Belly Laughs

Belly laughing. Is there anything better? When you laugh until you can barely breathe, you can’t talk, and tears roll down your face? It is one of the best feelings in the entire world…I have even written about laughing so hard it hurts (one of my favorite belly laughing memories!).

Unfortunately it doesn’t happen nearly often enough. But I got lucky on Tuesday, and it happened twice in one day.

The first time it happened was in the morning. There was a post someone had put on Facebook about a collection of hilarious texts from random people. Some of them made me smile, but two of them (the one when the guy is talking to his gramps and the other about the girl’s camo tote) made me laugh out loud and made me laugh until I had tears coming out of my eyes. A great way to start the day.

Then that night, Ethan and Mia were upstairs watching a movie in his room and Lila and I were watching TV downstairs. I remembered there were a few brownies left that I had made a couple of days before. I asked Lila if she wanted to share a secret treat, and she promised she wouldn’t tell Mia or Ethan. So I cut a big one and we started eating it. Of course that is when Mia started walking downstairs. Both of us had our mouths full of brownie when she asked “What are you doing?”

We were caught! Which I found hilarious, and apparently Lila did too. Because we both started laughing. And laughing. And laughing. This made Mia mad, which made us laugh more. I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks and my belly muscles hurt. And that’s when Lila said “Uh oh. I peed.” And then we laughed some more.

By that time, Mia had made her way back upstairs, probably afraid of us. She must have told Ethan we were crazy because he came down to find out what was up. The laughter had died by then, and we had calmed down.

But ever since then, Lila keeps asking me if we can “please laugh again”. So we laugh. But it’s not the same. Because you can’t force a good old belly laugh. And no matter how much you want one, you just have to wait for it to sneak up on you and present you with its gift.

What is your favorite belly laugh memory?


  1. My son pretends that we starve him. When he finishes his food he looks at his twin sister's plate to see what he can convince her to give him. My husband and I always laugh at this but one night he took it a step farther. He looked up at her plate and said "hey Molly, whatcha got over there?" We died laughing over that one! Twingle Mommy recently posted..Disneyland ConfessionsMy Profile


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