8 Months – Gone So Fast

I really cannot believe that the girls are 9 months old today. It’s crazy. Time is just flying by. Even after the horrible week I had last week, when time seemed to stand still, I feel like my babies are turning into little independent ‘people’. And it makes me sad that I’ll never be pregnant again, I’ll never nurse again, I’ll never smell newborn baby smell again (of my own babies). So many things I’ll miss. And then again, I’ll never get morning sickness again, I’ll never have aching boobs again, I’ll never have to suffer through labor and delivery again….

So my sweet girls are getting so big and developing their own personalities! Ms. L is quiet and standoffish, Ms. M is the life of the party. Just look at how much they’ve changed in such a short time! These are one month pictures and eight month pictures. Ms. L is first, then Ms. M is underneath:

Over the past month, Ms. L…

  • Gives hugs…kinda. It’s more like she burrows. When me or daddy holds her, she will burrow her little head into our shoulders. She also grabs onto our arms with both hands to get her head really good and, well, burrowed!
  • Within the last week, is crawling like a champ! But it’s funny because she does this thing with her right arm where she keeps it straight and kinda slaps it down. It’s so cute.
  • Does NOT like to be held, or talked to, by anybody besides me and daddy, and a few family members.
  • If I am out of her line of sight, she cries.
  • Is a happy girl, but she does spend a lot of time whining and complaining. If I held her 24/7, I doubt she’d do any whining or complaining. Unfortunately for her, that’s not gonna happen.
  • Says “da da” and “ba ba”.
  • Likes to raise her arms when we say “big girl” and then I tickle her. It’s a game that she loves.
  • Loves to eat, and spit, and generally make a huge mess.
  • Hasn’t cut any new teeth, despite my thoughts that she was teething.
  • Is starting to get hair. It is darker than Ms. M’s and you can barely see it.
  • Still has her beautiful blue eyes!

Over the past month, Ms. M….

  • Started giving kisses; you know the ones, and you love them, too! They are the kind where she comes at you, mouth open wide, and then spreads slobber all over you. But the best part about it is that you didn’t even ask for it. We say she’s “giving love”.
  • Ms. M’s new nickname is Meoynce (as in Beyonce, but with an M). Because she’s got really big thighs but they are so darn cute that you wish you had the same ones. Kinda like Beyonce’s thighs. Hence, Meyonce!
  • Is crawling like a pro. She gets around, and quickly.
  • Likes to clap her hands and wave.
  • Is very happy all of the time. And doesn’t mind to be held or talked to by people she doesn’t know. The only time she gets grouchy is when she is tired.
  • Loves to do her some eatin’! And eats everything we give her.
  • Is a future bikini model. She lays on her side, lays her arm down her hip/leg, and then crosses one leg in front of the other. She looks like she’s modeling bikinis. Hence, the bikini model future.
  • Still isn’t saying much in the way of words. She babbles. But no “da da” or anything yet.
  • No teeth still! But is (finally) getting some hair! It’s very blond so it’s hard to see…but it’s there!
  • Still has her beautiful blue eyes!

The girls both LOVE to take a bath with their brother. He splashes and they love it. They also love the shower. I mentioned this before and it’s worth mentioning again….taking 3 kids in the shower with you to save time DOESN’T save time.

They also both LOVE Tater. They watch him. They crawl towards him. They smile and laugh at him. And he pretty much just ignores them for the most part.

And so it goes…


  1. These sweet babyisms make me ache for mine back, but I'm trying really hard to embrace this new stage of life. They do grow terribly quickly. Treasure it.

  2. Living in Taradise says:
    Happy Birthday to them! Love the pictures!!!
  3. Gorgeous girlies! It's scary how quickly the time goes. Piglet has just turned 5 months, yet I swear I only had her last week! Seeing them grow and develop is amazing, it's hard to believe that one day they'll turn into little independent people...
  4. Maureen says:
    Aww preciousness! Sometimes I miss when mine was that small.

    Btw, love the new looks! So crisp & refreshing. Mind if I link up? Thank you.
  5. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    I love baby kisses. She is growing like a weed.
  6. Happy 8 months L and M...Such cuties! Open mouth, drooly kisses are the best!
  7. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Those baby kisses are the best!

    I love Ms. M's nickname. We refer to Gunnar as "Plumpie" because of his thighs, as in Love Actually.
  8. LMAO!!! Meyonce, the bikini model! LOVE IT! You must take pics of that pose to show around on prom night or at her rehearsal dinner one day.

    You're right, they grow up so fast. Some days I feel kinda like you're talking about--sad that there will be no more baby smell, no more baby cuddles, no meyonce thighs to tickle. But, then I think about no more nursing, no more every-three-hour-feedings, no more diapers ... and I'm happy. Still a bit nostalgic, but happy. :)
  9. Hello! I'm Kate. says:
    They are super cute! And they do grow up fast! My baby is about to turn one, I can't believe it! I'm a new follower-I can't remember where, but another blog I read said to come over here a few days ago...I'm just now making it! I bookmarked your place & then found you on SITS again today!
  10. NanaDiana says:
    Isn't it amazing how quickly the time passes, even though there are days that you wish would just be over and done with? The lifeline of Motherhood passes so quickly...I always had this sense of time passing...and this would be the last this or that...last first step...last first tooth....All I can tell you is to just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it and don't sweat the little things.
  11. It's amazing how fast they grown and turn into their own little people. My "baby" will be 2 this month.
  12. Oh, God they give kisses. Why do these posts always make me want to get pregnant again? Between you and Liz today I'm dying over here.
  13. Vising from SITS.

    It definitely goes fast. Keep enjoying every minute!!

  14. Crystal says:
    OH CRAP I am laughing so hard my sides hurt from your blog title -LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Your babes are so precious. Mine just turned 10 months - it goes by so fast. My monsters are now 4 and 5 - where did that time go?
  15. Courtney says:
    How sweet are they?! Feels like you blink and you've fast forwarded several months at a time. Goes too fast!
  16. What gorgeous children you have!!

    Loving This Mom Stuff
  17. Krysten @ After 'I Do' says:
    Oh my gosh, so sweet! What awesome updates!
  18. Melissa says:
    I love burrows and open mouthed, slobbery kisses!

    This was such a sweet post! Your girls are so lucky to have such a thoughtful mommy. My son is almost a year and I have no idea where all the time went. It's such of mix of sadness and elation.
  19. The Mommy says:
    Hi there!
    I'm your new follower!!
    The moment I found out you have twins I just had to be:)Then I found out you have a toddler too
    WOW, I'm sure there isn't a dull moment at your place.
    I have 18 month twin boys. Do visit my blog.
  20. Hen Jen says:
    aww, soo cute! Baby kisses- the open mouthed, trying to copy you kind are my favorite! and baby scent. I miss those. Yes, I'm sad that I will not have anymore. I cried when dh gave away our crib and stroller.

    enjoy your sweet babies.
  21. how close to term did you carry them? i always feel like 9 months is big because they have been out of you as long as they were in. but in your case, that may not be true! :)
  22. bigfatmama says:
    Wow! That's wonderful that you took the time to write down all that down about them. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've enjoyed reading yours too! I love your Lil' Bits of Wisdom - Bill Cosby was the best! :)
  23. Drama queens mum (Kimberly) says:
    Visting from SITS. They are so adorable. It does go fast.
  24. One Love Mama says:
    Happy 9 months to the cutest twins around! Don't blink, before you know it you'll be planning their 1st birthday (that's what I'm doing now, such a trip)!
  25. I love reading the updates on Tater and your girls and wish I would have been smart enough to start this style of blog when my kids were little. It will be nice to have this kind of documnetation, orginization and insight as to who YOU were when they were little.

    I've got some serious to catching to do on your blog, but I see you have redesigned again :)
  26. Wow...time flies..it makes me sad!
  27. Tennessee Mom says:
    Stopping by from Blog Flow and following you now to keep up with your posts. Looking forward to the next one!
  28. Love your pics, your little ones are adorable!!

    Following from D-List! :)
  29. Rebecca Watson says:
    you have an amazing cute blog! Proud follower now! Come follow me back! www.justcherishtoday.com - found you from sits!
  30. Jessica says:
    What absolute dolls! Following from blog flow.
  31. Your little munchkins are too cute!!! I love when my little one gives me kisses and I end up with a mouth and face full of her drool.....only a mothers love can handle that!!
    New follower....
    Happy 9 months!!
  32. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    Hey, I gave you a bloggy award - I think you've already gotten it, so you don't have to do it again, but I just wanted to drive more peeps to your blog - cause I like it so much!

  33. Lula Lola says:
    They are so adorable! I love those big open mouthed kisses! So freaking sweet!
    Sometimes I hate the idea of not feeling a baby move in my stomach, or getting to nurse one again. And then I remember that I sleep through the night now and that I only puke when I have a virus, and I get over it!
    Enjoy them! They grow up too fast!
  34. toriebartee says:
    D-List party crasher! Your twins are adorable! I'll be back for more!
  35. love seeing how kids grow and change...reading about how the girls love their brother reminded me of how much my daughter loved my son when she was a baby. no one could make her laugh like he could :)
  36. Christine says:
    Happy 9 Months (a little late)!!! They are so sweet.
  37. darling photos and great list of milestones and accomplishments. 9 months, I remember it as though it were yesterday. Why do they grow up so fast?