Am I A Celebrity Look Alike? I Don’t Think So!

My friend Morgan over at The Little Hen House is hosting a Celebrity Look Alike blog hop, and so when I saw my friend Tonya from Letters for Lucas‘ celeb look alike pics, I thought it would be fun to do one too! Tonya? She looks just like her celeb look alikes! So does Morgan! Me? Not so much…

Here’s probably the most recent picture of me that I have that I am willing to post. Meaning I have make-up on, my hair is flat ironed, my clothes aren’t stained and I look relatively presentable:

Now this picture is of Christa Miller. She plays Ellie Torres on ABC’s Cougar Town. I do not think I look anything at all like her. But people that have only seen pictures of me? People that are weird and think it’s appropriate to walk up to me at the grocery store? People who have the tendency to say “Has anybody ever told you that you look like…?” Those people have told me on numerous occasions that I look like her.

Is it the pointy chin? The lily-white skin? The chubby looking cheeks? Maybe. Because I certainly don’t think I look anything like her…though it would be a privilege if I did because I happen to think she’s hot!

Now, here is me in 2009 with darker hair (that I hate, by the way…why does nobody tell you when your hair color looks hideous with your skin coloring?). Anyways, maybe, MAYBE a slight resemblance.

So what do you think? Do I resemble Christa Miller or not?

Who is your celeb look alike? Write a post and then head over to The Little Hen House to link up!


  1. You do look like her! And you are both hot! My celeb look alike is Sara Ramirez better known as Dr. Torres from Greys anatomy.
  2. I think you definitely do, and that's not a bad thing. My look-alike...or "doppleganger" passed away recently but I'm told I look like Brittany Murphy. Not too bad I'd say....
  3. sarah doyle says:
    I can see it! I have never even heard of her b4 so I wouldnt just say it out of no where, but with the pics-you do! Very pretty :)
  4. Natalie, you totally look like her - you're even prettier! she had to have stylists and make-up artists to look that good! You did it all on your own, my dear! I'm not a look alike to anyone... I'm cool with that, though!
  5. You definitely do, but I agree- YOU are cuter than she is. Love that first pic of you.
  6. You totally look like Christa Miller! I do think you are prettier though. I wouldn't have seen the resemblance in real life, but the resemblance in the picture is uncanny! Thanks for linking up!
  7. I would say the resemblance is about 80%? Especially the first picture. All in all, pretty!
  8. Put a little wave in your hair and I think you look a whole lot like her!! I do like you with the blond hair better! Maybe that is my problem, I've been blond my whole life, suddenly went dark, everyone tells me it looks great, and now I wonder if they are lying! haha
  9. Based on these pictures, I would have to say yes, you do look like her. And you're both beautiful.
  10. You do look like her! I don't think I look like anyone, which is a good thing? A very fun link up!
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Christa Miller - she is GENIUS in everything she does. As are you. Because you do look alike - not something I would have picked up on until it was pointed out, but now that I see it? I can't not see it. Awesome!
  12. I laughed hysterically at myself after reading this post fully. I just did a quick glance at it this morning and thought to myself...."WOW..she really looks like the actress in picture three" Lol! it was you anyways....oops..apparently not enough coffee this morning.
  13. Honestly, I don't think you look like her (you're prettier, by the way) but you DO remind me of another celebrity. I wish I remembered her name though...
  14. It's not a resemblance that sticks out at me, but now that it's pointed out, I can kind-of see it . . . kind-of. I think Christa Miller is hilarious (and, I think you're quite talented as well).
  15. I REMEMBER HER NAME:):) The second picture of you reminds me of the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal!
  16. I think it's the smile. She's super cute, just like you!
  17. really do look like her! Me? Definitely look like no one. But that sounds like a fun meme. WIll hop on over to check others out
  18. I would say you look like her a little bit, but not too much.
  19. You do look like her. Much prettier though plus your face isn't all botoxed up. At least it doesn't seem that way. She kinda annoys the hell out of me on that show. Actually that show completely annoys me! Dale used to say I resemble Helen Hunt. I think it is the brow line or something. I don't see it and I'm not thrilled with that comparison!
  20. I think that you totally do.
  21. You look like her! You are both so cute!!
  22. Yep you totally look like her. BUT the cool thing is, you didn't have a makeup artist and a professional photograpy team help you look like her. Right? That makes you the prettiest if people line you both up cute to ugly. YOU WIN!
  23. I've been told I look like Sally Field (back in the Gidget days) and like Holly Hunter... I just want ONCE to be told I look like Audrey Hepburn - because short, cute and LOUD just isn't flattering (even if it is pretty danged accurate)
  24. You really do look a lot like her.
  25. I see it and I like it! Good one. Thanks for the shout out, too. :)
  26. Wow, that's almost an uncanny resemblance! But you are prettier;)
  27. I can see that, but I have to think back to her Drew Carey days because she's not nearly as pretty now as she was before she had all that work done on her face. Eww. You're much prettier.
  28. Wow, Nat! I see it in both of those pics, but mostly the Cougar Town chick! You are such a hottie, girl!
  29. Super cute! I like you better as a blonde!
  30. I can definitely see it. I think your face is a teeny but softer, but it's very close!
  31. Oh, my gosh, yes. Yes to both of them. It's the cheeks, I think. And the heart shaped face.
  32. I can see it! Your face is softer than hers though. And of course you are prettier!
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