Revolt Fitness Program: Week 2 Down!

fitness_program Last week I told you that I was revolting against my muffin top with the Revolt Fitness Program. As I come up on the end of Week 2, I’m amazed at how much my body is already changing on this fitness program. My arms are getting some definition, my legs are feeling “harder”, and I generally feel better. Now if this damn cellulite would go away….

I have this mantra that I chant silently in my brain everyday: “I didn’t gain all this fat in a week and I won’t lose all this fat in a week.” I won’t lose all this fat or transform my body in one week or two weeks or three weeks…not on any fitness program. I keep motivation pictures around me all the time. I don’t skip workouts…or meals. I am drinking more than a gallon of water everyday, and green tea (which boosts your metabolism).

I’ve learned several things these past couple of weeks, and so I thought I’d share them here.


1. Since I started working out using the Revolt fitness program, I am much more aware of what I am putting into my body and looking more carefully at calorie count, fat content, etc. I don’t want to cancel out all the hard work by eating a 1,000 calorie cheeseburger, no matter how good it is.

2. If you are serious about losing weight and getting into shape no matter what fitness program you are using, you need a heart monitor…tracking your exercise in isn’t gonna cut it. After some research and asking around, the Polar FT4 came highly recommended. I got mine on for about $65.

3. The reason why you need the said heart monitor that I mentioned in #2 instead of just using MyFitnessPal? Because you are burning WAY more calories than you think when you are working out. I got my heart monitor the other day and I’m burning 2-3 times more calories than MyFitnessPal was telling me I was burning.

This was important to me for me to understand because it explained why I was starving every day. I needed to up the number of calories I was eating so my body wouldn’t go into starvation mode, which would actually prevent weight loss.

4. If you gain weight during the first couple of weeks of dieting and working out, don’t freak out like I did. I started at 148, gained 2 pounds last week (which I was NOT happy about because I really wasn’t cheating), and now I’m down to 146. Those extra pounds are probably water gain, and it will go away as your body adjusts.

5. As a matter of fact, don’t even look at the scale! Measure the inches you are losing, notice how differently your clothes are fitting, and how your body is changing…that’s much more important.

6. The soreness from working out all those muscles you never use goes away. Suck it up and keep on keepin’ on.


But the greatest thing I’ve learned so far is this: DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! I can’t recommend the Revolt fitness program enough. It’s given me the confidence I needed to know that I CAN do this.

Two weeks ago, one part of my brain kept telling me “you can’t do this, just stop now because this hurts.” And usually, I would listen to that voice. But there is something about this fitness program – though the workouts are hard and just about kill me while I’m doing them – that makes me want to keep going. I started to tell that part of my brain to just shut up and do it. I ignored it.

And guess what? It finally stopped saying that I can’t. Do you know why? Because I am doing it! And now I’m enjoying the burn and the challenge. This is the first time that I have ever looked forward to working out! I know I can do it so I want to see what else I’m capable of. I still can’t do a “real” pushup, but you can put money on this: I WILL be able to soon.

What are you waiting for? Head over and join the Revolt Fitness Program for just $9.99 a month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose except fat and everything to gain. Let’s do this together!

Want to learn more? Revolt is having a Twitter party on March 19th at 6pm PST! Besides sharing more about Revolt, fitness, and nutrition, Revolt is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card from Linky Tools, $100 gift card to spend at Albion Fit, Joovy Zoom jogging stroller, kettle bells, and a stability ball!

To be eligible to win, RSVP for the party here. Hope to tweet you there!

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the fitness program out. All opinions expressed are my own. And yes, I would pay for the program and will continue to follow it even after my six week commitment is up.

20 percent of Ellie

Looking For New Workout Clothes? Ellie Has You Covered!

Since starting the Shaklee 180 weight loss program, I’ve been exercising…a lot! I’m following the Revolt fitness program 6 week uprising and revolting against my muffin top. In just over a week, I’m shocked by the results! My clothes are fitting better and I’ve already lost inches…can’t argue with those kind of results. I’ve been going through a lot of workout clothes, and my favorite outfit right now is from Ellie.


Ellie Workout Clothes

workout_clothesEllie workout clothes are the highest quality activewear at an affordable price. What I like about the site is that they offer exclusive monthly changing collections so that you aren’t looking at the same thing over and over again. You can switch up your looks after getting a few basic pieces. And when I’m in good enough shape to actually go out in public wearing these workout clothes, I know friends will say “That’s super cute! Where did you get it?” Because Ellie activewear isn’t made for just working out – these workout clothes were actually made to be for doing just that or just wearing out for comfort around town.

I also really like that Ellie workout clothes are made with attention to details that we as women think about. You’ll see details like seam placement, waistband size and silhouette. The collection is designed by women, for women, so it’s made to flatter all body types.

Here are some Ellie secrets that make you look awesome when you are wearing their pieces: they use pop stitching on a tank to imitate a smaller waist. You’ll find side panels on a legging to accentuate a lean shape. They even add style lines on the pants that give that perky butt look.

They also use Trufiit Technology they’ve developed so you don’t have to worry about sizing; their pieces run true to size. The high quality fabrics they use will hold your shape and fit like a glove so they stretch and move with you.

workout_clothesworkout-clothesI got to try out both the After Dark tank and the Heartbreaker Capris. They are comfortable enough to work out in, and I find myself wanting to wear them all the time. This has become my favorite workout outfit!

Ellie workout clothes are comfortable, fit like a glove, are fashionable, and I can’t say enough about them. In fact, I’ve joined the Fit Fashionista club so I can get 2 pieces every month for less than the price of one of some of the pieces!

Want to try Ellie for yourself? Join the Fit Fashionista Club and you can choose any two pieces from the Ellie collection each month for only $49.95. No matter if you want two tops, or two bottoms or a combination of both. Choose any 2 pieces for $49.95. And shipping is always FREE!

Not sure if you are ready to become a member? You can still try Ellie out and save 20%! Click here, take the short style quiz to let them know your size and style preferences. Each collection has a great combination of tops & bottoms, so there’s something for everybody. And there’s a No-Hassle Guarantee: If you don’t like something for any reason, you can return it for something new and get free shipping both ways.

You’ll see me wearing my Ellie workout clothes soon…I’m taking my weekly update pictures in them so you can see my body’s transformation. Watch for the first update within the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, if you are looking for new functional and fashionable workout clothes, head over and check Ellie out…you won’t be sorry!

Disclaimer: I received a free outfit from Ellie to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Try The Revolt Fitness Program And Say No To The Muffin Top!

Earlier this week, I posted a vlog about why I chose Shaklee 180 for weight loss. In the video, I mentioned that I wasn’t concerned so much with how much weight I lost – that I was more concerned about losing inches, fat, and feeling and looking better. That’s where the Revolt Fitness Program comes in.

Revolt Fitness Program

So what is the Revolt fitness program all about? It’s a combination of workouts and meal plans to get you in “killer shape” in 6 weeks. And let me tell you, the workouts are intense! But not intense in a bad way. With other fitness programs I’ve tried, I’ve always dreaded having to do them everyday. I didn’t look forward to them.

These Revolt fitness program workouts are about 20 minutes or so long, and super effective without putting you in a gym for hours at a time.  You go through a series of circuits with short rest periods in between. You don’t have to do a ton of reps, either. I happen to love working out with weights, and with the Revolt Fitness Program, strength training is key.

Why Chose the Revolt Fitness Program?

I also like that you don’t just get examples of the exercises or partial videos to do by yourself.  You have your trainer, Nichole Huntsman, with you through each circuit. Part of the reason I’m enjoying this fitness program so much is because of Nichole! She’s very sweet, has a smokin’ hot body, and they don’t edit out when she loses count or makes a mistake…and that makes her real and relatable. The workouts are done in Nichole’s living room as further proof that you can do this at home and don’t need a ton of equipment to do it.


You can sign up and join the Revolt Fitness Program for just $9.99 a month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. But I don’t think you will once you start seeing results! Jump in anytime and start…you don’t have to start on “Day 1”.

Not only all of that, but you can also join in on a Revolt Uprising…a 6 week challenge to transform your body! You will join an Uprising (one just started this past Monday and I joined in), take before and after pics, and then workout hard. Then the Revolt fitness program community selects the top ten who have transformed their bodies the most, and then the Revolt team selects the overall winner based on Before to After transformation.

People? I posted my before pics in a closed Facebook group. They were so hard to look at, but also very motivating. I am making a promise to myself that I will NEVER look like this again. As I mentioned in my vlog earlier this week, this is a lifestyle change for me, not just a 6 week or 6 month challenge.

Let me be clear here: I am following the Shaklee 180 program for weight loss and the Revolt fitness program for the exercise. It was karma – I was chosen to try both programs and they started at the exact same time. It was like the gods were screaming at me that now is the time to make the change.

Maybe you don’t have gods screaming at you, but you still should head over and check out the Revolt Fitness Program. I can’t say enough about it, and it’s only been a week!

Next week I’ll be posting my first week results…stay tuned!

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the program out. All opinions expressed are my own. And yes, I would pay for the program!

I’m Sharing A Fit Mom Workout Personally Created by Kiana Tom, The “Queen of Fitness”!

Yesterday I told you that I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, only a new outlook on life. I am focusing on happiness, and part of that means that I need to exercise more so that I feel better (both emotionally and physically).

So when I was contacted by Kiana Tom, dubbed the “Queen of Fitness” by Access Hollywood, I was super excited. She offered to create a workout for busy moms like me, and now I get to share it with you!

Kiana Tom is an award winning Fitness Expert and founder of “Kiana’s Fit Mom TV“. She’s also a television host, author, actress, wife and mom of 2 girls ages 6 & 10 (and I thought I was busy!). Kiana is one of the most widely recognized fitness experts in the world and Host of Fit Mom TV & Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show in the history of ESPN network.

With the re-launch Fit Mom TV, Kiana shows real women how to balance their busy lives around fitness, food, family and fun by streaming specialty classes, in depth workouts, tutorials, and 1-on-1’s with Kiana. If you haven’t checked out Fit Mom TV, go now!

So here is Kiana, sharing a workout just for us busy moms!



If you have kids, you need to destress. Working out will help you de stress, feel energized and be more patiend. Studies show that exercise releases feel good endorphins that have been called “nature’s Zanax.”

If you have little adorable Monsters or Twins, you need to do this 3 x per week.

Busy women can do this full body workout at home or in the gym with a hand weight or Fit Mom TV Medicine Ball, an ideal piece of fitness equipment for women because it’s versatile, soft on the hands, increases finger & arm strength – and comes in beautiful colors. Available at


Fit Mom TV Booty Hops



FitMomTV.com_Booty_Hops_1 Starting position: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, shoulders back, core tight, medicine ball in each hand, arms hanging at your sides.

The Move: From this position squat down until your upper leg is parallel to the floor, then straightening your legs, jumpinh upward as high as you can, landing softly back on the balls of your feet.

Do: As many as you can in 1 minute

Kiana’s Tip: Beginners: learn the move without any weight focusing on keeping your back straight without bending at the waist. As your strength increases, strive to squat deep with your butt lower than your knees.

Super Moms: Do 3 sets / 1 min. each for a super firm fanny.

Fit Mom TV Crawl Twists

Starting position: Hands on the floor, bending at the waist, knees slightly bent, abs pulled tight.

FitMomTV.com_Crawl_Twists_1 The Move: Keeping your knees slightly bent, alternate opposite arms and legs, crawling forward.

Fitmomtv.com_Crawl_Twists_2 Do: Crawl forward 5 steps and backwards 5 steps. Repeat.

Kiana’s Tip: Keep your abs tight throughout the entire motion.

Super Moms: Try it on your tippy toes.

Fit Mom TV Punch Jacks

Starting position: Hold a medicine ball in each hand at waist level, elbows at your sides, shoulders back, core tight, knees slightly bent.

FitMomTV.com_Punch_Jacks_1 The Move: Alternate punching forward while doing jacks with your feet.

Do: 15 repetitions or 30 seconds.

Kiana’s Tip: Exhale as you punch. Focus on bringing your pinky in front of your nose. Beginners: No weight.

Kiana Challenge: Do it as fast as you can for 30 – 60 seconds.

Fit Mom TV Tucks

Starting position: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, shoulders back, core tight, knees slightly bent.

fitmomtv.com_knee_tucks_end The Move: From this position, lower into a squat and then explode upward, bringing the knees toward your chest.

Do: Do as many as you can in 30 seconds

Kiana’s Tip: Keep your back straight and avoid bending forward.

Kiana Challenge: Jump up immediately after your feet touch the ground.



To help you get in Fit Mom TV Shape for the New Year, Kiana will be leading “LIVE” Online workouts from her outdoor fitness studio at the beach. She will be leading an exclusive group of women thru a full body blast in under 30 minutes. Train with them LIVE, at every MWF at 9am pst. Archived workouts available on demand. Upgrade to premium for specialty classes, too.

Fit Moms must train 1st thing in the morning, before the day gets too busy. Exercise smart. Kiana’s routines are perfect for busy women who want fast results. Her routines combine cardio. with compound strength exercises to help you get more done in the same amount of time. The results: a leaner, fitter body, faster.

Fit Mom TV features:

  • Equipment-Free exercises options and modifications for all levels
  • FREE Streaming LIVE Workouts for Moms – MWF 9am PST (also recorded and available on demand)
  • Premium content and specialty classes available as upgrade to Free membership
  • RESULTS! After only 8 weeks, Kiana’s real moms lose weight and body fat, increase lean muscle, enjoy sculpted arms and flatter tummies (exactly what I’m looking for!)

Classes include:

  • Lean Mean Mom Machine Intervals
  • Super Mom Stations
  • Kick Ass & Abs
  • Tush & Tummy
  • Strong Mama Strength
  • Power Plyometrics

I can’t wait to get started! What do you think? Do you want to give yourself 8 weeks to a better body? We can do it together!

Here’s a Sneak Peak Video of Fit Mom TV LIVE Workouts!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this guest post. Unless you count the opportunity to get rid of my fat ass and thighs.

Look Good While You’re Working Out With pvBody Exercise Clothes!

Back at the beginning of November, I decided I was going to get back in shape. Again. This entire year I’ve been “trying” to get back in shape, except not doing a very good job at it. Since I posted my first week’s measurement results, I haven’t worked out again. Sigh. I needed some motivation.

pvBody logo So I have been reading about how important fitness and health is – no surprises – I already know how important it is. I tried a new diet product. I tried BodyRock.TV workouts. And nothing. So I’m drawing the line and starting my Brazil Butt Lift workouts again. I know they work, they are fun, and I will see results quickly. And? I got a cute new workout outfit from pvBody that I need to put to good use!

What’s pvBody? It’s this cool site that sends you the hottest looking workout clothing every month. You simply take a quick quiz that helps you figure out your personal pv.body style profile (I’m a cardio queen, by the way). Then every month the pvBody experts will put together a personalized outfit for you. Then they ship your outfit to your door. With free shipping and easy returns, you have nothing to lose!

I LOVE the outfit I got! I know this picture below doesn’t look like I do, but I really do – it’s soft, comfy, and perfect for tough workouts. That look on my face? That’s because I’m disgusted with how I look in the cute workout clothes!

Note the double chin. And where did my curves go? What are all those lumps under my tank top? I really need to get back into shape so I can rock this look the way it deserves to be rocked!

Let me tell you – I LOVE the tank top! It’s made of moisture wicking material to keep me dry while your sweating away calories.

The leggings actually make me look thinner – which is a bonus to the fact that they are so comfy I didn’t want to take them off after my workout.

The next time you see a picture of me wearing these clothes I will be rockin’ my new hot body, no lumps or double chins, and lots of curves!

I can’t wait to get my next shipment. And you can try it out too…signing up for pvBody gets you a $15 Lululemon gift card, plus 25% off your first month subscription. What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Why pvBody?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy: pvBody is easy. Take the quiz, sign up and boom, an awesome package arrives at your door each month with a hand picked outfit for you!

Every outfit is styled just for you by a pvBody expert. Each month you receive an outfit worth $150, but you pay just $49.95. You’re getting great, quality pieces for a fraction of the retail cost thanks to the relationships pvBody has built.

pvBody is not just another clothing company, but a lifestyle brand. Their blog is a great place to check out tips and tricks for healthy, delicious meals and at home workouts.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of pv.body. The opinions and text are all mine.