The Candy Bandit Strikes Yet Again

A little less than a month after I started this blog, I wrote a post titled The Candy Bandit Strikes Again. It only got 6 comments, but I think this was the post that I noticed people I didn’t know were actually reading my blog. It’s a cute post – you should really read it if you haven’t. I’ll wait.

So back to today…Tater never goes into his bedroom to do anything but sleep. Or if we send him there on a time out. But today, while I was cleaning, he said “I’m going to my room”, walked upstairs, and shut the door. He was in there for about 20 minutes. I did not check on him because I figured he was playing. Well that, and because I was scared of what I would find. He came back out and asked to watch Max and Ruby. I said okay, and decided I’d better check out the damage he left in his room.

I approach the room, hesitantly.

I open the door, afraid of what I’ll find…

I expect to find a mess. PlayDoh in the carpet. Marker and crayon drawings on the wall. Clothes pulled out of all the drawers. Maybe worse. But nothing seems amiss.

And then I see this:

Candy? What the hell? I have NO IDEA where he got this candy from. I did not give it to him. I have not seen any candy like this anywhere else in the house. Maybe it was a gift from somebody that I didn’t know about? That he decided to hide from me?

I tried to look on the bright side. Other than some empty wrappers and a few crumbs, not a huge mess for me to clean up. And he did leave more uneaten candies than eaten ones.
Side Note: Candy has been hidden to be eaten by me at a later time to be disposed of by me tomorrow.
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And so it goes…


  1. Okay, that's hysterical, but also scary. Where DID the candy come from??
  2. Losing Brownies says:
    LOL, it looks like lumps of coal! What a stinker!
  3. lol too cute!!
  4. Dolli-Mama says:
    Those look like "Coal Candy." My stocking always had some in it growing up. How funny!
  5. Quinn is like this in our house. He finds candy, hides it and then eats it in secret. I only find the wrappers as evidence.
  6. Funky Mama Bird says:
    That is hysterical! His only flaw in the plan is that he rarely plays in his room. Now my kid? Spends a lot of time playing in his room, so I would never suspect him were he to attempt this.
  7. That's funny! When my son wants to hide and eat something, he goes into the pantry and shuts the door. It's so funny because it's OBVIOUS he's doing something he's not supposed to in there. Sneaky little dudes.
  8. lol, I sneak to my room for candy too. He has a cute room btw.
  9. Hahahahh! What a little stinker! The last time I left my son alone in his room, he got into Butt Paste and painted himself with it! Consider this a win!
  10. hahaha. Tater's funny!

    And my sister bought us these amazing truffles from Europe, and we've been eating them out of D1's view for the past month. But she can smell it on our breath.
  11. Crystal Jigsaw says:
    After reading your earlier post, I guessed what you were about to find hidden in that room - what a rascal!!

    CJ xx
  12. Next time, maybe he'll hide the evidence!
  13. So funny! If there is candy, my kids will find it!
  14. I encountered a similar sight in Maya's room last year...I think she'd saved the candy from Halloween and one day decided to go crazy with it. That or my FIL gave her a's been known to happen.

    Tater's room is very cute!!
  15. My oldest used to regularly have a snack like a cereal bar or something in bed while having books read to her. One night my husband asked her if she wanted one and he'd go get one for her. She answered,
    "It's okay Daddy, I have one here." and reached into her pillow case and pulled out a cereal bar! WTF??
  16. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    How cute! I'm impressed that he didn't eat ALL of the pieces of candy!
  17. it looks like he sat on those junior mints for awhile. maybe he laid them?
  18. I thought it was poop at first!
  19. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    My sister and I used to hide behind the couch and split a container of Cool Whip using wooden spoons. She was crafty though and always hid the evidence - mom would just find two dirty wooden spoons in the sink and then wonder the next day where the hell the Cool Whip went.
  20. too funny...and what a stealthy little guy! Mom was none the wiser. That's pretty impressive!!
  21. LocalFunForKids says:
    That's so funny, just because it's so typical of something that would happen in my house too!
  22. Hello! I'm Kate. says:
    In regards to the first post: HA! That's awesome! Lboy has just discovered his pockets and I keep finding the most random things in there, like spoons (wth?!) and rocks. It's pretty cute until I hear something clanking around in the dryer...

    My sister was allergic to dairy as a kid & I used to sneak her fudge icecream bars & she would be sick for days!
  23. That's candy? It looks like jewelry to me! :D
  24. This one hit close to home! I've seen something similar before! But better to find candy under the covers than other surprises... ;)
  25. Glad for you that it was somewhat of an uneventful find. My son is the same, if it is quiet there is major trouble. The last "quiet" event ended in him wearing permanent marker for days. Great blog, somehow I think this is my first visit.
  26. did jason offer any suggestions on where it came from? did he see fam over christmas who may have given it to him on the sly?
  27. I totally did this when I was a kid. Except I stole one piece at a time and hid the wrappers under the bed, by the time my parents discovered them there must have been at least a hundred!
  28. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    That is fucking hysterical!!!!!!! Where did he get that!!??? LOL!
  29. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    Now, you've possibly already considered this... but maybe your son is an infamous candy theif. Like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible but instead of governement secrets, candy. And instead of working for a sketchy organization he goes it alone.

    So actually not that much like Tom.

    He's his own man. His own candy man.
  30. Lumps of coal is right! You can thank Candice for that one...she had those on Christmas day! Tater is a slick one, I'll give him that!
  31. Cute but scary... where did the candy come from? By the way, it looks like Oreo cookies to me. Like he ate the yummy center out and left the cookie part. Funny!