A Promise To Myself

Yesterday I mentioned that I wish I had the guts to be okay with my body, and that I was going to try to get some of my sexy back. What I didn’t mention is that last year, Jason lost 40 pounds in about five months. He’s kept it off, he is in great shape, and looking just as hot as the day we met. I on the other hand weigh almost as much as I did when I was 8 months pregnant with the twins.

When Ethan was born, the weight just fell off. I looked really good, and for some stupid reason I assumed the same thing would happen after I had the twins. This was absolutely not the case. Between being a huge stress ball 24/7, eating like crap, drinking too much, and not exercising, I look and feel horrible.

Last week I told you that I have every excuse in the world for not losing weight, and asked you all for help and advice. Your support was overwhelming, and very motivating.  I realized that I was the only one holding me back – that I just needed to take that first step and just do it. To make the time. To get off my ass. To love myself enough. Which is exactly what I did. I made a promise to myself: One Month.
I will give myself one month to seriously diet eat right and exercise. I took the Brazil Butt Lift out of it’s packaging and started reading.

I decided to start with the “6-Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan”, which consists of eating a specific diet and working out about an hour a day. I am on day 3, and have lost 4 pounds. I understand it’s probably all water retention, but it is motivating.

Let me be honest: When it comes to food, I will cheat. I know this, and I am okay with it. So I have decided to post my measurements and my cheats once a week to keep me honest. I need to be accountable. I need to know that I have people watching me!

These measurements were taken on Sunday, April 15th. I actually started the diet the next morning. Yes, there are before pictures, but they are awful. If you ever need motivation to get off your ass and try to get yourself back into shape, just have your husband take pictures of you in a bathing suit from front, side, and back angles. They were disgusting. So you can see the measurements for now, and at the end of the month, I’ll go ahead and show you before and after pictures – whether there is a major improvement or not.

Before I give you the measurements, let me tell you that I am absolutely LOVING the Brazil Butt Lift workouts! I am the most uncoordinated person I know. Dancing? Is not my forte. But I’m having so much fun that although it feels like work and I can barely walk up the stairs, I’m having fun doing it, don’t mind doing it, and being so sore just proves to me it’s working!

So without further adieu, my measurements the day before I started. I am out of shape people, and these numbers prove it.

My Cheats: I am only on Day 3, but here they are so far.

Monday – A glass of wine
Tuesday – 1 and a half vodka cocktails at the Burke Williams event (more on that later)
Wednesday – No cheats! I done did good today, people!

I know the girl in the picture up there is probably 20-something-years-old and has never had a baby, let alone 3 of them. I’m not being unrealistic with my expectations – really I just want to be able to wear a bathing suit without wearing shorts to hide my butt and belly. I want to be comfortable in my skin again. I don’t think that’s asking too much, do you?

Mama’s Losin’ It I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompt #1: A Promise.


  1. I love that you shared. Kate recently posted..Lets Talk SalamiMy Profile
  2. You are brave and wonderful and beautiful! Good for you! I know exactly what you mean. I need to just get off my ass and love myself, too. Sigh. That's why the photo I use is 5 years old. You can do this!! Love ya! NotJustAnotherJennifer recently posted..UPrinting Giveaway!My Profile
  3. I think 10 lbs of that is in your balls for posting your weight which is well within a healthy range for you as you know, but it always feels good to eat better and be more active! Poppy recently posted..Smells Like Soccer MomsMy Profile
    • I know, I know my weight is okay, but I keep wanting my 30 year old body and weight back. I need to do this for my health. And the bathing suit, too ;)
  4. I think I might love you now. My measurements are very similar to yours, I'm 5'5. I am out of shape. I also weigh almost as much today as I did the day before I delivered my last baby. I feel horrible about myself and I keep saying I will start doing better. This post might have just given me the inspiration and motivation to do it. Thank you!! Delilah recently posted..To Whom It May Concern: Notes of AnnoyanceMy Profile
  5. Natalie, you look beautiful, you are beautiful, you are going to do great, and you will feel amazing when you are done! Keep up the great work! Hope I get to see you on Sunday! Erin recently posted..Why we have kidsMy Profile
  6. First of all, you look amazing, but I understand your frustration. I don't think their is a woman alive that doesn't, especially moms! Pregnancy is amazing, but it wreaks havoc on our bodies. Second, I am very proud of you for writing this and sharing your numbers. That's ballsy (but one of the things I love the most about you!). I'm happy you have found an activity that you enjoy and know that you will obtain your goals. Enjoy the process. xoxo Tonya recently posted..HeavenMy Profile
  7. This post might have just given me the inspiration and motivation to do it. Thanks for sharing these with us. Liz recently posted..Hcg diet reviewsMy Profile
  8. You are right about having your husband take Day 0 pictures of you in your bathing suit. I was so disgusted when I saw those pictures for the first time, AND when he took mine, I had just come in from the pool. I was embarrassed, pretty sure that people were wishing I would put some clothes on! I use my food cheats on the weekend. I eat really good all week long, but once Friday comes...I eat what I want. I've always done that, even since I began P90X 2 years ago. I think that it affected me a little at first, but I don't really think it affects me anymore. Sometimes I feel like it does...and I do bloat some, but other than that...it's good to cheat. If not, you'll go crazy!! Would love to know how this Brazilian Butt Lift goes! I've thought about doing it too! Samantha recently posted..Maybe I'll Finish This One...My Profile
  9. I wish you lots of success, luck and happiness on achieving your goal. As for your supermodel; let's see her when she hits 30 and has 3 or 4 kids. (LoL) Cindi recently posted..Madness turns MagicalMy Profile
  10. I admit to seeing the informercial for the Brazilian Butt LIft & being intrigued. But then again, I love all infomericals. And I get that YOU want to be comfortable with you, but I think you look amazing. Natalie recently posted..House CleaningMy Profile
    • Good for you! I have been getting up at the ridiculous hour of 4:30 for the last month to write, work out and then do yoga before everyone wakes up and needs me, and then I go to work. I realized that if it's important to me, I will CARVE out the time to do it, and you know what? 4:30 is becoming just the time I get up and I love those quiet 2 hours to do my thing! Keep it up - you will so appreciate the toning! Liesl Garner recently posted..Slogging Rain that ends in ChartreuseMy Profile
    • Thank you :) I will keep ya posted on how I like the workouts
  11. Great job!! I'll be honest.... I'm slightly jealous of your measurements & current weight! That's pretty much were I'd like to be. Jackie recently posted..Silk Fruit and Protein SmoothiesMy Profile
  12. But you are so cute!! Desiree Eaglin recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – “I’m just not in to it”My Profile
  13. I'm so proud of you for getting off your ass. I wrote more today about my workout journey. I love that this seems like something that is catching on and people are getting healthy. I need something to do next. Maybe I'll look into this. I took some before pictures of myself too and I didn't think I looked that bad before I took them.... Gross! I'm here for you, cheering you on!
  14. I was just reading back through these comments. Sounds like it might be a great link up opportunity. Holding ourselves accountable and seeing each others progress just might be the thing we all need to keep us going or even get some of us started. Just an idea! Tayarra recently posted..Insanity - My Workout NumbersMy Profile
  15. I love that this seems like something that is catching on and people are getting healthy. Thanks that you shared. bambu recently posted..Good Low Carb DietsMy Profile
  16. Good for you! It is awesome you are having fun with the workout you chose. It will help you stay on track better :) Stephanie recently posted..Learning Not To JudgeMy Profile
  17. I feel like we are kindred spirits! The closer I get to 40, the more weight seems to stick, that never happened before! You are rocking the not cheating! I love wine at night. I wonder if I can find a wine diet?
  18. Good luck. Sounds like you're on the right track. I'd love my rear to be up even a centimeter. Look forward to hearing how this works for you. Jamie recently posted..The rest of the story. My grandaddy and his WWII Baby Boom.My Profile
  19. I love you! Good luck my friend. And please, keep us posted. (And if you move on to something else, I {ADONIS} will totally buy the brazilian butt blaster off your hands!)
  20. Starting a new routine is half of the battle. Keep up your hard work, it will pay off! Pregnancy is so hard on your body and it's difficult to find the energy to get the weight off and get back in shape. I look forward to reading about your success! Erin recently posted..It's a GOOD dayMy Profile
    • Thanks Erin! I can't believe how much more energy I have now that I'm taking care of myself...if I would've known I'd feel this good, I would have done it long ago!
  21. Yay for loving the plan! I want you to know I am so excited for you to get in a place where you feel good with your body, but I also want you to know that you're pretty darn gorgeous right now, too! xoxo angela recently posted..Freshening UpMy Profile
  22. Whoa--looks like you have a lot of people here to cheer you on! You're very brave to tackle this publicly. I need to get my flabby body back in shape after having kids, too, and a Brazilian butt sounds (and looks) like a great idea. I wonder if they can do the same for the *ahem* front parts? Wombat Central recently posted..Doggy BrainsMy Profile
  23. During different periods of time since the girls were born, I've had actual work-out time...either when they were napping, or when they were sleeping until 7:30 and I could get up, work out, and still have time to shower. These days, my schedule doesn't allow that. I miss my kick-a$$ aerobics workouts...getting completely sweaty and red-in-the-face...and then taking a long hot shower -- washing AND drying my hair. ;) But...although I can't fit that in, I have found that I do well enough just getting outside with the girls. At three, they're quite the walkers...they'll walk as much as two miles through the neighborhood. That, followed by some chase in the yard...and -- while it's not step aerobics -- it serves as some exercise. Also, our girls eat fruit three meals a day. I've started eating that with them most times, and I think it really helps balance my diet. My favorite for lunch is grapes...they're sweet and crunchy and filling...definitely help round out my 1/2 sandwich. Finally, I drink a lot of water...my goal is 80 ounces a day. I feel a huge difference in myself when I get all my water in. And...I figure between the fruit and the water, that's gotta help flush some of my "cheats" -- and there are plenty! -- out of my system. ;) I hope you don't mind me sharing some of the little things that work for me. So proud of you for taking this step in taking care of YOU! MandyE recently posted..Mama Loves: Kiddie Music!My Profile
    • Thanks for sharing! I have been drinking 8-16 glasses of water a day (not kidding)...partly because I know it's good for me and I need it and partly because it helps keep me full and my mind off of food. This has been such a positive experience so far that I'm now kicking myself in the butt for not doing it before!
  24. My sister told me about you starting your public weight loss journey yesterday. I started mine in January, and while the number of people following my journey is a mere fraction of the number of the people following yours, it was very scary. I thought I was going to have a panic attack when I posted my before picture, and nearly died when I went on facebook a few minutes later to see a picture of me in a sports bra and spandex shorts on my wall. I am 10 pounds lighter than when I started, and about 23 pounds from where I would like to be. It has not been easy, and I am currently at a plateau, but I know that I will eventually make it. Doing all of this publicly has made it nearly impossible to quit, and has helped motivate friends to start the journey too. Today I posted an updated photo, and while I am not "Miss Hotty Beachbody" yet, I had no problem hitting publish. You and your readers can see me in all of my glory at ajenofalltrades.wordpress.com Best of luck with your journey :)
    • Yay!! So I need to keep going before you are proof that it work! The reason I did it publicly was the same as yours - I needed that accountability. This week I have gone up a pound, and I had a fit. My husband keeps reminding me that muscle weighs more than fat and to pay attention to the inches, not the pounds. I "get it", but it's still frustrating to not big out and still gain weight!
  25. Ah, yes, the getting up and doing it. I always have every reason to put it off - it's near the end of the month, I should start fresh on the first, etc. - and even though I know that when I do work out I feel TONS better, it's still hard to get going. You're inspiring me.


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