Wine Smoothing Drops Will Take The Bitterness Out Of Your Wine!

Have you ever had a glass of red wine that is bitter? One that makes your mouth cringe in distaste? We’ve all been there before. I’ve opened up a bottle of wine that I remembered really liking the last time I had it, only to take a first sip and want to dump it. That’s why I want to introduce you to something that will help…something that will actually improve the taste of a wine that is bitter. Meet Wine Smoothing Drops.


Think about it: everybody’s taste is different. Maybe the last time I tasted that wine I had eaten something that complimented the wine or I had tried other wines before it, so it tasted different the next time I had it. Or maybe I didn’t aerate the wine or let it breath long enough. There are lots of reasons it could taste different…our tastes change all the time.

Wine Smoothing Drops uses all natural ingredients to remove bitterness by reducing tannins and improves the overall body, aroma, and taste of red wine. I know it sounds crazy, but they really work!

I was skeptical when I was given the opportunity to try it. Here’s what I did: I took a sip of a glass of wine that I knew always tasted bitter to me. Then, I put a few drops of Wine Smoothing Drops in the glass of wine, swirled it around, and took another sip. I was amazed at how smooth the wine tasted! The bitterness was gone, and it actually enhanced the wine’s flavor. I really didn’t think they would work, and the results blew me away.

wine_rescue_dropsI also got to try Wine Rescue Drops as well. They aren’t even on the website yet. These drops help remove not only the bitterness but also that stale taste that occurs after a bottle of wine has been left open for a few days.

I’ll admit, wine doesn’t usually stay open for several days at my house, but my mom does have this issue. I headed over to her house and tried it out on a bottle of red wine she had opened two days before. We did the same taste test that I did with the Wine Smoothing Drops, and these drops worked too! I was again pleasantly surprised by how well this product works!

You can buy Wine Smoothing Drops on their website for just $7.99 for a bottle. The bottle is small; however you only need a drop or two so it will last quite awhile.

Disclaimer: I received samples of both products to help facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Looking For A New Wine Purchase? Likelii Can Help

How many times have you wished there was an easy way to find wine recommendations for the types of wines you enjoy drinking? Or been at the store looking to make a wine purchase, but you weren’t quite sure which wines to buy? If you are like 90% of people (me included), you are most likely to buy a wine because you ‘have tried the wine before’ which means you end up drinking the same wines over and over again. And that’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Likelii.

Likelii is the coolest wine site I’ve stumbled across in a long time. You all know how much I love wine, but I’ll be honest and tell you I’m not very adventurous when it comes to buying it on my own because I don’t want to waste money on a bottle of wine I won’t like. So I always pick out the same ones. Likelii believes the best wines are the wines that taste best to you. Everybody’s tastes are different, and Likelii gets that. They know that the best wine recommendations for you are based on wines you have liked in the past, not wines other people with a different palate have liked.

So how does it work? It’s so simple. You tell Likelii a wine or two you have liked in the past, and their magic algorithms work together to provide you with a list of wines you are “likelii” to like based on your tastes. The more wines you try and rate, the better their recommendations get for you. It’s just like what Spotify does for your music or Netflix does for your movies.

Here’s how it works. Simply answer 3 questions about wines you already like.

How To Find A New Wine Purchase


And one of the things I like best? The wines they recommend for you can be purchased right on their website so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll ever be able to find it at your grocery store. Or you can print the list out and take it with you to your local wine store (if you’re lucky enough to have one).

Now it’s fun to see what the wine recommendations are! I found myself trying a bunch of different variations. Some of the recommended wines I had heard of before, but most were new ones that I can’t wait to try.

So head over and try it out for yourself! You can also find out more about Likelii on their website so make sure to check it out, too.

Want a chance to win one of 3 $100 gift codes? All you have to do is try out the wine recommendation process and leave your feedback about your experience using Likelii. Simply head over and visit (and Like!) Likelii on Facebook for all the details! It’s lots of fun so try it out! Make sure to follow Likelii on Twitter too. helps you find new wines to try! So what do you think? Are you going to go try it out?

I participated in a campaign and was compensated for my review. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

White Trash Wine Glasses AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

Last year, I showed you how to make these white trash wine glasses and you loved them. In fact, it seems everybody loves white trash wine glasses because that post is one of my top searched posts on Google. Who knew people were so trashy?!

But these are pretty fancy-schmancy for everyday use. These glasses are like your good china that you only bust out when company comes over because you are worried that it will get broke if you use it all the time.

But what about everyday use? What about the white trash wine glasses that you want to use all the time?

You need something dependable but that you don’t have to worry about breaking. If the kids knock it over, you won’t care. If you need to buy make new ones, it’s no big deal.

And that’s where these new white trash wine glasses come in. Introducing the White Trash Wine Glasses AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses for everyday use!

You can make your own White Trash Wine Glasses (AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses) in no time at all! These have a base that can be used as a shot glass too!

Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

That’s right people! Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses. Or plastic wine glasses, red cup style. These are just as easy to make as the other white trash wine glasses. Use a hot glue gun to apply some glue to the bottom of the shot glass, and then attach the shot glass to the Red Solo Cup. I pressed on it for just long enough to make sure it was straight and centered (or pretty close…these are white trash glasses after all!) and then put  something heavy on top of them and let them dry over night. That’s it!

Looking for more white trash gift ideas? I’ve got White Trash Gift Ideas That Will Make You Laugh.

Now you need something to put in your new wine glasses. Check out my Peach and Orange Sangria recipe. It’s a cool, refreshing drink that you can enjoy sitting on the patio in the evening while the kids are playing outside. I made these glasses for my sister’s birthday and plan to pour all of that sangria into a large Mason jar to go along with them. I hope she enjoys them!

The beauty of using shot glasses for the “stem” of the glass is that it’s multi-functional: you can drink wine in the cup or flip it over and do shots. Maybe try my Jolly Rancher infused vodka or my Chocolate Pudding Shots.

Still want more cocktail ideas? Check out my board Beverages for Adults on Pinterest.

Wine With Friends For A Good Cause: My Hope At Home Wine Party

If there’s one thing you know I love, it’s wine. Back in February, I was lucky enough to host at HOPE at HOME wine party with some friends. I think you’ll recognize a few of them too! Now head over to HOPE at HOME to read my guest post there titled Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Cause!

And if you live in California and are interested in hosting a HOPE AT HOME party of your own, you can read all about how to host a HOPE at HOME event of your own!

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White Trash Gift Ideas That Will Make You Laugh

It’s funny to me that the one post that gets the most traffic via Google image and keyword searches is my White Trash Backyard Bash. Years ago we had a costume party and everybody came dressed in their finest white trash attire.  So I get searches for “white trash costumes”, “white trash food”, “white trash party” and all kinds of other fun white trash things. I figure I should just play on what works, so I’m going to give you some White Trash Gift Ideas.

Cool white trash gift ideas that you'll love. Includes white trash wine glasses, candy infused vodka, and even a white trash cookbook!

White Trash Gift Ideas

White Trash Wine Glasses

Cool white trash gift ideas that you'll love. Includes white trash wine glasses, candy infused vodka, and even a white trash cookbook! I have to admit that this was not my original idea, I think we all know I’m not creative enough for that! Nope, the idea originally came from’s post called Hillbilly Crystal AKA Redneck Wine Glasses.

The difference between the wine glasses that they made and my White Trash Wine Glasses are that the bottom part of their wine glasses (the “stem”) are made from glass candlestick holders. Mine? Are shot glasses!

Cool white trash gift ideas that you'll love. Includes white trash wine glasses, candy infused vodka, and even a white trash cookbook! These were super easy (and cheap) to make!

All You Will Need:
Mason Jars (I used half-pint (8 ounce) sized Ball jars)
Flat-Bottomed Shot Glasses
Glass Glue (I used Gorilla Glue for outside use)

I spent under $20 for all of these items for enough jars/glasses to make 12 White Trash Wine Glasses.

What You Do:

Apply the Gorilla Glue to the bottom of the shot glass, and then attach the shot glass to the mason jar. I pressed on it for just long enough to make sure it was straight and centered (or pretty close…these are white trash glasses after all!). That’s it! Let it dry…it took about 8 hours or so to be able to move them without fear of breaking them.

We decided to leave the lids on them so that, if the gift recipient wants, they can write their name right on the lid! That way nobody will steal it away…it’s like a White Trash Wine Charm!


Jolly Rancher Vodka

So what do you put in the white trash wine glasses? Well, wine obviously! And if wine is not your bag baby, flip it over and you’re ready to do shots!

How about Jolly Rancher Vodka shots or Candy Cane Vodka shots? They’re pretty to look at and taste yummy!

Cool white trash gift ideas that you'll love. Includes white trash wine glasses, candy infused vodka, and even a white trash cookbook! With a handful of Jolly Ranchers, you can make Cherry, Apple, Raspberry, and Watermelon flavored vodka.

It is so simple. All you do is put 12 of the same flavored Jolly Ranchers (remove the plastic from them of course) in a pint sized mason jar. Fill up the jar with vodka of your choice, and then let the candy dissolve, it takes about 8 hours. That’s it!

Fair warning: Candy infused vodka tastes more like candy than like alcohol, so beware.

Maybe you aren’t a fan of Jolly Ranchers. No problem. You can do this with just about any hard candy. Try the same process with candy corns…just get a hand full of candy corns and drop them in the mason jar and fill with vodka. It takes a little longer to break down, but it works.

If it’s the holidays…how about Candy Cane Infused Vodka?


White Trash Cookbook

Yep, you read that right. There’s an actual white trash cookbook titled White Trash Cooking. So if you have a foodie in your life that you have been searching for the perfect gift to buy, this might be it. Head over and read my review of White Trash Cooking – it’s a fun read!

Cool white trash gift ideas that you'll love. Includes white trash wine glasses, candy infused vodka, and even a white trash cookbook!

Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses


Want something a little less “formal” than my white trash wine glasses? Check out my Red Solo Cup White Trash Wine Glasses…perfect for everyday use!

So there you have it! White Trash gifts that anybody would love to get! What white trash gift ideas could you add to the list?