…And Then I OD’d On Cuteness

Yesterday, the girls had their first dance recital at their preschool. Since they started school in August, they’ve been taking a dance class once a week. Every time that I pick them up, I ask them what they learned at dance class. The response is usually “I don’t know”, and the only thing they have shown me is how they stretch.

Needless to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Other than stretching and walking on their tippy toes, they hadn’t divulged any other information. I knew it was going to be cute – how could it not be? – but my expectations weren’t too high.

And then they started dancing and I overdosed on cuteness. Seriously. I knew they’d be disorganized and may or may not be paying attention, but I didn’t know they had learned to dance three dances! When Lila paid attention, Mia didn’t. When Mia was dancing, Lila wasn’t. It was TOO CUTE.

Before the action started, I tried to get them to smile for a picture to send to Daddy who couldn’t be there.

A little nervous maybe?

I asked them to say hi to Daddy via video:

Yeah, apparently not gonna happen.

Then the tiny dancers showed me their mad skills. Here’s a little bit of what I got to watch…

So cute right?

And now look at this…here are the girls trying to curtsey…

Oh, I just couldn’t get enough! It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And while they wouldn’t look at me or show their excitement, I could tell they were so proud of themselves afterwards.

The girls with their dance teacher


No…I don’t expect you to watch all three dances, but they were each very cute. For family and anybody else interested, I’ve included another one below!


  1. Mary Spangler says:
    Natalie, this was too cute!! The girls are adorable!
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