All Terrain Product Review

So before I went to the river last month, I was given the opportunity to review some products from All Terrain, who makes all natural products for outdoor enthusiasts. They use only natural ingredients…a HUGE plus for me when I’m putting things on the kids. They offer a variety of products, from sun protection to insect repellents, sanitizers, band aids…even products for your pets!

I thought it was a fantastic idea, since I knew we’d be spending a lot of time in the sun and would need both sunscreen and aloe to keep everybody safe and comfortable. And because we were also supposed to be going to King’s Canyon this week, I thought I’d also try the bug spray to keep the kids bite free, as well as some bite soother and antiseptic spray (just in case), and some hand wipes. Cuz camping is a messy deal, you know.
So the first thing we tried, was the KidSport SPF 30. It was FANTASTIC! It rubbed on easily, provided great coverage, and did not hurt their eyes when their hands inevitably made their way up to their faces! It stayed on in the water and through sweat. We did have to reapply, just as we would with “regular” sunblock.
We also tried the Aloe Gel Skin Relief after we brought the kids in out of the sun. It was very cooling, smelled pleasant, and Tater even asked me to put it on him again!
I also took the HandSanz – w/Aloe & Vitamin E and the Kidswipes because I knew we’d need to clean little hands and faces if we were going on the water all day. The HandSanz was very effective; it went on smoothly and dried instantly. As for the Kidswipes…LOVE them! They were fantastic!! They held up well against dirty hands and faces…and the best part…they’re biodegradable!

Since we didn’t go camping (boo), I tried the Kid’s Herbal Armor Spray and Herbal Armor Spray (for adults) when we had a backyard barbecue a few weeks ago. Both are all natural, and contain five essential oils to keep pests away. They’re 100% DEET free, and 100% effective for over 2 hours! Tater and I had it on longer than that, and didn’t get one mosquito bite, which is shocking since I normally get eaten alive. It was easy to apply and didn’t smell bad like insect repellents normally do. And because it worked so well, I haven’t even had a chance to use the Bite Soother Spray, but have it at the ready because sooner or later we’ll be getting bitten.

As for the Antiseptz Spray, I’ve used it around the house several times on Tater’s little cuts and scrapes. It doesn’t burn, is non-irritating, and Tater isn’t “scared” when I spray it on him. Totally an all around winner in my book!

So hop on over and check out All Terrain and their great products! You can see all of their products, including prices, and even find a store near you that you can purchase them from.

And so it goes…

I received free samples of each product mentioned to try so that I could complete this review. Opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by any other source. I was not compensated to provide opinion of All Terrain products.


  1. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I will be purchasing the bug spray immediately. Living on a pond means that we get eaten just walking out to our cars!
  2. Never heard of these products, but I will check them out now. Thanks for the review.