My Boy

He’s reading to me. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He loves those books. He wanted to read together, and usually he reads a page and then I read a page. But tonight, he just wants me to listen.

His eyelashes are long and dark, like his dad’s. He laughs when he reads the funny parts.

His thumb rubs the page he is reading. Dirt under his fingernails that need to be cut.

He scoots closer to me. He asks if I will read the cursive writing in the cartoon on the page.

He doesn’t want his sisters to listen in – this is our time.

His pajamas are too short. He won’t stop growing! It seems that all I do is buy clothes for him…he’s getting so big.

He asks me what a word means, and I explain. He then uses the word in a sentence to be sure he understands.

He unconsciously picks at the dry skin on his lip. He laughs again as he reads, and it’s like music to my ears.

I kiss him on top of his head, breathing in the scent of him.

He tells me he wants to finish the book tonight, even though it means staying up past bedtime. I don’t say no. I love listening to him read.

More importantly, I love this time together, just me and him.

I’ve written about my alone time with Ethan before…here and here. Funny, I don’t write about the time I spend with the girls like that. I wonder why?


  1. Love this! Brought a year to my eye!
  2. So very sweet. I've often thought that you named your blog too early -- I get the sense that the monster in your boy, well, I'm not saying it didn't exist . . . but an only child tends to force exaggeration on his parents. Mommy of the Monsters (and the sweet little boy) sometimes seems like it might be more apt :) John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I ruminate on resolutionsMy Profile
  3. Sounds like you have a special bond with your son. The best I could compare it to is a father and daughter relationship of my own. I don't write about them like you, but there is a special relationship between her and me. Adam recently posted..Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell CarMy Profile
  4. Love this. Some of my favorite memories are reading to my kids... and being read to by them. Andrea recently posted..Seventy-Nine PhotosMy Profile