BBC Earth: One Life Premieres February 21st Nationwide!

I remember when I was a kid at school and it would rain, leaving us all stuck in the classroom to watch movies instead of playing outside. Those were some of my favorite days because the teachers would bust out the old projector and play National Geographic style movies about animals all over the world. Africa, underwater, in the forests…it didn’t matter because I love them all. And now I find myself glued to BBC Earth films like Planet Earth, Life, and Africa.

The difference between those movies when I was a kid and the BBC Earth movies I adore now? The BBC Earth movies are amazingly beautiful. The colors, the clarity, the detail, all of it is truly awe inspiring. So when I got tickets to go see the premiere of the limited engagement for BBC Earth’s One Life, I was super excited.


This movie cover is an example of what you can expect to see. Everything about this movie is stunning and the kids both said “Wow!” more than once. Heck, I said it throughout the entire movie!

bbc_earth_one_life_premiere The plan was for all of us to go as a family. Unfortunately, Mia fell asleep about an hour before we were supposed to go and ain’t no way I was waking her up. So Jason stayed home with her and I took Lila and Ethan to see One Life at our local theater.

We sat down with our snack and waited for the movie to began. I liked that the film started immediately and didn’t have 20 minutes of previews. One Life is narrated by Daniel Craig, this is the first time the actor has lent his voice to a documentary feature. More than 4 years in the making, BBC Earth’s One Life was filmed over 3,000 days across every continent and in every habitat.

bbc_earth_seal_pup It is truly impressive to see some of the action that was caught. There were 15 “filming firsts” including the first complete sequence (including aerials, underwater and topside shots) of a humpback whale mating contest, “the heat run,” 3 cheetahs hunting co-operatively (they generally hunt independently), and the first use of new camera tracking system “yogi cam” to track elephants.

Ethan’s favorite part was watching the Venus Fly Trap in action, Lila loved watching the “little baby monkeys”, and I enjoyed watching a mama seal take her brand new baby into the water for the first time to hunt.

By now I hope you want to know where you can see BBC Earth’s One Life…simply head over to the One Life site to find out. You can also sign up for the BBC Earth mailing list there as well.

And I’m excited to share the BBC Earth’s One Life trailer with you here!

BBC Earth: One Life Trailer

One Life opens February 21, 2013 in over 450 theaters across the nation for a limited engagement. Hurry! Because I promise you this is a perfect family movie that your kids will love, with stunning filmography that you don’t want to miss.

And stick around because next week I’ll tell you about another BBC Earth film I got to watch and give you a copy of the movie for your family to enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BBC Worldwide.



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