks like I’m wearing eyeshadow from the 80’s, whatever that means.

Mia: Mommy says we have to stop hurting ourselves or CPS is going to come take us away. Who is CPS?

Lila: I don’t know. But she says we bruise like Georgia peaches like her and if anybody looked at our legs, they would wonder what happened to us.

Mia: And Daddy calls you Crash because you are always taking diggers. He says that you are graceful like Mommy.

Lila: Well he says I go too fast and don’t pay attention. But I think I do.

Mia: SHHHHH! What’s that? I think Mommy’s coming!

Lila: We have to go before she says “Come on! Are you kidding me right now?” and sends us back to bed.

Mia: We’ll try to be back to talk again soon!