3 (Pairs) of Bloggers I’d Most Likely Get Kicked Out of a Bar With

Last week over at one of my favorite blogger’s place, Funny or Snot, Poppy wrote a post titled Three Bloggers I’d Most Likely Get Kicked Out of A Bar With. I thought it was a fun one, and a couple of the bloggers she listed would be on my list too. But I couldn’t just pick 3 people…because the people I chose come in pairs.

Pairs? you might ask. Yes pairs. These are bloggers who when you think of one, you think of the other. So my list, like Poppy’s, also includes bloggers I’ve met in person. Bloggers who I talk to via text, email, and/or social media on a regular basis. Bloggers who I would still consider friends even if I never blogged again.

I have never gotten kicked out of a bar, but I can pretty much guarantee that if I ever do, these are the people who would be there with me.

Mad Woman and Lerner

Mad Woman over at A Diary of A Mad Woman and Lerner Farrington (formerly known as Stay At Home Babe) who writes at In The Powder Room. I had the pleasure of meeting these two at BlogHer 2011.

I love them because what you see is what you get…they are raunchy, hilarious, and loves them some alcohol. They are also both in AMAZING shape because they are cross fit mamas. They are real, and I like real.

Carri and Jessica

Carri and Jessica are the masterminds behind One Martini at a Time, and you can also find Jessica at My Time as Mom. If you haven’t checked out One Martini at a Time, go now and subscribe to their blog so you never miss one of their cocktail concoctions. I met these lovely ladies at Blissdom 2012 and actually hung out in a bar with them – that we didn’t get kicked out of – and had dirty martinis.

I wish they lived next door to me. When you first meet them, they are quiet and reserved, but get them comfortable and they definitely come out of their shells. They are the girls you would call after having a crappy day to come over and have a beer with. Or a cocktail. Maybe both. They’re the ones that would make a boring PTA or soccer game fun because they would sneak alcohol in.

Poppy (And Me)

Poppy of Funny or Snot. Okay, that’s just one, I know. But if you include me, that makes two so that’s an even set of three pairs all together. I met Poppy at BlogHer 2011, but have been stalking her since early 2010.

Poppy was one of the first bloggers I trusted and told personal information to. Secrets. In fact, she has a video of me that could be used as blackmail. I wouldn’t consider going on a non-blogger-related weekend or getaway with many people I met over the internet, but Poppy tops my list.

So what do all of these bloggers have in common? Sarcasm. Sense of humor. Not afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say. Raunchiness. They enjoy a cocktail (or six). And I adore them all.

Head over to Poppy’s and read who she’d get kicked out of a bar with, and if you’re so inclined, you can write your own post and link up over at her place!

Now you tell me, if you were going to get kicked out of a bar with 3 bloggers, who would it be?


  1. Loved being included in Poppy's post!! Such a funny idea. I haven't a clue who I'd choose, but definitely someone I trusted with my life. :) Tonya recently posted..Holding On To HopeMy Profile
  2. Oh my video :) I just watch it sometimes when I miss you. Thanks for playing! Poppy recently posted..Little Sisters are Bullies – Maren’s Greatest HitsMy Profile
  3. What a wild and weird web we weave.... I just happened to have a very strange and personal dream about Tonya last night. Can we just have a Sparkle Corn 2011 reunion?
  4. Yeah, you definitely have me figured out. Can't wait for our next dirty martini drinking session! Jessica recently posted..How To Get A Toddler To Sleep Through The NightMy Profile
  5. hahaha This is too awesome. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out of that bar in TN... with my loud mouth and those idiots from Jersey! Good times! Carri recently posted..Peppermint Mocha MartiniMy Profile
  6. Excellent choices! I can only pick 3? So tough...! Mrs. Jen B recently posted..#HonorMyself Monday: Because We’re Worth ItMy Profile