Pregnant & Skinny

How much weight did you gain when you were pregnant? I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t gain much weight. About 18 pounds with Ethan and 30 pounds with the twins. It must be genetics because my mom said that she didn’t gain much weight and carried it all out front, so from the back you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. But no matter if you gained 20 pounds like me or 80 pounds, people have a lot to say about it. And today, I’m over at Scary Mommy sharing 10 Things I Learned As A Skinny Pregnant Woman.


My sister ready to pop anytime and I (in black) 4 weeks before I delivered the twins.

I’ve shared at Scary Mommy a couple of other times, too. I shared a yummy recipe for Olive Oil Cake (no, it doesn’t taste like olive oil!)


I also wrote about being infertile and the jealousy I felt towards other pregnant women. And people had to say a lot about that! Some of what they had to say was not very nice…or constructive. Just cruel and insensitive. And I mean to all woman dealing with infertility, not just me. I write these types of posts to help women who are experiencing it, not to piss other people off.

I love sharing at Scary Mommy, even though some of the comments can get ugly. But that’s okay, I enjoy reading all of the different opinions and don’t take the judgement personally…especially because people can judge people more easily when they don’t know them and can hide behind a computer.

But even though it’s already gotten a couple of snarky comments, this one about being skinny and pregnant was a fun one to write. While all of it’s true, I know a lot of it will apply to women who gained a ton of weight too because I’m sure they heard a lot of the same comments. Either way, I’m sure that other skinny moms-to-be will be able to relate!

I’m At SITS Talking How To Get Started On Twitter

I LOVE Twitter. I’m not sure if I love Twitter or Pinterest more, but if I could only play on those two social media channels  forever, I’d be a happy girl. But when you’re a newbie, trying to figure out how to get started on Twitter can be confusing.

I woke up this morning to see some traffic heading to my post Tips To Get Started On Twitter. Interested to find out why, I checked my traffic stats to see that it was featured over at SITS!

So if you are looking for Tips To Help You Get Started on Twitter, head over and read my tips about how to join the party (no really, I think of Twitter like a party!)

Everything you need to know about how to get started on Twitter. This is a great guide for people who recently started using Twitter, or aren't really sure what they are doing over there.



For more tips on how to get started on Twitter, read my post How To Gain (& Lose!) Twitter followers.

What tips can you share about how to get started on Twitter?

Homemade Baby Food

Today I have another friend sharing a recipe that I think is fantastic! It’s for the littles in your life…homemade baby food.

Amanda from Much Ado About Mommy has an easy recipe for homemade baby food that is healthier (and cheaper) than the stuff you can buy at the store. It’s an easy recipe…right up my alley! Amanda is a writer, blogger, Fantasy Football enthusiast, coupon lover, a total book nerd and movie fanatic. She’s also a self proclaimed Shakespeare geek. She also dreams of becoming a fiction writer (me too!)

So I’ll hand it over to Amanda now.

Homemade Baby Food

Baby food can get pretty expensive after a while, and homemade baby food is inexpensive and easy to make. This recipe makes lots of it - freeze for later!

Hello! I’m Amanda and I’m very excited to have my family’s recipe for homemade baby food featured on Mommy of a Monster and Twins! A little bit about me, I’m originally from Miami and have lived in big cities my whole life up until this past June. Now I am the proud resident of a small town in the Midwest and a stay-at-home mom to an adorable little boy. One of my favorite things to do lately is to find new and exciting recipes for me and my family and I’m happy to be sharing this recipe– taught to me by my mother– which may help other moms save a little money and give their baby a great start on solid foods.

Baby food can get pretty expensive after a while, and while the prepackaged foods are a great way to start off your baby on solids, natural is always better. Always consult with your pediatrician before you give your baby homemade food. Chances are they’ll say it’s okay, but it’s always good to check first.

Making your own baby food will not only be better for your child, but it’ll also save you some money! And it’s easy as pie! Here are the veggies I use in my family’s recipe for homemade baby food.

1 Baked Potato
1 Sweet Potato
1 Squash
1 Bag of Baby Carrots
1 Bag of Green Beans

The first thing you want to do is peel and cut both potatoes. I usually cut slices and then cut the slices in half. You’ll need a big pot to put them in. Then slice up the squash. The slices don’t have to be any particular size, but you don’t want them to be too big because you’re going to blend everything after it’s done cooking.

The baby carrots can go in as is and for the green beans, you’ll want to cut the ends off and break them in half. Put everything into the pot and fill it with water until the veggies are submerged. You don’t have to use a whole lot of water for this, just enough to cover the vegetables.

Boil on Medium high, stirring occasionally until the veggies are tender. You should be able to cut them without much effort with your stirring spoon. Once they’re done, let them cool for a little while. The whole process should take about an hour or so, depending on how big the potato pieces are.

After the pot is cool, get out your blender and pour a little bit of the water in and then add veggies. You want the consistency to be a little thick, so make sure to use more vegetables than water. I usually do two scoops of water and two big scoops of veggies. Pour it into a Tupperware for storage or you can even use an ice tray to make portions easier! Continue until all the veggies are blended. You may have more water than veggies left in the pot. That’s okay. Just drain the water and use the last of the veggies. Also, make sure that all the veggies have been blended completely; be sure that there are no chunks of anything.

From start to finish, this takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and it makes a ton! I made some for my son just last night and we filled up four containers! Three of those went into the freezer for later use and the other is in the refrigerator for the next couple of weeks. Another great way to store the food and keep it in portions is to use ice trays! After the food freezes, you can take the cubes out of the trays and put them into a freezer bag. This allows you to use as much as you need at a time, while having to worry about needing to use it before it goes bad.

If you’re just using tupperware to store it, that’s fine. It’s what I use, just make sure to keep an eye on it! Typically, the food in tupperware will stay fresh in the fridge for about a week or two.

Paying a couple of bucks for these vegetables is so much cheaper than buying the pre packaged baby food and it’s better for your sweet baby because it’s natural. If you bought as many packaged foods as this recipe makes, you would likely spend over thirty dollars, maybe more!

All moms like to save money! Thanks for sharing this homemade baby food recipe with us, Amanda!

Head over and visit Amanda at Much Ado About Mommy and make sure to like her Facebook page, too!


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Don’t Throw Away All Of That Halloween Candy!

30 Crafty Days of Halloween

I’m  over at See Vanessa Craft today sharing ideas for how to use up all of that  Halloween candy that the kids get. You know, they get several pounds of it, and I know my kids never finish it all…not because they don’t want to, but because I won’t let them!


How do you use up all of that Halloween candy?

Get Your Recipe Featured On Mommy Of A Monster!

One of my favorite things to do on my blog is share my favorite recipes, and I have a lot of them! I am so excited to introduce you to my newest idea…asking all of you to have your favorite recipe featured here!

Have a favorite recipe that you would like to share with others? I am always looking for new ones & you can have your recipe featured at Mommy of a Monster!
I’m always looking for new recipes to share and to try out. You don’t have to be a chef to make my recipes; my recipes are quick and easy, don’t call for a bunch of ingredients, and I always use shortcuts when I can to make life easier. Those are the kinds of recipes that I’m looking for.

Fast week night dinner recipes are a favorite, as are crock pot recipes, chicken recipes, and casseroles. I also love appetizer recipes…they are my favorite!

If you have a recipe that you’d like to have considered for a feature on Mommy of a Monster, I’d love to check it out! Right now I’m on the lookout for cocktail recipes as well as recipes for the upcoming holidays and would love to see what you’ve got.

Even if you don’t have a recipe but you do have a great kitchen tip to share that will save time or money (like how to keep berries fresh longer) I still want to hear from you.

You can send a link to a recipe featured on your blog already, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll just ask you to write a little bit about it and why it’s your favorite and ask you to send me a picture as well to repost here. And you don’t have to have a blog to participate – if you can email me your recipe and a photo of your recipe, that will work. Just fill out this short form and you’ll hear from me soon.


I’m always open to any new ideas or suggestions to make Mommy of a Monster even better. What would you like to see or hear more about? Let’s hear it!

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