A Blast From the Past: The Post That Gets the Most Traffic From Google Searches

My friend over at By Word of Mouth Blogging hosts a great weekly meme called Time Travel Tuesday where you dig up an old post for your readers to revisit. I wanted to share with you the post that gives me the most traffic from Google searches.

Nope, it’s not my posts about my struggles with depression, PPD, or infertility. It’s not any of my recipes, though quite a few of those bring in a lot of Google traffic too. It’s not my fiction posts. Or my blog tips…although my posts on Klout do okay.

No, the post that brings me the most Google traffic, is my White Trash Backyard Bash post. Apparently, people search for white trash a lot. White trash party ideas, white trash costumes, white trash food, white trash people, pictures of white trash, and on and on.

So enjoy my blast from the past!


  1. I love the thought of how many people must Google "white trash." Does it get funnier than that?
  2. One of my biggest google searches is chucky cheeses and poop. I'm really wondering why anyone searches for that! I love the bikini t-shirt!
  3. Oh, happy giggles. Such happy giggles.
  4. Stopping from Time Travel Tuesday a day late! What fun! My in-laws through me a red neck party right after I got married and moved to South Carolina.
  5. Hysterical! Who knew so many people look up white trash!
  6. Having just one makes it so much easier to chat.
  7. LOL Thats hilarious! And it kinda makes me want to have a White Trash Bash!
  8. I am not one bit surprised. My blog is often found by people searching tater+tot+ casserole. How sad.