I Want To Stop My Kids From Growing Up!

It’s a fact: I have decided that I need to figure out a way to freeze time so that I can literally stop my kids from growing up. Remember last week when I told you I would do anything to spend one more afternoon at the park with my babies? Well now I just want to make them stop growing all together.

When Ethan was in kindergarten, I would walk him up to the gate every afternoon and say goodbye. I would watch him until he started walking to his class and I was so excited that he was finally away from the house for a few hours! It sounds bad, but most moms with kids that age (and two smaller ones!) probably understand what I mean.

We would get to that gate, and he would hug me and kiss me and tell me how much he loved me and never wanted to leave me. And it was pretty much the same thing in first grade. And I guess at the beginning of second grade, too.

Somewhere during the first and second trimesters of second grade (with the exception of the love note I wrote him), he decided that hugging and kissing and telling me that he loved me was not very cool. I would drop him off in “The Circle” (he did NOT want me walking him to the gate!), he would get out of the car, and I would say “OK! Have a great day! I love you buddy.” and he would look at me, scowl, and walk away. It really hurt me!

Want to stop your kids growing up? Me too! Here's why I'll miss their elementary school years.

My favorite picture of me and my favorite boy. Find out why here.

That was enough. ENOUGH. I wanted to stop my kids from growing up anymore. RIGHT.THEN.AND.THERE.

One night, I finally broke down and asked him to tell me why he wouldn’t say “I love you” to me when I dropped him off. He said it was embarrassing and that he didn’t want anybody to make fun of him. I told him that I understood, and that I wouldn’t do it anymore. It killed me.

The next morning, I dropped him off and told him to have a great day. I didn’t say anything else, but I did blow him a kiss. He gave me the scowl, and closed the door.

But then something wonderful happened.

He turned back around and looked at me and mouthed “I love you”.  He may or may not have surveyed the scene before saying it to make sure that none of his friends were around, but I was ecstatic!

And every morning since then when I drop him off, I say the same thing, and he shuts the door. And then turns back around to tell me that he loves me.

It’s official…he can stop growing right now. I can’t imagine loving that kid anymore than I already do, but every day makes me love him more and more. I don’t want those teenage years to come. At all.

Things To Expect After Becoming A Parent

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how amazing/challenging/crazy motherhood is. I can’t believe how fast time flies by, and how many things I wish we could do over again. Things I never would have thought would make me so happy, sad, wistful, proud, embarrassed…it’s so many emotions. There are lots of things that happen when you become a mom. You love someone like you’ve never loved before. You think (and worry!) about your little bundle of joy constantly. Life changes; in some ways for the better and in some ways for the worst. Sleep becomes a low priority. Your life centers around the baby. You worry about things you’ve never even considered pre-baby. And every day they do something new which you think is the coolest thing ever…until the next day when they do something even cooler.

I started jotting down things (as they happened) and my list keeps growing. These are the things to expect after becoming a mom that I wish someone had told me. I think I started thinking so much about it because my baby brother is expecting a baby in September and we keep teasing him about how much his life is going to change…basically we keep telling him all the crappy stuff! I know, I know…there are so many good things too. But it’s much more fun to tease him about the crappy stuff.

Things To Expect After Becoming A Parent: The Crappy Stuff and The Good Stuff too! Before you become a parent, you have no idea how much your life changes!

My favorite picture of me with my little Ethan (3 months old). I can’t believe he was ever so small!

Things To Expect After Becoming A Parent: The Crappy Stuff

What you don’t know when you become a parent is that you will also become a walking multi-purpose cloth, a jungle gym, and a punching bag.

  • You will have boogers wiped on you. Sometimes on your clothes. Often on furniture, walls, and bedding. And when you least expect it, on your face or hands. Getting vomit and/or poop happens less often, but it will happen.
  • You will also use your clothes to wipe boogers off of kids. It’s not something you plan or want to do, but it does happen.
  • You will sit on the couch and be climbed all over. Your comfort is of no importance. And it won’t just happen on the couch. It will be in bed, in the bathroom, while trying to do just about anything.
  • You will be poked, prodded, pinched, and bitten. And it usually happens when you least expect it.
  • If you think you are a patient person, just wait. The challenge to see just how patient you really are will be challenged on a regular basis. Sometimes minute-by-minute.
  • Like sleep, privacy becomes a thing of the past.
  • You will hide snacks. Because if the kids see that you have one, you’ll have to share. And sometimes you need something just for yourself.
  • You will read the same books over and over (and over) again until you know some of them by heart.
  • You will say ridiculous things that only sound ridiculous to people who don’t have kids.
  • You will become a master of negotiation and compromising…anything to avoid a tantrum or toddler meltdown.

Things To Expect After Becoming A Parent: The Good Stuff

But don’t worry! With the bad also comes good. Things that heavily out number the crap you have to deal with that you never imagined.

  • You will get unconditional love and endless snuggles, hugs, and kisses (until they become teenagers, that is).
  • You will share belly laughs that you will cherish.
  • You will also experience pride that will make your chests swell up when the kids do something awesome.
  • You get to see them grow and become amazing people.
  • You will love showing off your baby and all the cool things that he or she can do.
  • You will enjoy it, even after all the crappy stuff that happens daily, you will still enjoy it.
  • I know there’s so many more things…what would you add to my lists?

Moms.com: A Place For Just Moms

Do you ever wish you could go somewhere to hang out with other moms? A place to ask questions, a place to ask for advice about mom stuff? A place to celebrate or maybe even sometimes complain about all that comes with being a mom? Well let me introduce you to Moms.com.

Moms.com is for moms at all stages of motherhood. It’s a place for us to support each other and make our (which are often time very long) days a little happier. It’s a place to share our stories, ask for advice, share news, like, comment, find friends and talk to each other. It’s a place for moms to talk without any labels – “breast-feeding mom,” “young mom”, “mom with twins” … Is just Mom not enough to say it all?

If you are looking for or want to share advice, Moms Expertise is the place to do it. Ask about anything and everything for advice on children of all ages, or even about everything that goes along with being a mom: feelings, struggles, laughs…you name it, people are talking about it.

And if you need a mommy time out, sure you could fantasize about all the ways to spend a mommy time out, or you could head over to Moms.com and create a Mommy Moment. They can be proud moments, sharing exciting news, or in my case, a funny moment that other moms can relate to.

A review of the Moms.com site. It is for moms at all stages of motherhood and to help make our (which are often time very long) days a little happier.

I think Moms.com would be a huge help to new or first time moms. It’s a safe place to go without having to feel weird for asking those weird questions. You know, those ones about baby poop and the crazy things that happen to your body before, during, and after having a baby.

So head over and sign up to join. It’s free. And once you are there, create a mommy moment of your own to share!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Moms.com. The opinions and text are all mine.

Good Parenting Advice: How To Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Remember a few weeks back when I told you about when my lovely four year old daughters decided that ripping the paint off of the walls in their bedroom sounded like a good idea? I am probably lucky that I didn’t have a heart attack when I discovered it.

I am also lucky that I didn’t have a heart attack last night when I discovered that they found some paint in our home office (a room that they are not allowed into), and proceeded to paint the walls, bed frame, sheets, and pillow covers on Lila’s bed with dark blue puffy paint.

And if we are being honest, it’s also really amazing that I didn’t lose my voice from all the yelling I did. After yelling and yelling and yelling, trying to clean up puffy paint with no success and then sending them to bed, I felt guilty for my flip out.

And that got me thinking. I knew I had a post from the past that my wonderful friend Dr. G had guest posted for me with advice on how to stop yelling at your kids. So I dug through my posts and found it: How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids: Tips To Help You Maintain Your Sanity.


If this is a problem in your house too, head over and read Dr. G’s tips…I PROMISE you they will help. Remember, being a mom is a learning process and making mistakes is part of the deal. Don’t beat yourself up over the mistakes you have made, will make, or continue to make. Just work on improving your parenting skills daily. We are all rocking at this mom gig!

One of the Biggest Fights In Our House: Battle Dinnertime

It comes around every evening between 6 and 6:30, and I’ve grown to dread it. Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the day and my nerves are shot. Maybe it’s because I am dieting and can’t eat what everybody else is. Or maybe it’s because my kids drive me insane every.single.night. because of it. It’s dinnertime, and I can’t stand it.

See these kids? They've just been told what's for dinner, and they ain't happy about it. Let the battle begin.

They’ve just been told what’s for dinner, and they ain’t happy about it. Let the battle begin.

Right around 3 PM when Ethan gets home from school, the kids are all starving and need a snack. And another. And another. They get cut off after the first one, and I start to chant this mantra: “No more snacks. It’s almost time for dinner” At first, I say it calmly. But by the 140th time, I start to yell it.

Then comes the question what’s for dinner. Unless my answer is hot dogs or chicken nuggets (or if they’re in a good mood maybe tacos), their answer is always the same: “I DON’T WANT THAT!” See that picture above? I just told the kids what we were having for dinner. They weren’t at all impressed or happy about it.

Last night, I made spaghetti and Gigi’s kick ass meatballs with garlic bread. Every time we’ve had it in the past (and that’s a lot!), the kids love it. Lila’s response tonight? “I don’t want yucky pasghetti and nasty meatballs!” My response? “Too bad. We are having yucky spaghetti and nasty meatballs and you’re gonna eat it all!”

The entire time I’m making dinner, my children are on the verge of dying from hunger. They start in with their  incessant dinnertime cry: “I’m so hungry. I want a snack.” And in return I yell incessantly: “I’M MAKING DINNER. YOU HAVE TO WAIT.” They don’t want what I’m making, they want cookies, crackers, ice cream, and/or candy.  And every night I force them to eat nasty food instead. This may win me the title of Meanest Mom in the Whole World.

Finally, dinner is ready. I line their plates up assembly line style, and dish out the nasty. I don’t give them all that much because let’s face it, they rarely eat it all anyways. And then I serve it to them, listening to whines and cries that would make any mom want to sell the kids to gypsies.

The whining doesn’t stop there…oh no. They continue the entire way through dinner. Every.single.second. of it.

While that’s happening, I make my plate. Since I’m dieting, I have to prepare a separate meal – it’s not hard and doesn’t take long…let’s say it takes me 10 minutes.

I sit down and eat. This takes longer because of the constant interruptions for more water, bathroom breaks, begs for something different to eat, etc. This takes about 20 more minutes.

I finish up and start cleaning up. I rinse dishes and load the dishwasher. I put away food and wipe off the counters and stove. This takes 15 minutes or so.

So we are now at 45 minutes from when the kids start eating.

Do you think they are done? Or do you think they are still whining and complaining?

Yep, still whining and complaining. And NOT done eating.


I’m at a loss. I know that dinnertime needs to happen and will continue to happen every night. What I need help with is how to handle how it goes! Do you have tips and tricks to cut out the whining and get your kids to eat? HELP!!!!