Another Step Towards Independence

Hubby figured out something today that the girls can do on their own…they can hold their own bottles and feed themselves. I’m sure they’ve been able to do for at least a month, but I just never tried to get them to do it. I know they can hold their own bottles when they’re empty because they play with them all the time. But this is how brainless I have become since giving birth – and I’m going to go ahead and use baby brain and ongoing lack of sleep as my excuses – it never even occurred to me to try to get them to feed themselves. I’m embarrassed to admit that. Out of habit I always lay them down on the floor, sit in between them, and then hold the bottles for them.
Ms. L & Ms. M – One Step Closer to Being Big Girls
Ah, the small things in life are sometimes the ones that matter the most.
And so it goes…


  1. Fabulously Chaotic says:
    You have an adorable blog and beautiful family. Love the quote!!