The Candy Bandit Strikes Again!

Tater’s Hidden Candy Stash

If you had a chance to read my Easter post, then you remember that Tater hides candy from me so he can eat it at a later time. The kid keeps a stash!

We went to a birthday party for my niece H on Saturday. There was pizza, balloons, sodas, and cupcakes…but no candy. Tater had on jeans, and as soon as we got home, he wanted to take them off. Since then, they’ve been sitting on the couch in the toy room. Yesterday, I finally got around to cleaning up the bomb that explodes in there daily (sometimes hourly), and found the jeans. I picked them up and took them into his bedroom to put in his hamper, and when I bent over to pick up yet another toy that he’d thrown on the ground, a bunch of candy fell out of his pockets! I have no idea who gave it to him, or where he got it from for that matter, and I had no idea that he even had it!

Keep in mind he’s only two, and jeans for two year olds don’t have very deep pockets. How he shoved all that candy in there is yet another mystery.

And so it goes…


  1. Krazy Armstrong K's! says:
    Thats pretty funny! Mine doesnt hoard it, he just hides in a corner somewhere and eats it all! I just find stacks of wrappers in random corners! lol
  2. Susan S. says:
    I give him a ton of credit for being so clever! He'll be great at the movies (laughing). Sounds like you are doing a great job with so many little hands to care for!
  3. House Queen says:
    Oh...this is too funny and precious! I found you on Blog Frog and now I am following you...Hope you might stop by my blog as well.. Would love to have ya!!! xoxo
  4. Nat - LOVE IT!!!
  5. hahahaha! What a little smarty!!
  6. That's GREAT!!! I love it! That is so like my oldest!! Thanks for sending me the link!!!
  7. The kid's got good taste in candy.
  8. Crystal Jigsaw says:
    That is so cute - very crafty, but extremely cute!

    CJ xx
  9. 2! Whew he's a clever little guy!! I can't wait to hear stories when he is 15!!!!


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