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Hi and thanks for visiting! I’m Natalie, a forty-something year old mom here in So Cal (smack in between San Diego and L.A.) and I’m proud to hold the title of MOMMY to my 8 little boy Ethan and twin 6 year old girls Lila and Mia.

I’m so much more than a mommy. I’m also a wife. And writer. And blogger. And wanna-be world famous foodie/chef/baker. And gardener. And bookworm. And social media addict and social media manager. And lover of all things wine. And I’m trying to live – and teach my kids to live – a little more green everyday.

Before becoming a work at home mom, I worked as an Human Resources Manager for many years in a variety of fields. My “specialty” was training and development, and I loved it. I also have a strong background in accounting and worked in a variety of positions in that field as well.

Now lucky enough to hold my most important title ever: Mom.

Here on Mommy of a Monster and Twins, you’ll find everything from my experiences with struggling with unexplained infertility, to depression, raising multiples, lots (and LOTS) of recipes, green living, gardening, blogging tips, and more. And I do occasional reviews of products that pass my family’s test and that I would personally recommend to friends.

I’m honest, don’t hold back,natalie-hoage and have no problem telling you about the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a parent. You’ll find me blogging about the little things, the big things, and everything in between.

When I’m not busy chasing the three kids in three different directions at the same time, I currently work as a Social Media Manager Manager, a Freelance Writer, and occasional Ghostwriter.

I have written for Babble, Moonfrye, Smart Mom Picks, Smart Mom Style, Everyday Family, Interior Complex, and Chiquita Moms. I’ve also been a Brand Ambassador for both Chiquita and LeapFrog a Blog Ambassador for OTCSafety.org.

I have written several guest posts on a variety of blogs like Modern Day Moms, Home Made Simple, The SITS Girls, What To Expect, and Scary Mommy.


I also had a favorite recipe featured in Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays e-book.

I was syndicated on BlogHer.com

I’ve been syndicated at BlogHer: I’ve written about internal beauty, personal strength, what Klout is all about, and blogging for newbies. I’ve had recipes (like my Jalapeno Creamed Corn) featured there as well.

And I’ve been featured at Mamalode when sharing my battle with depression.

Have a suggestion you’d like to pass along? Interested in working with me? Want to talk wine? Shoot me an email at natalie@mommyofamonster.com.

You can also always find me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, too.

For PR and media inquiries who’d like even more deets about me, hop on over to my Media Kit page.