Baby Jail: Go Directly To Jail. Do Not Pass Go.

We have a baby gate up that separates the kitchen and living room areas from the rest of the house. The girls hate that they can’t get past or through it.

You know you’re a mom when…you allow your children to cry so that you can get cute pictures of them in baby jail!

And this one is my absolute favorite…
Oh, the drama! No *mediocre* acting here! Ms. M goes into full on I’m-gonna-throw-my-head-back-so-mommy-really-knows-I’m-pissed-off mode!
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Multi-tasking at its finest, huh?!

And so it goes…


  1. These are freaking fantastic. (insert evil laugh now) One day you will all have a good laugh over these too. Happy WW! So good to see you around the blogosphere my friend.
  2. Oh my dramarific! LOL Poor babies. :(
  3. looks oh so familiar!!!
  4. And you know you are a blogger :)
  5. We love baby jail at our house! For my son we had the whole darn house gated (hubby's idea) and he did not like it one bit! This goes under yo now you are a blogger when you put your kids in baby jail for Wordless Wednesday.
  6. Allyson & Jere says:
    Love it! Nothing better than taking pics to help the blog along. hee hee

    silly kids, they're so dramatical.
  7. Fantastic! I love those pictures and that Im not the only one that will do almost anything to get a picture
  8. I LOVE IT!!! OMG! Reminds me of my Jaydon. Too funny!!
  9. Damn right multi-tasking at it's finest... we're mothers, it's what we do best!!

    Those pictures are heartbreaking, but I'd know that 'my world is coming to an end' look anywhere. I can't hop over the baby gate without seeing it in my house too.
  10. P.S. Thanks again for the guest post. It will be up at midnight. :)
  11. debi9kids says:
    OMGOSH! Too funny! LOL about that last photo!
    (oh boy. I remember those days with my twins and the gates....)
  12. Owen's Mom says:
    Mwaa-ha-ha! Yes, we had a baby jail, too... we called it the O.K. coral... also my son's initials. Some times it gave me the sanity to keep going.
  13. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Love it! And love the little drama queens, maybe a future in acting?!?! :D
  14. Oh yes, baby jail. I know it all too well around here. Soon the screaming and the drama will be replaced by little whimpers and sad puppy dog eyes... This is a great, multi-tasked, post!
  15. awwwwwwww i feel like jumping in the picture and taking them into my arms :((

    ~ash's mum
  16. Maureen @Tatter Scoops says:
    Hahaha OMG too precious! Love Miss M's drama touch ;)
  17. Hilarious!!! :-)
  18. parentingBYdummies says:
    Love those shots. Reminds me of the time #3 locked himself in the dog cage. And I couldn't open it until I found my camera and snapped a shot. Think it was stuck or something, I don't know:)
  19. awww... they are in a gated community..(lol) hugs!!!!!
  20. its me again!!!! i put your button on my blog!!!!
  21. moveovermarypoppins says:
    That drama?

    Dead freaking brilliant!
  22. Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds says:
    That's a mad baby! I hope they forgive you when they're older. :)
  23. LOL! Love the baby jail pics! Someone bought our daughter a horizontal striped onesie and we have pics of her in baby jail with her baby prison clothes. Maybe I should send the twins over some orange jumpsuits?
  24. i think the best moms are the ones who let their kids cry a little for a photo op.

    they're pretty pitiful, though!
  25. That last one is the best!!! I love taking pictures of my kids being tortured too...such a good mother, aren't I?
  26. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    Awww, they are cute. I take similar photos of my kids too.
  27. PV Lundqvist says:
    We have so many baby-gates, I'm tempted to have a steeple chase. And with pet bowls everywhere, there will be water hazards.
  28. Merri Ann says:
    Ugh ... I remember those days. Just trying to get dinner on the table and the screamers behind the gate. The picture is really funny but it gives me an ooggie feeling in my tummy, too.
  29. I do believe that I have similar pictures.

    Oh the glories of baby jail. I am just sad that it no longer works. There really is no such thing as toddler jail.
  30. MommaKiss says:
    The head back for effect really puts the cherry on top for me. Perfect ;)
  31. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Someone call an acting agent! The dra-ma!
  32. Oh heck YES!! These are too funny!! Oh, and great party by the way! It looked like a celebrity bash:)
  33. Those are some fantastic and realistic action shots. We went through this this morning when - heaven forbid - I cut Alex's nails. The horror!
  34. Aging Mommy says:
    Girls really are the best of drama queens aren't they - I imagine two together means triple the dosage in effect too :-)
  35. Michelle Pixie says:
    Too Funny! I really hope you have that last one framed and hanging on a wall. That has got to be one of the best captures!!
  36. Oh yes, I remember those days....:)

    We baby gated my son in his room when he was about two because he often liked to wander around int he middle of the night. He got so upset about it that he took his diaper off and peed through the baby gate onto the tile floor right outside his room. Not a drop fell on his carpet.

    Stinkers, they are!
  37. That is frickin hilarious. We have baby jail too, but no priceless pics. Nice.
  38. Love it. I have the same baby gate up. My littlest is 21 months and he hates this gate too. Baby jail makes for some great photo ops! :-) ~Kimberly
  39. Amanda and Katie says:
    That is so funny! My baby does not like the baby gates up and she gets so mad when I put them up. Stopping by from 5 minutes for mom
  40. An Imperfect Momma says:
  41. I love it!! That's so stinkin' funny! Baby jail rocks!
  42. Heading over to Letters for Lucas next, but I wanted to tell you those are PRICELESS pictures! Adorable! I enjoy a good crying picture almost as much, if not more than the big toothy/toothless grin!
  43. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Oh brilliant...

    I scream like that when I'm mad.

    Oh yes I do.
  44. Sharlene T. says:
    Little Ms M didn't fall far from the tree, eh,wot?... these are wonderful pictures and, boy, do they bring back memories! Thanks for sharing... looking forward to your next visit...

    Twitter: SolarChief
  45. Suniverse says:
    I love baby jail. I can just hear the rioting!
  46. Michaela (aka Mama Michie) says:
    That last one is great! Don't you just love how dramatic little ones get sometimes? Like the world will end if they don't get what they want. haha
  47. Andrea @multiplemama says:
    we have one of those! ok two. But the four year old had figured out how to jump over one and open the other by force. get ready for that... then all the crazies are loose!
  48. The Urban Cowboy says:
    Ha...the baby jail, brings back some old memories.
  49. Ha! Love that head-thrown-back-I-hate-you pose there....
    Someday, these pictures will be like gold to you. Bribery, blackmail, or just a good laugh! Heading over to Tonya's!
  50. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) says:
    Oh my gosh these are hilarious photos!!! Looks like you are torturing them.
  51. I Have MANY pictures of my twins like that...and Gio for sure..he's head back and screaming like a wounded animal's CLASSIC. :)

    love, love , love it!!! (only because I am a twin mom too and know how funny it gets once the shrieking stops!!!)
  52. luckydame says:
    She is beyond pissed. Watch your back tonight...sleep with one eye open. LOL
  53. So stinkin' cute! I have a pic of my now 14 yr old, crying on one side of the gate and the dog whimpering on the other side!
  54. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    This is shot that reminds all of us the lung capacity of our children.
  55. TornadoTwos says:
    So funny! I laughed out loud when I saw the last picture, it's amazing how dramatic our babies can be!
  56. mooneyequalsmc2 says:
    haha that last one made me chuckle loudly. I love it!!!
  57. redriverpak says:
    How sadistic of you! Great pics though! You can use them for the kids graduation parties when they get up to High School... :)
  58. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    How dare you leave them trapped in the kitchen!? Those are two livid girls! Love the photos!
  59. Just Another Mom of 2 says:
    They are so adorable!! How cute!
  60. Heather's In The Land Of Crazy says:
    That is so funny! My 21 month old hate baby jail.
  61. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:
    It's handy that they scream so loud. The day they are quiet, you'll know they got through!
  62. the mombshell says:
    I jokingly tell my son when I put my daughter in her playpen that I am putting her in baby jail. The other day he told the lady at the bank that I put his sister in baby jail when she commented on how cute they were! -sigh-
  63. Laurie Wallin says:
    I'm one of those moms too :). I'm saving them for blackmail when they get cheeky later. I'll just stick em up on You Tube as a slideshow or something...

    Thanks again for the WOW idea. I participated too, but didn't see my link there. It's

    Enjoy your photography! :)
  64. Sluiter Nation says:
    baby jail! so funny! I always feel bad laughing at crying babies...but sometimes? it's hilarious.
  65. Kara-Noel says:
    OMGosh! Just wait till puberty!
  66. The Empress says:
    Oh, my gosh...I am with every single soul up there. I can't say enough about those pictures. I love them.

    Definitely, you could start your own greeting card company with these.

    The captions, oh the captions! running through my head...


    If you don't love, you'll burst into tears...
  67. Lol, lol! So funny!
  68. Cute kids ;)
  69. These pictures are too funny! I love the head being thrown back to give that much more emphasis on how angry she is LOL!
  70. Hilarious! Well, not really, but you know what I mean. ;-) We have a baby jail too, but we call it "the cage"...and Bryce does the exact same things your girls do. Great pictures!
  71. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    I adore! those pictures. :) I bet you were smilin the entire time you snapped them, huh? Baby gates are the best invention ever. Period.
  72. HAHa i did the same thing the other day when he was crying in his pack n play.
    i have a blog award for you.
  73. LMAO, man Boyfriend and I got a ton of laughs from those photos cause Babe did the same thing.
  74. I am absolutely IN LOVE with that last photo.
    So flipping cute, Natalie!
  75. Donna (Timeless Settings) says:
    That last one is hilarious!

  76. HAHAHAHAHAHA seriously dying over here!! My little man has just gotten to the over dramatic stage - fun huh! These are don't show the boyfriends, ... well maybe just a peak pictures!!
    LOVE IT!
  77. Paul and Kerry says:
    awesome! When kyran was a baby I was a member of a mom's private online board. Our motto was take picture first and then rescue baby. those pics are priceless.
  78. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    That pic with the head thrown back is classic. Gotta love that Baby Jail.
  79. That last one is fabulous! Oh, the dramatics! ;)
  80. oh, I love that last one photo. Gotta love that Baby Jail. Melanie recently posted..Best Baby Gates For Stairs (Top and Bottom) – Guide & ReviewsMy Profile


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