Birthday Bash Beautification

The kids are all celebrating birthdays over the next week. The twins will be turning a year old, and Tater will be three. So on Saturday, we are having a birthday bash for all three of them! Big water slide, good food and drink, and great friends will come over to help us celebrate.

This means that next Saturday, 50+ men, women, and children will be traipsing through the house. Dropping food, spilling drinks, and leaving a general mess in the party’s wake. This is what happens when you have a party at your house – we all know that.

And since I already know that, why am I going to spend this entire week cleaning my house as if I were preparing it to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens?

Why am I going to clean and mop the floors that I know will have to be re-cleaned and mopped again after the party?

Why am I going to wash all the windows, inside and out, even though nobody will notice their sparkle?

Why am I going to dust and use my Magic Eraser on all of the baseboards?

Dust the shutters that I just dusted after construction on the stairs was finally completed?

Clean the oven, though nobody is going to open it and make sure it’s clean?

Clean the tracks of the window sills, though you can’t even see them because the shutters cover them?

Why will I clean all my counters off even though I’ll need to do it again on Sunday?

Why will I dust the knick knacks sitting on top of the cupboards even though you can’t see the dust?

Clean the stovetop though nobody is going to care or give it the white glove test to check for crumbs?

Straighten up closets nobody will peek into?

Why am I going to clean like this even though nobody will notice, of even care that I did?

Why am I going to clean so much it will appear that nobody even lives here?

Because that is how I am. I could try to tell you I’m not gonna do all of these things, but I’d be lying. I wish that I didn’t care and could let it go, but I can’t. I’ve told you before I’m a little obsessive compulsive…this is further proof!

There is a bright side to all of this. I’m going to get a lot of cleaning done that needs to be done anyways!

And so it goes…


  1. LOL, I need to take some lessons from you! I wish I were a bit more compulsive to clean like that, but am totally not like that at all LOL. I would do the bear minimum and then my husband who is the compulsive one would go behind me and do the real cleaning LOL! I hope you have a blast, it sounds like it is going to be a great party!
  2. My eyes started twitching while reading this because this is exactly where I'll be in a couple months when Cole and Bella b-day is upon us! Every year I'm like, "Why am I bothering to do all this cleaning when the house is gonna be a mess afterwards again? Plus, who really looks at the baseboards and checks the corners of the walls for cobwebs??" But then I'll scour everything clean from top to bottom, grumbling the whole time.

    Well, I guess we should just be thankful that our kids' birthdays fall when they only having to throw 1 party a year for your 3 kids and me only having to throw 2 parties a year for my 4 kids. It could've been worse....way worse!
  3. Ms. Understood says:
    And then next you plan on traveling to the DC area to help out Ms. Understood . . .right??? >insert cartoon character big pleading doe eyes< LOL. Good luck with getting everything done. I can't wait to see pics of the party.
  4. You GO GIRLS!! Then . . .you GO RIGHT OVER to CHICAGO and stop at MY house!! ;)

    Isn't it crazy what we do to ourselves before a bash like this? I'm turning a new leaf, though. This year, I'm only cleaning the toilets before a party. Everything else can stay as it is. Perhaps my guests will feel sorry enough for the mess that they'll pick some of it up when they are here! Wouldn't that be lovely?

    Best of luck on your busy cleaning week and happy birthday to the babes!!! Yippie!
  5. Maureen @Tatter Scoops says:
    LOL you rock, mama!
    Have fun at the birthday party sounds like the birthday kiddos will have a blast.
    I still haven't figure out what we'll do for Lil' A's 4th birthday in December lol.
  6. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:
    Oh honey, I so understand. I'm a little better, but my mom sounds just like you. No one will see, no one will notice...but I will. And I undertand how it will totally drive you nuts if it's not done just incase someone does see.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see party pics!
  7. the mombshell says:
    Ovens can be cleaned? I just thought you use them until they are so disgusting that you have to buy a new one. See, your blog? So informative!
  8. i know you're going to do all those things, too, but i promise that the clean up AFTER the party will be killer! Good luck! You will prevail!! :)
  9. Cuz I'm the mama! says:
    I am right there with ya. I clean everytime I tihnk someone is going to walk through the door. And typically by the time they walk out I have to start all over again. It's just how we are. Misery loves company!
  10. I am the same way. I hate it but I can't help it. I also obsessively clean like that before we go out of town - because there's not enough to do with packing and planning and making other arrangements, right? And because it's totally worthwhile to have a meticulous home that NO ONE is going to see or live in, right? Argh- good luck!
  11. Witchy Crazy Mommy says:
    I guess nothing is too perfect when your doing your kids party! I'm the same way! You go girl!
  12. I think it's called nuts, but I'm right there with ya. I do the exact same thing. Good luck. And try to have fun.
  13. I'm somewhat jealous. There is no way you could get me to clean the oven in the wake of everything else you've got to do. But really, my oven could stand to be cleaner.

    Please don't laugh if you ever see my house.
  14. I just do a "surface cleaning" for company - the bathrooms are cleaned and any visible dust is taken care of, but I save the heavy cleaning for after the party!
  15. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    The one thing I abandoned...the floors.

    I have a post someday about my floors.

    And now, I do not clean them when company's coming.

    Because otherwise I cry.

    Which is just pitiful at parties.

    But you are awesome, and try to have some FUN at those parties, k?
  16. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    That is so true. We should really spend all of our time cleaning after the party.

    Hope you have some fun at the party!
  17. WeeMasonMan's Mom says:
    I'm the same way. I can't shake the "I am judged by how clean my house is and it's level of clean is a direct reflection of ME (no one else who lives here!)" no matter how hard I try and how much hooey I know it is. Even when I say "Hey, it's just so and so, they really don't care" and try to relax, I find myself rushing around like a madwoman, cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the mirrors, defurring the couch and realizing that had I not tried to pretend I didn't care, i wouldn't be cramming all that cleaning into the hour before they showed up. Ugh.
  18. luckydame says:
    I do the exact same thing. But, the way I see it, why not start with a clean house before the party so you won't have extra grime to clean-up afterwards.

    You clean the tracks of the window?

    Ugh....I need to get home and do that right now!
  19. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    Come do my house when you're done, mmmkay?
  20. The Sharp's says:
    I use to do it! And now I DON'T!!!! Tiddy up, sweep the floor, wash any obvious spots off of the windows and floors, clean the toilet, put the dishes away and that's it! I say to myself I will get to it after the party, but that seems to not happen either!
  21. The Sharp's says:
    Oh, and Happy Birthday to all! I hope you all have a blast!
  22. Wow, Happy Birthday wishes all around! And I am the same way! We seem to have company almost every weekend cleaning, then entertaining, then re-cleaning seems to be the story of my life! LOL
  23. Allyson & Jere says:
    Yeah, you are FAR more of a woman than I. I like to clean and be clean, but NOT to THAT degree. Especially if it's gonna be pulverized in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, WHEN in the world will you be accomplishing that level of clean when you have those 3 kiddos around, AND all the blogging. Are you secretly a super hero and we just don't know yet?
  24. I do that too...unless I'm having my parent's out. Otherwise I just figure, it needs to be done anyway so why not?!! However, don't you hate it when everyone leaves and it's worse then when you first started cleaning??!!

    I missed your little "monster" blog! ;)
  25. blueviolet says:
    I do the very same thing...I'm ultra particular about it!

    PS. Love those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They saved me from having to paint before I listed this house. :)
  26. I would be doing exactly the same insane, ridiculous, asinine thing. People like us really need to be committed, I tell ya!!

    (Try to) have a blast at the party. Three huge reasons to celebrate. I can't wait to see photos.
  27. I love the caption in your header. Yeah, that's kind of my philosophy too: the kids are still alive, what more do you want?
    As for your OCD, well, I think it's a good excuse to clean, then you can relax at the party. Have fun, it sounds like it's going to be a blast!
  28. The Flying Chalupa says:
    I can totally relate. My son's birthday is this Sunday - let the cleaning begin. And he's only two! Doesn't even realize what a birthday party is. But I can't help myself.
  29. Enya @ Almost Crunchy says:
    That's insane. I hate cleaning and I'm horrible at it. I finally got a cleaning lady after my husband nagged me for months about getting one. I LOVE her. But if it floats your boat to do all that then go to it, sistah!
  30. moveovermarypoppins says:
    So that you can take loads of pictures at your party and look at your sparkling house in them and think, "What has Good Housekeeping got on me?"
  31. Dalia - Gen X Mom says:
    Yup..same here. And if I decide for some reason to clean out of nowhere, kids ask if we are having a party!
  32. So true! Well, hope the parties go well! :-)

    I stopped over from Blog Frog. I'm a new follower, nice to meet you! Way cute blog!
  33. Sometimes I wish I were obsessive compulsive so I could always have a clean house. I guess I'm too good at just letting it go! Good luck with the pary...and cleaning!
  34. MommaKiss says:
    I'm guessing my invite got lost in the mail? Yah. I see how it is.
  35. Big birthday wishes to the kids. I'll be over here trying to figure out how to lure you to Nebraska and lock you in my house until it's all preeettty and clean.
    Mwa ha ha (trying for an evil laugh there)
  36. The Urban Cowboy says:
    I'm so tired just from reading this, I think I will take a nap now.
  37. Amy and Luke says: i am asking you advice again. i know you have to be way busy w/ 3 kids, i'm busy w/ one. but when do you find the time to clean like this? do you have a nanny, etc? i just can't get it together enough to clean, have time to myself, etc. also, i forget, are you a SAHm?
  38. Natalie...where do you get this compulsion??? I can't think of anyone in our family like that (maybe that's why)? Except for Bro in Law B!!!! and Dena!!! And they're not blood related!
  39. Sharlene T. says:
    For goodness sakes, Natalie, everyone knows that is the reason we have a party – so that we have a good excuse for cleaning the house from top to bottom… That's why I have scheduled a Labor Day get-together at my house… True story: my brother's wife was in the hospital, my mother was coming for a visit the next day, so I went over and helped him totally clean the house, wiping over door jambs, picture frames, the backside of televisions, every nook and cranny we could think of… The house sparkled, mother arrived, sat down on a couch and saw the tiniest of tears on the left arm support and decided that she would stitch it up to help my sister-in-law… To make it easier to get at the tear, she removed the couch cushion and, there, was Lord knows all kinds of dry breakfast cereal pieces that the kids had dropped down there, that we had completely missed because we did not remove all the cushions of the chairs and couches… Moral of the story? You're going to miss something so just sit down and have a nice stiff drink and welcome family…

    Twitter: SolarChief
  40. Natalie, every time we have the family over for my kid's birthdays, I do the SAME THING, then re-do it the day after!! Why, oh why do we torture ourselves?