Fronts and Daisy

If you are a member of our family, you have a nickname. If you are a good friend of our family, more than likely you also have a nickname. You know you have “arrived” in our family once a nickname has been bestowed upon you. It’s rare that anybody is called by their real name.

Mine is Pookie or Pook.

Jason’s usually just called Hoage (our last name) or occasionally Fast Hair. Long story…maybe I’ll share it one day because it’s pretty funny.

My siblings names: David is Junior, Scott is Scooter, Angie is Ang (she has another one but she’d kill me if I told you what it is), and Heather is Hef (my niece used to call her ‘Auntie Hefer’ because she couldn’t say Heather and it was just shortened over the years).

Last year, I told you all of the kids’ nicknames, and how they came about. Most of them are still in rotation, and there are some new ones now, too.

Ethan hasn’t gotten any new ones, but Lila has picked up Ya-Ya, which is how Mia says her name and Mia has picked up Badger and the Silent Assassin, because she is sweet as pie until you piss her off, and then when you aren’t looking she’ll attack. And she’s mean as a badger.

But the girls have also each picked up another nickname…ones that Tater came up with.

He calls Lila ‘Fronts’ or ‘Frontsy’ and Mia ‘Daisy’. We have no idea why or where those names came from.

If you ask him about Fronts, he says he just likes that name. He doesn’t know where he heard it, but it’s his favorite name. He’ll say “Hey Fronts” and Lila responds to it.

If you ask him about Daisy, he doesn’t know why he calls her that except he does say she looks like a flower. Mia hasn’t quite figured out that she’s Daisy yet.

Nicknames, and the way they come about, are so fun to hear. What’s yours?


  1. Awww super cute that Tater picked the nicknames for his twin sisters. I have one too it's Oyen derived from my inability to say my own name Maureen - who turned to Moyen and then yeah, ditch the M hahaha. Maureen | Tatter Scoops recently posted..A Gift That Keeps on Giving: 1 Bracelet – 1 Child – 1 Week of FoodMy Profile
  2. Love this, girl! So sweet! Jason and I have called each other Pumpkin and Honey for forever- I can't remember where it started though? Must dig deeper! :) Galit Breen recently posted..Memories Captured, Another StartMy Profile
  3. Those are so funny! Hubs long ago shortened my name to Shell, though he spells it Chelle... I don't online b/c it seems to confuse people. I'm also Peanut. I use my boys' nicknames on my blog- and yes, we call them those IRL.
  4. Got lots of nick or pet names for my children but I want to use this space to say I can't wait to see more of the buzinezz (or however you spell it, LoL) from Fronts & Daisy. LoL Almost sounds like Thelma & Louise in the making. (LoL)
  5. Awww! I have nothing uber cute but my family has been known to call me Sweet Pea which later became Miss P and my daddy calls me Bear (thankfully he stopped using Pee Wee long ago). Friends usually call me by my name or some have called me P or PB (once it was PB Max way back in Jr High). We know 2 Faith's and long ago when my son was maybe 3 he defined their names as Baby Faith and Miss Faith. Cause Miss Faith was his age and what I called her and his little brain reasoned that since the other was younger than him she was Baby Faith. Baby Faith may some day groan at that. Paulette recently posted..Working Mom?My Profile
  6. My husband and I call each other "Hun". Our daughter is GG (now only used on the blog) because when her brother was learning to talk, that's what he called her. There's a few stories behind it, but we call our son "Dude". Evonne recently posted..Stay out of the kitchenMy Profile
  7. I'm pretty sure a person or two calls me "asshole" behind my back, but that's about it. I've always just been "Batzer," becuse there are far too many people who are named John around. Coltrane was CJ from before he was born . . . so to keep up with initials Leila is DQ, because she's a Drama Queen. I love that Tater has given his own names to the girls . . . so funny when that happens, all on its own.
  8. Fronts is potentially the best name ever. He's right. No one's ever given me a nickname because I think my name is impossible to shorten.
  9. I think the nicknames bestowed by siblings are the best. They also seem to "stick" for a long time. People just assume Poppy is my nickname so that is usually good enough. Poppy recently posted..10 Years Ago, I Married A Frugal ManMy Profile
  10. My nick name as a kid was thunder thighs. Yep. Courtesy of my 3 older brothers. Now Mr. Kiss and I call each other bug. I have NO idea where it started, but it stuck. The boys laugh when they hear us say it. I love the boys name for each other, and like Poppy said, those are the ones that usually stick. MommaKiss recently posted..Did I hit the ceiling?My Profile
  11. Fronts? is killing me. So cute and hilarious. Eddie goes by a million things. I think we call him something different every time we talk to which he giggles and says, "me no bubs, me eddie." or "me no knuckle squish, me eddie." Cort has called me piglet since we were dating. because when I worry, he pats my head and says, "that'll do, pig. that'll do." like on Babe. But he says "piglet" is just cuter. And his nickname has been Curly ever since high school. Katie recently posted..why we already know charlie’s birthday dateMy Profile
  12. Okay, Fronts? for real? AWESOME! Maybe she has a future in the mob? And I really love Daisy too...but now I've got that stupid song in my head. I owe Tater one. So of course we have The Dude for all the best reasons but sadly, I'm really the only one that calls him that. I was also hoping HamBone would stick but so far it hasn't. Also I call him Bugger. He'll hate me I'm sure. Maddy is MaddyPants, MaddyBaddy (so appropriate) and Mad. Yeah, we're a creative bunch. Adonis (OMG, this morning in the shower he TOTALLY lived up to his name. SOMEONE has been hitting the gym, SWOON)...was called the Peav for his last name and similarly I was Lips for mine. Sadly I don't have any good stories associated with mine....but I could probably make one up for you.
  13. My life is very similar. Nearly EVERYONE has a nickname. My nickname is Jebs. Started when my BFF called me Jeffiner instead of Jennifer. Jeffiner turned to Jebbiner. Jebbiner turned to Jebbee, and now I'm just Jebs. I think your kids are super sweet to come up with names just because. :-) Jen Has A Pen recently posted..Photo GratitudeMy Profile
  14. Nothing better than sibling nicknames! Something so sweet about them. I don't have any nicknames that are fun like that! I've always wanted one though!
  15. So much fun!! I always wanted a really good nickname, it's awesome that no one in your family or extended family has to go without. LOVE IT!! JamieRene recently posted..Photo Challenge: Days 12, 13 & 14 (honkin’ oops friends)My Profile
  16. I love Fronts so much :) Ethan's kind of a genius. We call Dylan DD, which he chose himself by saying it every time he looks in the mirrror, Dylan Do, & Dyls. Abbey is Abs a lot of the time, though Dylan calls her Addie :)