Fronts and Daisy

If you are a member of our family, you have a nickname. If you are a good friend of our family, more than likely you also have a nickname. You know you have “arrived” in our family once a nickname has been bestowed upon you. It’s rare that anybody is called by their real name.

Mine is Pookie or Pook.

Jason’s usually just called Hoage (our last name) or occasionally Fast Hair. Long story…maybe I’ll share it one day because it’s pretty funny.

My siblings names: David is Junior, Scott is Scooter, Angie is Ang (she has another one but she’d kill me if I told you what it is), and Heather is Hef (my niece used to call her ‘Auntie Hefer’ because she couldn’t say Heather and it was just shortened over the years).

Last year, I told you all of the kids’ nicknames, and how they came about. Most of them are still in rotation, and there are some new ones now, too.

Ethan hasn’t gotten any new ones, but Lila has picked up Ya-Ya, which is how Mia says her name and Mia has picked up Badger and the Silent Assassin, because she is sweet as pie until you piss her off, and then when you aren’t looking she’ll attack. And she’s mean as a badger.

But the girls have also each picked up another nickname…ones that Tater came up with.

He calls Lila ‘Fronts’ or ‘Frontsy’ and Mia ‘Daisy’. We have no idea why or where those names came from.

If you ask him about Fronts, he says he just likes that name. He doesn’t know where he heard it, but it’s his favorite name. He’ll say “Hey Fronts” and Lila responds to it.

If you ask him about Daisy, he doesn’t know why he calls her that except he does say she looks like a flower. Mia hasn’t quite figured out that she’s Daisy yet.

Nicknames, and the way they come about, are so fun to hear. What’s yours?

But What’s In A Name?

When I first started my blog waaaaayyyy back in March 2010 (can you believe it hasn’t even been a year yet?!), I decided to keep the kids’ names anonymous, and so I called them Tater, Ms. L and Ms. M. You will find that I still regularly refer to them that way, but more and more often, I call them by their real names: Ethan, Lila and Mia.

I don’t know what changed, other than one conversation I started on The Blog Frog. I asked the question of why people do or do not use their children’s real names on their blogs. One mom replied something along the lines of “I use my kids real names in public, so what is the difference?” And that’s when I started to use their real names occasionally.

But what this post is really about is nicknames. You see, our kids have so many of them that we rarely call them by their real names. So I thought I’d share with you some of their nicknames, and how they came about.

Yes, we really do call Ethan Tater most of the time. We also call him E, T, and Tater Magoo. Past nicknames included Little Hitler, Mr. Baron, and Frank Baron.

Let me explain…

Obviously, E is short for Ethan, that one is easy.

T is short for Tater. But where did Tater come from? When Ethan started eating real food, the kid loved french fries (he lovingly referred to them as “ench fries”), and really, really loved tater tots. So we started calling him Tater Tot, and it was shortened over time to Tater.

Tater Magoo came about when I started singing him this goofy little song:
Tater Magoo
Mommy Loves You
Tater Magee
You Love Me
So I guess you can say that Tater Magoo came about because I needed something to rhyme with I love you. I still call him Tater Magoo or T Magoo on a regular basis.

Next we have Little Hitler, which is really self explanatory if you have or ever have been around a toddler. They are demanding little dictators, and it’s really their way or the highway. That one only stuck around for awhile.

Last, Mr. Baron/Frank Baron. If you are an Everybody Loves Raymond fan, then you might recognize Frank Baron as Ray’s dad on the show. Frank’s hair is funny….he has just a ring of hair around the sides of his head, and is bald on top. When Ethan was born, he had the same hair. So Jason and I, as well as our family called him Mr. Baron and Frank Baron. It morphed into Fwank (cute baby-talk for Frank), and Sir.

This is the only picture I have where you can see Tater’s hair. He’s about a week old here. My sister H still calls him Fwank.

We call Lila Drama, Clyde, Tiny McWhiney, Lila Bean, or just Bean.

Lila Bean was the first one that came about. I guess because it sounds similar to lima bean? I don’t know, but we call her Bean or The Bean daily.

We also call her Drama because she is so full of drama and very theatrical…especially with her fits.

Tiny McWhiney started early too because she did lots and lots of whining.

Clyde. Sigh.

She will forever hate this nickname and may be mad when she gets older that I even posted this! Remember Clyde the orangutan from the old 1970’s movie with Clint Eastwood Every Which Way But Loose?

Clyde the monkey’s hair was kinda crazy and always stood up every which way…much like Lila’s…hence, the nickname.


Mia is the baby. She also has lots of nicknames including Onomatopoeia, Mauna, Chun King, the Fat Kid, Silky, and most recently, Chippy.

It all started with Mauna, because Tater couldn’t say “Mia”. So we called her Mauna…and still do.

From that came Onomatopoeia…it’s a fun word to say, but do you know what it means? I did of course, but most family and friends did not. Definition: The use of words (such as hiss or murmur) that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.

Why Onomatopoeia? Because it’s pronounced on-o-mat-o-pea-ia, and sounds much like Mauna. I guess that’s how I came up with that one.

Then we started calling her Chunky, and although none of my kids are chunky (a relative term, I guess), she’s the chunkiest of the three. Remember those old 80’s commercials for Chun King Chinese food? Try Chun King for a beautiful body…

No? Well, I do. And that’s where Chun King came from.

The Fat Kid is because she’s our fattest kid. And cute. She’s damn cute.

Silky comes from the fact that she has silky, toe head blond hair. And it’s not really silky, it’s always fuzzy and knotty in the back. We call her Silky a lot.

And last but not least, Chippy. Remember when Tater pushed Mia and she chipped her two front teeth? Yeah, well that’s where Jason got Chippy from. I will admit, I’ve never called her that. But he calls her that often.

So there you have it. We never call our kids by their God-given names. Please tell us we’re not the only ones!

Are nicknames popular in your family? What do you call your kids? What’s your nickname?

And so it goes…

Ms. L’s First Teeth

Funny story…or maybe I want to laugh so I don’t cry because I feel guilty. We were at my sister A’s house the other day. Her daughter Ms. S is exactly one month older than the twins, so Ms. S’s 8 months old and the twins are 7 months old. Sister A told me that Ms. S is finally getting her first tooth!
I say finally here because Ms. S is already crawling, climbing, walking around things while holding on, starting to let go and stand on her own….Ms. S’s going to be walking any day now. The twins aren’t even sitting up yet!! I know, I know….they were born 5 weeks early so technically I should be tracking their development at what a 6 month old is doing and from that standpoint, they are right on track.
But I digress…back to the teeth. I told Sister A that the girls do not have any teeth in sight and are not even showing any symptoms of teething (sidenote: we refer to the twins as “the girls”, “little mommies”, or “the sissies” but rarely refer to them as “the twins”. But I digress again! I’m really bad at that today). Then today, hubby, Tater, and I are having lunch. I tell hubby that Ms. S is getting ready to break her first tooth. Hubby replies by asking if ours are getting close to doing the same. I say no…but as I say no, I put my finger in Ms. L’s mouth because she’s on my lap. And what do I find? Her two bottom teeth are poking through!
When did this happen? Where’s all the drool? My perfect angel was not being cranky, grouchy, or any different than usual! Her little nose had been running a little; shouldn’t that have been my sign (as Larry the Cable Guy would say!)? I feel so bad that I didn’t know; I feel like I missed out on a milestone!
Ms.L, congratulations on getting your first teeth…two of them at the same time! You are getting so big, so fast. I love you, little mommy!
Cheerios and teething biscuits here we come!
And so it goes…

My First Entry

Well, I’ve finally decided to start a blog! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quiet some time now and I am finally getting around to doing it. I thought I’d be more likely to keep up a journal if it was on the computer than in a notebook. I can type a lot faster than I can write. I don’t think I’ll tell anybody about this just yet; who knows, I might just stop posting entries in a week or so when the novelty of it wears off. I’ve tried to start journals in the past with NO success. I start them, and then just stop because I’m not sure what the heck it is I’m supposed to be writing about. My life’s really not all that exciting.

But I guess it’s different this time because I’m treating this journal as a gift to my children. So many times I say to myself “Oh, I should write down whatever-cute-thing-he/she-just-did” and then never get around to doing it. Or I’ll think I should write down this important event so they’ll know how I feel about it, but of course never get around to doing that either. I want to remember those things so that I’m able to share everything with the three of them. I want to share the good things, the fun things, the bad things, the learning experiences, and just the “little” things that touch my heart.

So who are the “they” I keep referring to? Tater, Ms. L, and Ms. M….the most important people in mine and hubby’s life! Tater’s our little miracle….after trying for years to have a baby, we finally were blessed with him in 2007. He’s 2-1/2 and let me just say that he’s a handful!! Ms.L & Ms. M are our twins girls that we were blessed with in 2009. They are “easy” babies and are as different as night and day. They all keep us busy. They all keep us guessing. They all keep us frustrated. They all keep us grounded. And they all keep us constantly in love with them.

A quick description of the kids…

Tater is busy! He is 100% boy, very inquisitive, stubborn, and his own little person. His nicknames include Tater, T. Magoo, and E, but most of the time we just call him Tater.

Ms. L is: shy, standoffish, soooo sweet, happy, a mama’s girl, and flirty (you should see her bat her eyes at her daddy!). Her nicknames include Drama (and when she gets really dramatic, we announce she’s going to be do a dramatic reading), Bean, and unfortunately I occasionally (accidentally) call her Lola – the name of one of our dogs.

Ms.M is: outgoing, independent, not at all patient, and giggles and growls a lot. Her nicknames include Onomatopoeia, Mauna, Chung King, and Tortilla.

Don’t ask me where these nicknames come from; that would be a whole other post! Suffice it to say there’s a story behind them all and I’m sure I’ll get around to explaining them at some point.

I’m looking forward to this! I just hope I can keep it up because it’s really for the kids to have and to hopefully someday share with their own children. I’m not a writer and, as I mentioned, my life isn’t really all that exciting, but it’s mine and I love it!

And so it goes…