The Business

Ms. L will mean mug you if we tell her to give you “The Business”.

I’ve made several attempts to capture The Business on camera.

Most attempts fail. Like this one…because when the girls see the camera, they say cheese, and you know what happens when they say cheese:

And this one, which is a cross between The Business and a kiss:

But finally, after many failed attempts, I present to you The Business:

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And so it goes…


  1. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    Ha!!! LOVE it! The business! She is just TOO CUTE!
  2. By Word of Mouth says:
    Love that face! Oh I miss those days .. a little, just a little :)
    Just left you 'blog love' on my blog, go and pick it up :)
  3. and she does mean business!
  4. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud says:
    Hilarious! How cool would it be if she perfected the one-eyebrow lift while making that face? She'd even scare The Rock! lol Too cute!
  5. Making It Work Mom says:
    Too Cute! I feel bad for anyone who gets "the business"!
  6. Funky Mama Bird says:
    That is so stinking cute! How do you hold the camera steady to capture it; I'd be laughing too hard.
  7. That is too cute!
  8. blueviolet says:
    I'll do whatever she says, I swear!
  9. That is freaking awesome! Hailey has a "serious look" that I just captured the other it!
  10. The Sharp's says:
    Man, that is some business! What a little character!
  11. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    Love The Business!
  12. Oh, that is soooo cute!!
  13. that was priceless!
  14. torie@Life With Rylie says:
    Haha the second one is Blue Steel lol
  15. Nothing says "THE BUSINESS" like purple polka-dot pajamas. It's perfection.

    Strong work by you, mama, catching that shot. I'm thinking rehearsal dinner slideshow.

    But not for a long, long time.
  16. MommaKiss says:
    She kinda reminds me of myself before coffee. Lpve her hair (also like myself before coffee)
  17. That's hilarious! I love it when you can catch the faces they pull on camera!
  18. I think the first one if my favorite actually. That's just too awesome a face.
  19. OMG. that's giving Tater on the slide a run for his money as my fave photo!
  20. Daria @ Mom in Management says:
    So darn cute! I first thought I should only take pictures of the kids with smiles, but I find I love the other faces better so now try to capture all these goofy expressions too.

    CUTE! (until you're seeing that in a teen face..) :)
  21. Oh man! I need to get The Business look goin' on for myself, because I can already see what an impact it would have on people in my life!!

    But from such a little one?

    Oh man....
  22. Too funny. And captured for all time. Great blackmail?
  23. laughing out LOUD! Oh, that is too perfect! I think you should have a day where you change your profile pic to The Business.
  24. I am DYING of the cute. That first pic with the hint of a smile? DYING.
  25. Mandyland says:
    Does she ever mean business! Seriously adorable.
  26. Whoa. I'm a little intimidated by that face, I'm not gonna lie. Too cute!
  27. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    Hilarious! Love the half-kiss/business....
  28. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    I am obsessed with that face.

  29. I.DIE.
  30. LOVE her!
  31. I love 'the business' - but I love her hair even more.

    And that was so wise of you to teach her that look early. Get those preschool boys in line fast.
  32. That is truly hilarious and adorable. She's a real character! I agree with Liz - you should make that your profile pic for a day. Or two.
  33. LOVE it! Especially with the faux hawk look. Awesome!
  34. Bwhahahahahahahaha! I LOVE it. :)
  35. OOH! She does look like she means it too!
    So cute. Make sure she knows how to do that still when the boys start coming around!
  36. What adorable, expressive faces she makes!
  37. She is so freaking cute!

    We call it the stink eye.
  38. Just Another Mom of 2 says:
    I have been meaning to comment here I LOVE that face! She is too adorable.
  39. I like business with a kiss. All 3 looks are adorable! Does Ms. M do it too?
  40. I love the cross between business and a kiss. Nolie recently posted..My Favourite Blog Posts of 2011My Profile
  41. Oh so cute!!! I especially love the hair!
  42. LOL! She is so serious! Love it! Adrienne recently posted..A Year in Review {Blog Post Style}My Profile


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