The 500 Calorie Diet: 10 Things I Learned In The First 20 Days

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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. I’m not sharing any medical advice here, only what I’ve learned and experienced myself on the 500 calorie diet. Is it right for you? I have no idea. You can talk to your doctor to learn more. Also, this is long. If you aren’t interested in dieting and/or losing weight with this diet, just skip this post.

You read that right. 500 calorie diet. That’s it. Crazy? Yes. Dangerous? No. Why? Because I talked to a medical professional about what it is, how it works, and if I was a candidate for the diet.

I know this diet is not for everybody. If you don’t agree with this diet I’m okay with that, but I prefer not to be judged for my decision to try it. Please keep comments positive. Feel free to ask questions. And please, if you have any tips or recipes to share, I’m all ears!

Have you heard of or are you considering the 500 calorie diet? Here's a breakdown of what it is, how it works, and what I learned during the first 20 days.

What Is the 500 Calorie Diet?

The 500 calorie diet is sometimes referred to the HCG diet. The 500 calorie diet is normally done with the HCG diet, though it can be done separately.

With the 500 calorie diet, you restrict your caloric intake to 500 calories to encourage rapid weight loss. No sugar, no fats (not even good ones), no starches, no alcohol, no treats. It can be safe to do as long as you don’t do it for more than 40 days at a time (with a 6 week break in between if you decide to do it again), and as long as your in good health…which is why it’s so important to talk to a medical professional before starting this diet.

The HCG diet plan uses the HCG hormone to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat while maintaining muscle. So you’ll supposedly get a muscle-toned body that sheds weight at a reported average of 1 pound per day for men, and about 1/2 pound a day for women. You take the HCG daily via a pill or injectible.

Some people just do just the 500 calorie diet, others use the HCG with it as well. Here I’m discussing ONLY the 500 calorie diet.

What Does the 500 Calorie Diet Consist Of?

As you can imagine, it’s not super fun. For breakfast you can have tea (I drink green tea which is known to help encourage weight loss) or coffee. No sugar, no cream. You can have a tablespoon total of low-fat milk daily.

Lunch and dinner include 100 g (3.5 ounces) of lean meat with 4-6 ounces of vegetables, one serving of fruit and one breadstick. I don’t even eat the breadstick anymore.

Meats are limited to lean beef, chicken breast, veal, white fish, shrimp, crab or lobster, while vegetables are limited to spinach, cabbage, chard, tomatoes, onions, fennel, radishes, cucumbers, celery, bell peppers, mushrooms, green beans, asparagus and green salads. For your fruit, you can choose from an apple, orange, half of a grapefruit or a handful of strawberries.

Tips: You aren’t supposed to have the same meat, veggies, or fruit twice a day. So if you have chicken and asparagus for lunch, don’t have it again for dinner. It’s acceptable to have your fruit separately from your meat and veggies. I usually have mine mid-morning and as a dessert after dinner. You also shouldn’t mix fruits, however you can mix veggies. So you can mix mushrooms, onions, and asparagus together, but not strawberries and apples. I will say that I have mixed berries together with no problem. If you mix and experience a weight stall or gain, don’t do it again. A lot of this is trial and error based on how your body reacts.

The most important thing about the 500 calorie diet: Drink a TON of water. At least a gallon a day, especially during the summer. You can wake up your water with this simple recipes.

I have just completed my first 20 days, with great success. I lost almost 14 pounds and 9 inches in my chest, waist, hips, and thighs. Today is Day 22…only 18 more days to go!

10 Things I’ve Learned During My First 20 Days On the 500 Calorie Diet

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If you are considering the 500 calorie diet, and have already discussed it with a medical professional, here’s some things that you should know.

1. The first week sucks. BIG TIME. You’ll be detoxing from sugar and junk food, and you will be miserable to be around. You’ll be starving. You’ll reconsider what you are doing. I was told Days 3-6 are the worst, and they were. But stick with it because you’ll feel better soon, promise.

2. You might stink. Gross, I know. Nobody told me this one! You may notice bad body odor and bad breath. It’s all of that detoxing you’re doing! I asked Jason if he could smell it, and he couldn’t. Maybe your sense of smell is heightened as well, I don’t know. But the body odor does go away.

The bad breath sticks around. Chew gum, make sure it’s sugar-free gum. I have been chewing this Sugar Free Chewing Gum Sweetened with Xylitol Peppermint and really like it.

Flavored water helps with hunger bangs and is perfect for the 500 calorie diet.3. You’ll be bored. It’s hard to eat only a very limited menu and not be able to eat what everybody else is eating. You may even want to become a hermit and avoid social settings where people are eating and drinking and being merry. I’ve tried to hang out (4th of July sucked – I couldn’t eat anything at our get together), and it’s really hard. You can’t cheat at all. If you cheat with sugar, fat, or starches, you’re taking 2 steps back.

4. I prefer hot veggies over salads. The first almost 2 weeks I tried to eat a salad with meat and either balsamic vinegar or lemon squeezed on it. I got burnt out on salads quickly. So now for lunch I fry a piece of chicken or turkey burger with some veggies. It takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it.

5. Seasonings are your friend. You need to church things up. Just make sure whatever spices and seasonings you use are sugar-free. Try veggies and meat with Bragg’s liquid aminos (it taste kind of like soy sauce), use Frank’s hot sauce and Tabasco, and use garlic and onions for flavor.

Stevia and flavored liquid stevia (my favorite flavors are the Vanilla Cream and Coconut) in place of sugar. They aren’t cheap, but you only use a few drops at a time so they last forever.

Have you heard of or are you considering the 500 calorie diet? Here's a breakdown of what it is, how it works, and what I learned during the first 20 days.6. Sugar-free doesn’t necessarily mean sugar-free just because the label says so. Brands hide sugar under different names like maltose, maltodextrin, and sucrose to name a few. Here’s a list of the 56 different names for sugar. Make sure you are checking label ingredients!

7. You’ll get sick of eating plain meat with just seasonings on it, so get creative. Branch out and try new things. Jason and I LOVED these lean curry burgers that we served over spinach with a side of lemon cucumbers. The recipe calls for garam masala, and I have a recipe for it here.

This clean eating un-stuffed bell peppers recipe (minus the corn and cheese) is a favorite, too. Use chicken broth in place of the coconut oil. And this berry salad (minus the chocolate chips!) is amazing as well. There are also a ton of recipe boards for this diet on Pinterest. I’ll be sharing some recipes, too.

8. You shouldn’t exercise on this diet! I’m totally not making this up. You won’t have energy for a big workout, and if you do, you’re body will go into starvation mode trying to store all of the fat and calories it has.

A short walk or light yoga is fine, but anything else is no bueno. I’ve recently fallen in love with yoga and the peace and calmness it brings with it. It’s been very helpful to me these last 20 days.

9. You might stop losing, or even gain, weight. Water retention due to the heat, your monthly period, or cheating will all lead to a weight loss stall.

If you have a weight loss stall for more than a few days, there’s a couple things you can do:

Do an “apple day” where you only eat 6 apples from lunch one day to lunch the next. I did, and wasn’t hungry, but was sick of apples.

My sister preferred a steak day. You don’t eat anything until dinner and have one very big lean steak. That’s it.

We both experienced weight loss the following morning after trying both things.

10. You won’t be hungry. Okay, you might occasionally get hungry, but for the most part you’ll be satisfied. I was much more hungry during the days before I started this diet when all I did was eat crap all the time.

When you do experience hunger pangs, drink more water. Chew some gum. Eat a zero calorie food (like celery). Do something to take your mind off of it.

Zero calorie foods are a great way to snack or to stop hunger! These are some of the ones you can eat on the 500 calorie diet.

And I think this goes without saying: you will need support. Find a friend who’s also dieting or join a group on Facebook. I was lucky enough to have my sister doing it with me for the first 20 days. Since I’m doing another 20 days and she’s not, I still have her because she’s done it twice and knows how difficult it is. Jason has been a huge support, too. He’s been eating with me, though he’s not necessarily following the diet. And my family and friends have been my cheerleaders…it has been worth it!

Yes, I know there are risks to such a low calorie diet. But I also know it works. My sister did this diet back in January and lost close to 20 pounds in 20 days. She also did it with me again over the last 20 days and lost another 11 pounds.

I can tell you I’m sleeping better, my allergies aren’t as bad, I feel better overall, my blood pressure is normal (I had high blood pressure), I’m not as moody, and I’m not craving crap. The best thing? My depression, which is normally at its worst during this time of year, is nowhere to be found. I couldn’t be happier!

If you have a success story, tips, recipes, or even a Pinterest board to share related to the 500 calorie diet, please share!

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  1. Wow. I'm impressed that you are doing this. Good for you! Keep going. Kate @ Mom's Radius recently posted..Cleansing my TBR listMy Profile
  2. Honestly though. You said no hateful comments but as someone that almost lost a friend due to a severe eating disorder, this infuriates me. You need to think about those girls that have ED that will be reading this, and it will fuel that problem. If you want to do this diet, more power to you, but as an influencer you need to think about those that will find articles like this to help them fuel that ED.
    • Hi Bree! I understand completely what you're saying, and I don't find your comment at all hateful or judgemental. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. And I'm sorry to hear about your friend's situation. I also have friends who have and currently are battling eating disorders. Any diet can lead to an eating disorder; this one is no exception. But I'm not pushing it and saying it's for everybody, nor am I saying or sugggesting people should try it. I'm simply putting the information out there for others who may find it useful or may be considering this type of diet if their medical professional says its right for them. As an influencer I am extremely careful about what I put out there for the public to read. I did mention, at least 3 times, that anybody considering this diet should consult with a medical professional. I hope this helps you understand why I shared this information. This is not the first time or last time that I've shared information on dieting and certain options available. It was not meant to offend or be taken in a negative or hurtful light. Natalie recently posted..The 500 Calorie Diet: 10 Things I Learned In The First 20 DaysMy Profile
      • Eating Disorders have very little to do w/ food & more to do w/ underlining anxiety/depression disorders.
      • Hi Natalie. Every single person is responsible for what they shove in their mouth or for what they choose to follow. Don't worry about the idiots who don't have common sense. NATURAL SELECTION!
      • Natalie, I wouldn't mind Bree, IMO...Some people will find offense in virtually ANYTHING. If only people would invest that same energy towards finding LOVE and POSITIVITY, life on this mortal plane wouldn't be so rough. Anyone who has had experience with HCG knows the 500 calories is ONLY consumed in conjunction with the hormone! And that those 500 calories are ONLY used to bypass the body's failsafe mechanism to shut down the metabolism in "survival mode". Some actually have success with 600, even up to 800 calories a day and STILL lose (though I would guess those who do are mainly dudes, damn genetics ha ha). Some days I even have a hard time reaching 500 calories, that is only thanks to the hormone! You (technically Dr. Simeon's) is NOT promoting starvation or an eating disorder! Guess which else is an eating disorder? Compulsive eating! Funny that doesn't come to mind ha ha. And even if you were promoting it, it's NOT as if the person reading it is a thoughtless automaton sheep who needs to be told what to eat and how to live; Free will, "intelligence" and individual responsibility may be as uncommon as common sense, but they still exist, BREE! I do applaud your very diplomatic response though, Natalie ?
    • It's not this blogger's responsibility to "think of the ED" when making blog posts. People are free to read her posts or leave and read something else. The other point to make, which she has made, is that a 500 calorie diet is not unsafe. People who have undergone bariatric surgery are eating 500 or even less FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Are you over at the bariatric surgery blogs lecturing people about "think of the ED?" No, didn't think so. If it offends you, leave. Lecturing is for authoritarians. You're welcome to make anti-ED blog posts on your own blog though. I appreciate this blog post, HCG is a great diet to follow, we have an obesity epidemic in the U.S., more docs need to be telling their patients there's a way to eat less food without wanting to eat the wallpaper off your walls or chew your arm off. The U.S. is in dire need of a national conversation on our horrible dietary habits, and HCG is one of the solutions, iMO.
    • TyredOf SelfishIgnoranceandpontification says:
      Really Bree? I will not be as kind as Natalie. You're projecting and looking for a place to dump. No offense, but this post has nothing to do with you or your friend. It's about body cleansing. Eating disorders are due to psychological problems and have nothing to do with low calorie diets, detoxing, fasting, or cleansing. Enlighten yourself; evolve. And most importantly, GET OVER IT - TRANSCEND. Your message regarding your friend is important, but share it in the proper place and context. It is sad that we Americans are losing our ability for critical thinking and the tolerance to "live and let live".
      • Tyred: Unfortunately it is because of people like BREE that we live in a world where we have to annotate, parenthesize and asterisk EVERYTHING!! Disclaimer this and sub clause that. Welcome to the liberal Clintonian age, where even the word "IS" is a word of questionable context (GRRRRR!!!) ?
  3. Hey lady! Just wanted to say go you! I know this was hard for you. Glad you are feeling better (especially on the depression side). Hugs to you! Sili recently posted..In Search of Home…My Profile
  4. so i wanted to say way to go girl. i can tell you with my excrescence it does work. its so hard at first but staying positive it works . 20 pounds in 20 days it is true and after words you crave no junk food, your mind is set clear on how a good healthy meal should be. thanks again for sharing your story .
  5. Thanks for this. I'm about to embark on this and I can't tell anyone due to extreme judgment. I commend you for both completing this and writing about it! You're an inspiration :)
    • Good luck Emma! My sister and I are starting on Monday, and so we'll all be doing it together. Keep me posted on your progress. Go you!! Natalie recently posted..Preventing The Flu: Tips For Prevention & CareMy Profile
      • i have done this 500 calorie diet and its super amazing. if you take multi vitimins your levels in blook work dont go crazy. i feel mor energized and i went the whole 20 days and i used to eat nasty foods now it helped me be more clear on what diet i want to use and im all vegan and it's amazing i do recomend this . also im a professional model come check out my modeling page .
        • I am doing this diet with great results as well. I understand that to maintain you must eat less, eat healthy and be active - pure and simple. But any advice for maintaining - thisngs that have helped you etc.
  6. Thanks for sharing! I agree that the vitamins are a must. Starting again on Monday and I'm actually looking foward to it :) Natalie recently posted..Foodie Friday: What’s A Pickleback Shot?My Profile
    • Congracts hun im sure you will do great
    • Hi Natalie, when going on this diet is it okay to increases the calories to 700 or 800, but still with low fat, low carbs, but avergae protein intake. Also, when my body starts detoxing from this diet, will acne appear too? I have been up and down on my diet but then im more motivated. Im trying to reduce cravings but so far its going smoothly. Although i do have craving outbursts here and there, and i get a lot of acne from my bad diet habits. But by doing this, after the detoxing, will acne clear up?
    • Hey, what would you recommend for a multi vit. supplement? Just because the label looks good.... you know? I don't want to put down good money just to piss it away (quite literally) if you know what I mean ha ha ha!)!
  7. what about broccoli (raw)
  8. Hello, loved the article. Ive been considering this diet for a while now now and Ive decided i'm going to do it. I have 1 question though. I do martial arts, two classes a week. Along with practicing and learning moves, we do a lot of boxing on punching bags, jumping jacks, and 20-40 pushups and situps each class. Do I need to stop going to class during this diet?
  9. Hi i'm starting this diet tomorrow!! I use to be 210 and i'm at 155 right now and I want to lose my last 20 lbs but it's been hard. That's why I decided to go on the 500 calorie diet! Thank you for sharing your information, it helped me come up with an eating plan for the next 20 days!!!
  10. Hi Natalie, Your post is impressive and it has motivated me to go for this diet plan. Thanks for sharing it with us. :) I will definitely try this out and will let you know how it has worked for me.
  11. What drops are you using? I want to do this again but want to make sure I use drops that work! Thanks!
    • Hi Brigette! I'm not sure which drops you are referring to - the Bragg's liquid aminos or the liquid Stevia. If you click on it in the post, it will take you to amazon and show you the ones I use. Good luck! Natalie recently posted..Pedialyte Uses For When They Aren’t SickMy Profile
      • Im interested in trying this diet, it sounds like something i could do ! Can u explain to ke please what happens AFTER the 40 days ? My fear is that i would gain it all back in the post 40 days ?
        • shannon finch says:
          After the 20 days or 40 days you slowly start adding in cheese and nuts and grains...and a small amount of dairy. And I continue into the lifestyle phase where you keep up the "diet". Once 6 weeks has passed your can do the 500 calories a day diet again. And repeat.
  12. HI Natalie, Can I ask what you eat when you are off of the 500 calorie diet, let's say day 20? Also, did you take the HCG with the diet? You are an inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi best article ever. I loved it. I started 2 days ago. N it encouraged me a lot. Loads of love to u for sharing this. I need a frnd to help me. I weigh a lot. N want to loose a lot. Hopefully i can do it.
  14. I started this diet on Mondya, 5 days tomorrow. I can't say that I am feeling so hungry. Actually, I am so busy at times that I don't even feel like eating. I am not finding this too hard actually, am I crazy? I am thinking that it's just that I want to lose it so badly? I have given up my cocktails completely and I thought that would be hard. I do see myself doing this for 20 days. I eat raw veggies periodically throughout the day and apples and clementines. I also have very small portions of lean meat and fish. I am running everyday though. I can not stop. I am drinking tons of water and green tea. I really feel I am doing my body good. I am only ingesting absolutely great foods. I really can't imagine my body not loving this. Do you really think that my running will hinder my weight loss? This has been so inspirational as some of my friends are telling me it is so unhealthy, blah, blah, blah. I love the mind over matter about this entire process. I feel like if I can do this, I can do..... anything I set my mind to. I've been so down about my body and diet for a while and said it's now or never. I made a promise to myself and I am a girl of my word.
  15. Thanks for sharing this blog about your 500 calorie a day diet. My mother did this back in the 80's and lost a tremendous amount of weight. It was through the "Medical Weight Loss Clinic" but did this far longer than 20 days. The only problem was that when she started to eat more than 500 calories a day, she started gaining. Have you found this to be true? If not, how many calories are you eating currently and have you kept whatever weight you have lost off? If anything, I am looking forward to 20 days of mind over matter and a possible "jump start" to life changing habits! :-)
    • I am beginning this diet through a Medical weight loss company and I was discussing the program with them. After 28 days on the HCG 500cal diet, I will step up to 1000 per day and then gradually move up to 1200 a day.... with that , I can incorporate exercise so that will make up for the increased calorie intake. Hope this helps.
  16. My daughter and I have commenced this diet, one of us on HCG and the other not, The first week we both lost 10lbs. We have thyroid disease which makes it very difficult to lose weight in fact my Endo told me it would be impossible for me to ever lose the weight again. ( I was very small my whole life), We both have tried many things and failed. I will say that before we started this diet, we did a lot of physical and mental preparation. We bought a skirt that we wanted to fit into, we sent for Caribbean cruise brochures and hung them on our walls ( as we plan on going on a cruise when we have reached our goal) We made a list of weekly treats (manicures, pedicures etc) monthly goals and more. Made a list of the things we would do when we achieved our goal. We planned multiple distractions for ourselves, and that has proven to be a huge help. Having made all the plans and adjustments pre diet, it made it so much easy. We also listen to guided meditation at night on you tube. There are many fabulous hypnosis and weight loss guided meditations there to choose from. We have found Michael Sealey to be the best, the visualization is amazing!!! We have really enjoyed the ideas on putting fruit in the water, it is a wonderful tip and makes it easy to drink that gallon. We both just wanted to thank you for your Blog and hope others will also be inspired and not give up.
  17. Great post. I did the HCG diet and lost 31 pounds in the first month. But I did a vegan version because meat is known to cause cancer and heart disease. The diet works as described. I was not hungry and it wasn't that hard to do. Maybe there's more variation with vegan food. I made different fat free dressings to stay interested in salads but I also preferred cooked veggies. I also deviated from the veggie list, though. At 500 calories a day, you can eat almost anything and lose weight. I ate more cruciferous veggies because of their nutrient profile, I just wanted to maximize nutrients with so few calories. I went off HCG after 24 days, stayed off for three weeks doing a plant based vegan diet, and it was difficult to eat 1,200 a day because of the high fiber content so I was probably eating 800 to 1,000 a day. I lost another 7 pounds in three weeks. Then I did HCG again for two weeks and lost another 6 pounds on 500 calories vegan again. It's a great program!
    • Trecie says:
      Hello Carina, Can you please contact me on how you did this? Thanks, Trecie
  18. Thanks for the great blog! I am starting tomorrow and looking forward to it.
  19. Dorothy says:
    Thanks for sharing. I love learning about how other's lose weight. Losing weight is hard, it's nice to learn from others.
  20. I'm interested in this, and this blog is motivating! I'm curious what happens after you're done and then eat a "normal", healthy, clean 1200 calorie day? Do you gain weight back?
    • So glad to find your post. So many, many, many people are horrified about eating 500 calories a day, but I find it a great way to lose a few, or a lot, of weight. Others are horrified about limiting your eating, but say nothing at all if you eat three bags of Moose Munch like I did the day after Thanksgiving! I feel great on limited calories, and it gets my mind off of food and eating. I only eat a banana (meds dictate that I eat then, otherwise I wouldn't) and coffee with creamer for breakfast and then nothing to eat until dinner. For dinner, a salad with low cal dressing or half a bag of frozen vegetables with low fat butter and about four ounces of lean meat. Drink lots of water, some coffee, regular or decaf. I keep saying to myself, if I am hungry, I am losing weight. I don't get hungry, actually, until after dinner. I think eating triggers the hunger response because I don't feel hungry throughtout the day. Before bed, I might have a small banana or peeled apple with a whiff of peanut butter. I do get cold, so I have hot tea or coffee, and I do have less energy, but I keep going thinking about how much I will like the results. Good luck everybody. People have fasted for centuries and modern medicine says fasting is good for you. As long as you are healthy, I don't see the downside. I am over sixty and have been dieting like this for decades, as needed.
  21. As a person who has list 200 lbs and kept it off for 10 years now, I think what you are doung is perfectly fine. I have from time to time over the last 10 years gained 5 lbs or so, and use the similar caloric intake you are suggesting for a few days to get things back diwn to my magic 110 lb number. It works beautifully, and I have never suffered from it in the least.
  22. I also apologize for the typos. I was stung by a scorpion a few days ago and the numb finger ismessing things up a bit ???? LCH recently posted..The Freedom Challenge: Help End Modern Day SlaveryMy Profile
  23. Hi Natalie, Have you kept the lost weight off after resuming regular calorie count?
  24. Laura walsh says:
    I have been on this diet for 4 days and have lost 4 pounds. Seeing it work so quickly is so motivating and I am no longer hungry. Thanks????
  25. Hello, Could Someone please state what happens after the 500 calorie diet stops. Do you gain the weight back? What is your calorie intake after this diet?
    • I keep looking for this answer as well !!!
      • no you don't gain it back. I did this diet back in 2011 and lost 18 pounds in 21 days and kept I off till I got pregnant 3 years after. It truly works. I am currently on it again. Today is my first day.
  26. Laura walsh says:
    I have been on the diet now 7 days and have lost 7 pounds. I am eating chicken fish and sometimes extra lean ground meat. I am so excited at the results. I have been depressed about my weight for such a long time. I feel like I can finally get back to the self confident person I was up until age 40. I am 49 now and have tried many things. People need to see results to keep motivated. That was the key for me! God bless the person who posted this article. IYou have given me my life back. I am not stopping until I reach my goal. Thanks!!!!
  27. You can achieve your goals by simply cutting grains and sugar and upping the fat. I do not understand why people keep demonizing fat. Sugar and grains are the enemy. This is not anti vegetable. There are plenty of healthy low carb vegetables to be had in abundance. Train your body to burn fat over carbs and you can eat all damn day.
  28. Hi there I am trying the low calorie 30day I am only on day 4 but feeling good about it. I am only eating once a day and I'm eating carrots,cucumber,and tomatoe each day so far going to add free pepper and lettuce soon but no salt nothing .. Hope it works out
  29. Just writing this so I can get emails forgot to check Patty recently posted..Start Spring Cleaning and Get Organized With Snapware!My Profile
  30. Started this today after having bran flakes so opting for eggs white omelette and lots of vegetables. Did it before and went to a size 10. Tried everything and nothing is shifting my weight. Thank you for this article.
  31. Starting this as well for six weeks just because over the last couple of months I have developed bad eating habits which I need to curb. I appreciate the help tips on food choices and like everything else it's good to make informed choice so thank you.
  32. I have been on this diet for 35 days. I have lost 20 lbs. I look better and feel better. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it has helped with the pain immensely. I am staying on this until I hit my goal. I am healthier now than I've been in years.
  33. Florine Prokop says:
    Interesting analysis - I am thankful for the info - Does anyone know where my business can get ahold of a sample CT DRS REG-1 version to use ?
  34. This is my first day on the diet.. I feel so fat and depressed. Gained 30 pounds over the year, I am normally 120 and now at 150. Can you guys give me some meal examples ?? And if you do one big meal or little ones throughout the day? As long as I stay within the 500 calories with lean meat and veggies, it is best to just munch throughout the day so I don't get so hungry ? Im already starving and its not even lunchtime. . Ahh how do you guys keep at this ??
  35. I have a question, I'm about to try out this diet and I was wondering what happens once you finish the diet? Changing your diet dramatically from 500 calories to say 1700 could cause weight gain. How did you come off the diet and still keep the weight off? Also Congratulations on losing so much weight, your an inspiration
    • I would assume the safest thing to do is once you hit your ideal weight, slowly build up your calorie intake, gradually, to your maintenance calorie count. You definitely cannot go back to how you ate before, but everything in moderation. That's what I would do at least
  36. Michele Christian says:
    Hi I'm interested in the diet. I'm near desperate. I do have a couple questions, does it cause hair loss and if you do hcg with it do you lose faster?
  37. Sonali M. says:
    Hey! Thanks for this article, it's very helpful!! I started the 500 calorie diet just today and it really is not very fun but I'm hoping it'll get better soon :) I am technically an obese BMI which really sucks, I'm fairly young ( compared to the average 500 calorie deit follower) and get a lot of judgement. I'm also recovering from some surgeries so the exercise isn't an option but I'm glad I found this and will be improving my health with this diet!! Thanks :)
  38. Thank you for sharing. I do have a question: if a deficit of 3,500 calories = 1 lb weight loss, how can you lose 20 lbs in 20 days, or even 11 lbs in 20 days?
  39. Hi, I've just started this diet it's my third day today and I must say when I started I was a bit sceptic , like how can you lose weight so fast, it cannot be true. I weighed myself this morning and lost 2 pounds in the first 2 days. I don't know how this diet works, but it does. I'm very happy with the results as I've trying to loose weight for a long time and was finding it really hard. My goal is to lose another 13 pounds. Good luck to everyone who decides to try this diet :)
    • That is what I need to lose, 15 lbs. What you are experiencing it is normal with any diet that eliminates simple carbs, it is "water weight" you lose in the first few days. I am curious how much you have lost at the end of week 2. Good luck and keep us posted.
  40. I tried this diet minus the HCG with limited success. I found that total fasting was much easier. As soon as I eat anything at all, the cravings kick in and become almost unbearable. When I fasted, that all went away for the most part after day 1. Day one I made sure to be very busy which kept my mind off of hunger, day 3 was a bit problematic but not as bad as day 1, Day 7 was a small bump in the road but manageable by Day 10, there was no hunger and when I ended the fast after day 21 I had lost 21 lbs felt good, a bit weak as would be expected. Most importantly I changed my eating lifestyle. I put 7 lbs back on and maintain 172. If you have no health issues that precludes a fast, fasting does wonders for your body, including ridding it of parasites. After my fast, I started fasting my horses for 48 hrs once a year and during each fast they pass balls of worms. IMPORTANTLY, drink normal quantities of water each day.
  41. Has any one done protein shakes or slim fast type drinks? I am thinking about the 500 calorie diest but would love to drink 3 shakes and have 2 snavks, suggestions?
  42. Hi Natalie, I am 17 years old and overweight. I'm 5'4 and 185. I was always skinny growing up, but when i started home school i gained a ton of weight, because I was always board. I decided to try this. I have a strong willpower and now without a doubt I can do this. But I have a question. I know you said we cant eat the same meat for lunch and dinner for one day, but can you have the same thing you ate on day on day 2? Foe example: I ate chicken for lunch and lean beef for dinner. Could I have the same combination tomorrow?
  43. Hi Natalie , gr8 article, very well written. One question! Can I do this diet without the Hcg? Kindly advise
  44. Hi there, I just wanted to say that I am going to start this diet tomorrow, just the 500 calorie diet as I need to lose 10 kg in 8 weeks (going back home in January for holidays and desperately want to be the weight that I was when I last saw everyone). A google on the diet brought me here and I want to keep accountable so I will post my stats tomorrow, and then once a week. I want to see for once and for all if this will work, but I will be continuing to do my exercise as well which includes 30 mins of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training early in the morning (its just my stress reliever and I love it). No dairy, no white processed stuff - basically I will be having water, boiled green veg and boiled chicken with herbs, and egg white omlettes. My figures are crossed that I will be looking back at this point in 8 weeks and feeling awesome at 10kg lighter. xx
  45. As mentioned before, today my stats are: 168cm, 78kg or 171 pounds. Hoping to get down to 68 kilos by mid January. Ill check in again in one week and post up my results. Wish me luck x
  46. I did this diet before and it works. The only reason that I gain weight back, it's because I have been depressed and let it all go after getting pregnant with my second child. I'm back to this diet, first week they put me in a 1000 cal diet and since last Thursday I have been on the 500 cal with HCG and medication. I don't feel hungry at all. Gave yo force myself to eat the 500 cal a day. I also feel great. I have to lose 100 pounds ???? I lost 10 so far.
  47. hi, I didn't find this in a bloggers forum, I was looking for more on this 500 calorie diet and I'll be taking the lozenge's. I'm going to keep this a secret from my family doctor because he won't let his patients do this diet along with the compound. It's too little calories. I may still do it and use another doctor that is in a different group health conglomeration. Then again, I am having serious doubts too. I've already had one heart attack, and a host of other health issues. I'm going to read the book that is suggested, then talk to my cardiologist and then make my decision. I don't want to put anymore strain on my body than is already there. I'm glad that you are able to do this and it sounds like you are doing fine. I am very happy for you and I'm sure that you are in close touch with your doctor also. Keep up the good work.
  48. I am in day 7. I am dropping a pound a day, it is awesome. It is really nice to see results rather than eating right and exercises and losing only a pound a month! My question is about maintenance. After your 500 calorie diet, do you roll into a 5-2 diet? Do you stay at 1200 calories? There must be some weight gain initially, correct? I am just trying to prepare myself. Thank you.
  49. I worked with a guy that lost a ton of weight (like 60 lbs) on hcg. But just like you say, he ballooned back. He may have even ended up heavier than before.
  50. When I wanted to lose weight quickly, I had one fruit yoghurt full fat for day time and 1 date and a mandarin for night time. I drank only water all day long. I lost 1 kg overnight. I was happy. I did it for a week. Then, I ate one portion of proper meal per day (say Spaghetti with mussels with tomato sauce, all cooked from scratch) for lunch and then a mandarin for dinner. Again, I only drank water all day. It's not for everybody and it can be very dangerous. The strict diet requires a lot of discipline too. So I understand fully well your diet. Well done to you because it's not easy.
  51. So glad to find your post. So many, many, many people are horrified about eating 500 calories a day, but I find it a great way to lose a few, or a lot, of weight. Others are horrified about limiting your eating, but say nothing at all if you eat three bags of Moose Munch like I did the day after Thanksgiving! I feel great on limited calories, and it gets my mind off of food and eating. I only eat a banana (meds dictate that I eat then, otherwise I wouldn't) and coffee with creamer for breakfast and then nothing to eat until dinner. For dinner, a salad with low cal dressing or half a bag of frozen vegetables with low fat butter and about four ounces of lean meat. Drink lots of water, some coffee, regular or decaf. I keep saying to myself, if I am hungry, I am losing weight. I don't get hungry, actually, until after dinner. I think eating triggers the hunger response because I don't feel hungry throughtout the day. Before bed, I might have a small banana or peeled apple with a whiff of peanut butter. I do get cold, so I have hot tea or coffee, and I do have less energy, but I keep going thinking about how much I will like the results. Good luck everybody. People have fasted for centuries and modern medicine says fasting is good for you. As long as you are healthy, I don't see the downside. I am over sixty and have been dieting like this for decades, as needed.
  52. Helene Golieb Rippe says:
    Well I am starting the diet today Phase 2 with the foods. I was thinking of not doing it, because I dont have support at home but I do all over, and I said OMG I will be hungry, and wont stay on it. After reading your Wonderful, Positive and supporting Blog, I am up this morning ready to go with a great feeling inside. Thank you more than you know.
  53. She wrote mango a zero calorie food .... Ha ha ha ha ..
  54. I work over the road, so it is especially difficult for me to find time to properly prepare what I need to eat. It has come to the point where I have found it easier to make one "big" meal and split it in half. Or even eat both portions all at once and no other food for the rest of the day, even though I know it's technically off protocol. I wanted to know if anyone has done this and what experiences they had, if nothing else at least an opinion of whether or not this is a good idea. Seems to work alright, Im still losing.... P.S. Uh....hold I seeing this correctly? MANGO a ZERO CALORIE FOOD?!? Sorry, I call bs, waaay too much sugar!! ? I even find Dr. Simeon's recommended apple to be too high for the intent and purpose of the diet! I have found the best results from skipping fruit (almost if not) entirely. The exception I have found is perhaps the occasional few berries, which I nibble on each one like a mouse! Back when I was a pastry chef, quality checks were required very often...So an average spoonful can be detrimental if you multiply that by 20+ times a day! So I reduced the amount of product to sample to be about the size that would cover the very tip of the curve in your fingertip (no, I would NOT dig in with my hand! Ha ha ha!). That taught me to "find the banquet in the spoon" so to speak, it's something that serves me to this day (...serves me...that wasn't meant to be a pun, honest!). That is why I disagree with the old adage "never trust a skinny cook", IME it is the OPPOSITE...with the fat ones, you never know how much of YOUR inventory they're eating in the name of "quality checks" ? Being that cranberries are so low in sugar, I have learned to make a serviceable HCG P2-friendly cranberry sauce with stevia, orange zest, a small amount of orange juice and instead of water, I add that sugar-free beverage "sparkling ice" black raspberry flavor. Yes, I know that contains Splenda. I practice judiciously calculated risks, haha
    • Yes, google.. "one meal per day." The theory is almost the same. Ive eaten like this for significant periods of time. Just gotta be careful. Dont over eat; some people eat too many calories when they finally get to their one meal.
  55. Such a nice article. I get so much information from here and I will try this in future. Thank you for sharing this with us. :) dia recently posted..Best Legal Anabolic Steroids For Getting Powerful And Solid Physique!My Profile
  56. When you finished this diet what kind of eating habits did you keep? Did you experience any weight gain after the 500 calorie diet? I have done extreme diets like this before but afterwards, I always find myself gaining it back quicker than I lost it. Please help!
  57. Hi, started this eating plan 7 days ago and have lost 14 pounds, Im drinking plenty of water and have 150lbs to lose, bit worried about the speed of weight loss, Im a 49 year old male who used to be very fit 10 years ago but put on a lot of weight very quickly. First 3 days were a nightmare but the hunger pangs have reduced considerably. Great site
  58. Hello. Great post. I think that if you need to lose some weight but are still within a normal weight range, then yes, this is totally a healthy way to go, especially if you are sedentary. Sure, you might have the initial stall, but stick with it. The body needs time to adjust. If a person is 200 lbs overweight, he or she should slowly reduce. However, people who are into hype will just shoot low calorie diets down without any justification; they think we are telling 200 lb people to eat just suddenly eat 500 calories per day, lol. They can work, though. Low calorie has been a lifestyle thing for me forever, though, so it is not just a diet. Thats why i dont have reprisal weight gain. So you see, the problem of instant weight coming back is the same as with any diet..lifestyles change versus diet. Most nutritionists and scientists just want to make a name for themselves. Fact is If you dont eat, you will lose. The body can survive up to three weeks without food. Metabolism is, for a relatively healthy and even a sedentary person, adaptive with lifestyle changes. Ever watch survival television shows? They sure dont get fat before losing weight out there in the wild, they just get super skinny. Well, that's my ramble, lol. Im 38 and have had a recent weight gain. Ive been real bad. I returned to the way i used to eat and all is well. Ive lost 5 lbs, probably water. My goal is under 800 per day. An ounce of cured meat or half an avocado, or maybe an egg in the morning. Coffee and a cup of powerade or vitamin water with multivitamins in the morning. Peppermints or gum i the afternoon. The evening is usually a couple ounces of chicken or tuna and crackers until im satisfied or a burrito or some kind of pasta with olive oil. Main thing, for me, is choosing my source of energy. Its gotta be either meat or carbs. Cant be both. I think this is why some cultures eat tons of rice or pasta and stay super slim, because in those cultures, they dont eat meat everyday. On the weekends, usually something gluttonous like fried chicken or ill pig out on something. I drink vodka or wine. Vodka is great. No calories and no carbs. I tend to eat veggies and fruit in summer. Not so much in winter. Im bad about veggies. -- Sent from Mail.Ru app for Android
  59. I have managed to lose 3kgs in 7 days with no exercise but will add light exercise in the following week. Wanting to lose 20 kgs and limiting myself to 500 calories day was pretty easy, what not easy is the cravings for all the junk foods I used to have. I wish everyone luck on this diet and their journey, and will post my results :)
  60. I notice that there aren't any eggs in this diet? They are low calorie and good protein. Is there a reason you would leave them off this diet? Thanks!!
  61. I applaud you for being so strong to try this. I started my 500 calorie a day diet 4 days ago and I am finding day 4 easier than 1-3. Not even having any huge hunger pains anymore which is great and motivates me to continue. Taking it one day at a time. Thanks again and wish me luck.
    • Update; I'm on day 8 and its gotten a little easier. I'm trying to keep myself away from get together's, serving junk food, etc. I've lost a total of 12lbs since my first day, which shocks the heck out of me. Still taking it one day at a time. Wish me luck. :)
  62. Thanks for this blog..I am on day 3. This type of diet works well for me because once I eat I crave more. The hunger response is stimulated. I drink tea with milk and crystal lite ice tea during day. Then vegetable soup With chicken in it at dinner...a little while later I have Romain with low fat balsamic c dressing. And a small taste of what my hubby is cooking up..I will add tuna soon with romaine cucumber and peppers balsamic dressing in small whole wheat wrap or half a pita..maybe egg with high fiber bread..silver 3 is hard for me..I used to eat a lot in the he morning. My habit. I will definable get multivitamins. I tried to go on treadmill today and It was too much. Try yoga again i guess. Good luck to anyone doing this diet!!
  63. Hello. I would like to start this diet tomorrow but was wondering if someone else will do it with me so we can support each other and compare notes. I have 15-20 lbs to lose. Ugh
    • Tonia, I don't know if anyone has contacted you but I can support you if you want. I have more than you to lose unfortunately. Let me know. I wish you all the best. Wendy
  64. Tonia looking for a partner to do diet with
  65. Thank you Wendy! I would love the support. I was suppose to start Monday but that didn't happen and then yesterday but that Didn't happen either. So I'm trying again today. My daughter is 5 and has been home all week. That is a challenge for me When she is home. I seem to snack all day. Ugh Can we exchange emails or numbers to text. Not sure if that is allowed. Just would be easier to stay in touch. Especially that I have someone to answer to Let me know your thoughts and thank you for the support Tonia
    • Nikki I have been doing this diet, but keep binging back to the sugary foods as my mind is not satisfied, I tried 2 times within a month and failed. This time it is my third time and this time i am DETERMINED. I will not binge back to the sugary foods. I am at 125lbs, after this diet i went to 121, but back up to 125 after I ate more cals. And I have a gut. I want to lose my stomach fat, but even though I eat 400-500cals I still go to the gym and burn 300-500 cals a day...Is this fine? I am starting up this diet back again for the third time tomorrow (JAN 25/2017). I feel like if I dont go to the gym after eating the 400-500 cals then it wont work as fast.
    • my email is message me anytime :)
  66. Hello Nikki, I started yesterday 1/24 and have 15-20lbs to lose! I understand that you have failed twice but don't ever give up. I tried twice this week and yesterday was my first day which was really hard but I made it! On to day 2 and doing well. Please try again and we can do it together. I feel much better thinking I have this website to newer to, so that helps me make good choices. I will keep you posted about myself and p,ease do the same. Wendy I would also like to keep in touch with you re support and hard days.
    • Tonia, you can contact me anytime! I hope to keep you on point and remember stay strong! :) I am on day 11, boy yesterday was so hard and everyone seemed to be surrounding me with junk food and chips. I couldn't wait to leave work!
  67. Thanks for the support. I'm at Day 3! Yesterday wasn't that hard How many pounds have you lost? I hope I have the result that everyone else has after a month of this
  68. This is really interesting, and I love that you took the time to put it together so simply for people. Thank you! I am wondering about the zero calorie foods. Do they count against the 500, or are they freebies on this diet?
  69. Update - from my last post Jan 23rd, I am on day 18 of 20 and I have lost a total of 20 lbs so far, There were a couple of days when my weight stood still but I just had to be patient (which was hard :) ) Hope everyone is doing well. I think I have decided to do another 20 days because I have about 20+ more pounds that I really want/need to lose. Good luck!!!
    • Today is my 1st day and I'm kind of worried. However, seeing everyone's result is helping me get through in reaching my -40lb goal before 5/25!
    • That is awesome, Wendy. I am starting today, any tips or advise?
      • Hi Angel, I started this after I came back from vacation and kept myself away from gatherings and parties that had food and just got my self in the frame of mind to do it. I wish you all the best.
        • Thanks so much Wendy! So far it's been good. I was meal prepping before I started and each of the meals are around 200-265cals. I ate 2 today along with tons of water and green tea. How long would you recommend for exercising wise?
          • I didn't have any energy to do exercise like I normally did, and she mentions above not to exercise but walking should be ok or whatever your body can handle, start off slow though.
    • Wendy I left a message for you below.
  70. Wendy, I'm a little confused but basically this diet allows be to eat anything up to 500 cals? My meals are around 2-300 so if I eat those, I should be good right?
    • Angel, That is how I read it too and that is the amount I have been keeping to. I am on day 23 and I am not going to say its easy but I make myself stay away from anything that will make me break the momentum or tempt me. I wish you good luck.
  71. I would love to start his tomorrow, February 11 and would like a buddy. Email me Dena
  72. Email looks wrong, sorry!
  73. Update - 2/15 - For anyone thinking about trying this plan - I am on day 30 and like I said before but its hard, but a lot of things are hard in life if you want to change for the better. I have not gone over 500 calories for 30 days. I have lost 27lbs. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I wish everyone the best and good luck. Wendy
    • Robin Delorey says:
      Hey Wendy ... wow that's amazing . Good for you to be able to stick with it .... but I must ask if you have days where you feel so drained and tired from the lack of calories ?? I keep trying and by day 5 I'm so miserable and tired that I can barely stay awake in the daytime to take care of my son. Any tips ??? How do you do it ?
      • Hi Robin, I felt soooooooooooo drained, seemed like that first 2 weeks and I followed Natalie's instructions above, no exercise and there was no way I could do it and my daughter is grown up and with you having your son its going to be that much harder because you have to have the energy to keep up with him and do all the other stuff around the house, work, etc. I don't know if I recommend this low of calories for you, try doubling that and see how that goes. Let me know, I wish you all the best, take care.
    • Wendy... Hi, so tell me, how do you look? Clothes that didnt fit you do they fit you now? Congratulations on your loss :)
  74. Hi everyone! Just found this post yesterday and started the 500 calorie plan today! I'm hoping some of you are still available for support. I'm sure I'm going to need it! I use but there aren't any support groups/forums using this diet plan. I don't want to receive a bunch of heat by starting a group on there as this is kind of controversial. I need support at this time, not negative opinions :) Anywho, since November, I've lost about 23 pounds by lowering my calories (average 1600 per day) and incorporating walking for exercise. I feel good about this loss but I kind of want to speed up the process so that's why I'm trying the 500 calorie plan. I haven't set a definite time frame for doing this which I know is important. 30 days seems like a good place to start so I'll go with that. If I feel like going for 40 I can always keep going. My heaviest weight was 216. I'm currently at 193. I would like to see 160 by the end of this 500 calorie plan. My ultimate goal is between 130-140. Ok, so Day 1: feeling pretty good. It's about lunch time and I'm not terribly hungry. I had breakfast around 9. I need to start going on my water if I want to reach the one gallon mark today. I'm a little sad because a guy I was talking to who I met on has decided he "isn't ready for a relationship." Blah, blah, blah. Guys are such a mystery to me. We always hear how confusing women are but I just don't understand men. I hope he comes around because I really like him. I will be ok though if he doesn't. Plenty of fish in the sea and all that. My heart is a little heavy though :(
  75. hi loving the idea of trying thid diet, lots of positive comments, i have a question, there is a big section of ZERO calorific foods in the centre of the article, can you eat there anytime thank you
  76. Hi all, I am using this 500 calorie as a plan to lose bulk weight so That I can then maintain it. For me, the faster I see results, the more likely I will stick with it. I just finished my third day and I am tired. I have three young kids, but don't work. I get hungry most of the day, and use green tea and vitamins to help. So far, my clothes have the tiniest bit of wiggle room, and that encourages me! I don't go for zero calorie foods. I follow the 500 stricktly for everything that goes in. Using MyFitnessPal to keep track of my piddly calories. Looking forward to day 20 as a mile stone:) Good luck to all!
  77. Thanks for the amazing weight loss plan and great tips. Starting this next week! Hope it works on men too. Tim Johnson recently posted..High Protein Diet Plan: All You Need to KnowMy Profile
  78. Wendy Legal says:
    Hi everyone, I wanted to update those that are on this, trying this or thinking about starting this. It can be done but you have to have your mindset there. I finished day 40 today and I lost a total of 33lbs on this, which I never thought I could. I thank Natalie for this website and inspiration (kick in the butt really). I never cheated once, I stayed under 500 calories all 40 days. I started this 17 Jan at (I'm embarrassed to say at 192) and today Feb 25th I am at 159. I am going to continue with less calories for a while as sort of a maintain and try to lose the last 15lbs I want to lose. Good luck to everyone.
  79. Hi I just have a few questions. Please correct me if I am wrong but, did you say you DO NOT have to use the actual HCG drops when doing this diet?? Also, why can you only do 40 days on this diet and do a 6 week break between rounds? Lastly, the picture you posted that says zero calorie food, does that mean we can eat anything from that picture if we really get hungry? Thanks!! Maria
  80. I only saw this blog today. I wish I had seen it two days before then I wouldnt have derailed. I have been on a 500 calorie diet which includes intermittent fasting where I start eating at lunch and drink water and green tea for breakfast. Every time I google the 500 calorie anything I see only the disadvantages. High and mighty people who turn eating less into something from hell as though when you eat that less you are freak and I started to doubt what I was doing yesterday and guess what I did... I ate... and ate... and I ate. I gained 0.7kg today. I ate a lot again today. I know its not late for me because I can recover. People make eating 500 calories sound nasty and deadly as though end of the month we are gonna die. Ive been on it for 28 days and lost 8.3kg. This gave me my strength back. Today I am 104.5kg and I will also update you guys weekly. All I needed was for one person to say its alright to eat 500 calories and you guys all helped me a lot. Im never going back to those sites again.
    • I think it's more natural for a human to consume 500 calories than 3,000 calories. If you think about the history in which humans have been alive for over 6 million years.
  81. HI!!! I BEEN ON THE DIET FOR 15 DAYS AND I LOST 16.8LBS SO FAR. I am a little moody sometimes but i get over it really quick sometimes i really want to cheat but I'mstaying strong. I'm not embarrassed to take my lunch and snacks to places and sometimes i get crazy and take my scale to make sure I'm eating my 3.5oz. I really hope when I'm done i can keep the weight off. For everyone who's doing it keep it up!!!!! :)
  82. Robin Delorey says:
    I am trying this again .. I have tried twice before and after day four I always end up failing . Friends coming over , having drinks , etc! I am serious this time because I can't stand being 30 pounds above my normal weight anymore ! If anyone wants an accountability partner , please email me at or find me on Facebook using my name . It will really help having someone else doing this with me ! Thanks :)
  83. This may be what I need as well. Simple and easy to count to 500. My question is, are these the same rules for men? I mean is it safe for men to eat just 500 calories or should it be higher based upon other plans I have seen? I am asking because it seemed like it was geared towards women in the write-up.
  84. Hi I just started eating 500 calories a day. It's my second day and I'm feeling really good. I've been thinking deeply about the weeks ahead so I can avoid any type of temptations. I'm gonna try to lay low but stay busy with things that I know won't trigger me. I am doing a vegan version of this diet I just created with some of my favorite things. Hopefully I still get some good results! I'm not sure what the protocol is for how long someone is supposed to stay on this but I've committed to 30 days. Also I'm not weighing myself until the 30 days is up.
    • Lisa Rosenstock says:
      Hi CC I am starting. This tomorrow and would love some support. If you are interested I. Supporting eachother through this, letting everyone know. I see you started yesterday and wanted to do this with someone who started the same time. My email is would love to hear from you.