Begging For Help: How Do You Establish A Back To School Routine?

Today I’m over at begging asking all you more seasoned moms how you established your back to school routines.

I know Ethan is only in kindergarten, but I am shocked by the amount of homework that kid has! Not to mention the fact that it seems like I spend most of the day running around like a chauffeur with my head cut off.

I just can’t seem to pull any sort of routine that works together, which is why I would appreciate any advice you can give!


  1. I have to say that I love that you already hate the amount of homework as much as I do. I don't necessarily have a great routine but it works for now that is our basic schedule... Heather Mott Heather Mott recently posted..Dad of Triplets, Twins and A Single..Busted!My Profile
  2. I'v always started the routine a couple of days before school to get the complaining and whining out of the way. It's worked for me.