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You know you’re a mom when…you let her take all of her toys out of the box just because sitting in it makes her so happy 🙂

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You Know You’re a Mom When…MommaKiss Style

One of my favorite bloggers and bestest blog buddies is MommaKiss. She is hilariously funny and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met (even though she tries to hide it with her gruff exterior). Although she is going through a really hard time right now (her best friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and having her “rirls cut off” this week), MommaKiss still had time to write a guest post for me. And her timing is impeccable! Thank you MommaKiss, for coming to my rescue!

You may or may not have noticed I’ve been MIA in bloggy land & Twitter since last Thursday or so. I have two sick and teething babies who have been making my life pretty unbearable. Things are a bit *wonky* right now. I’m trying to get caught back up, and I am slowly but surely.

And now, for your reading pleasure, here’s You Know You’re a Mom When-sDaze MommaKiss style…

You know you’re a mom when…

You go to sleep with your 3 year old in his bottom bunk, all night, not because he was sick or scared, but because he asked you to.

When your kid gets his head stuck in a Halloween pumpkin bowl, you run for the camera first.

You don’t mind when dinner is a juice box and gouda cheese.

You will sit through umpteen episodes of Team Umi Zoomi so that your newly asthmatic kid has company during his nebulizer treatments.

You go to tuck in your 5 year old and see he’s sleeping on his side, a pillow next to him, with an arm slung over it…like he’s hugging it. Just like his Momma.

You laugh when your kid wants to be a glass of “juice” for Halloween. The Momma Juice. The kind with berries in it.

Your gut clenches when you hear a cough in the night. Is it the baby? Your husband? An intruder? You rarely sleep soundly when kids are at home.

You see a used pull up, smell it, realize no pee, and reuse that pull up. Those f’rs are expensive!

You don’t mind being covered in stickers while holding a beer at your friend’s 3 year old’s birthday party.

Your son tells you his bum itches. And decides to expose his Brown Eye. In the food court.

You’ve perfected the PTA bath. (pussy, tits & armpits – thanks Momma’s Momma)

Your boobs that used to be Playboy become National Geographic exhibits. [Unless you have surgery. Ahem.]

You finally realize how your OWN Momma heard and saw everything in the home. Like she had super powers and eyes in the back of her head and ears in every room. That super power: Being A Mom.

Thanks again MommaKiss! I owe you one. And to those of you reading, head over to MommaKiss and visit her blog. She’ll make you laugh and she’ll tell you just as it is…no mincing words! Check out a couple of posts while your there: I Could So Be A Soccer Mom and A MommaKiss Memory: Don’t Break It.

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Tater’s Tears

See this?
Now, you might think they’re milk spots. They are not. They are actually Tater’s tears.
You know you are the meanest mom EVER when…throwing a fit because he can’t have a hot dog for dinner, you send your son to his room. Instead of going there, he stands on the stairs and cries a trail of tears.
And, this is also for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday. Hope it made you crack a smile 🙂

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A Really Bad Combo

What two things should never be put together?
Spaghetti and toddlers learning to feed themselves.
Why? It’s a food fight in which mom loses even though doesn’t even know she’s participating.
Ms. M
Ms. L
You know you’re a mom when…you will not feed your kids something simply because it is too much of a mess to clean up!
And, this is also for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday. Hope it made you crack a smile :)I’m excited to say that I’m the featured blogger today over at the red dress club! Please check it out!

A Kid, A Cookie, and a Smile

Who knew that this one little cookie:
Could make one little girl so happy. And messy.
Ms. M
You know you’re a mom when…you go ahead and give her another cookie just because it makes her so happy!

And, this is also for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday. Hope it made you crack a smile 🙂

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