2nd Look Saturday…And a Few Other Things

Well, I’ve got a million things to do today and wanted to give you all something to read while I was away! So this idea is inspired by Big Mama Cass over at The World Through My Eyes. Don’t know Big Mama Cass? Well, give her a visit because she’s a hoot!

This is 2nd Look Saturday and the idea is to give you at a blog post I wrote awhile back that I think is awesome and that you would get a kick out of.


This one was written back in April and only has 6 comments, so I’m guessing most of you haven’t seen it! It’s titled The Candy Bandit Strikes Again and it’s a very short, funny little post.

Originally Published: April 13, 2010

Tater’s Hidden Candy Stash
If you had a chance to read my Easter post, then you remember that Tater hides candy from me so he can eat it at a later time. The kid keeps a stash!

We went to a birthday party for my niece H on Saturday. There was pizza, balloons, sodas, and cupcakes…but no candy. Tater had on jeans, and as soon as we got home, he wanted to take them off. Since then, they’ve been sitting on the couch in the toy room. Yesterday, I finally got around to cleaning up the bomb that explodes in there daily (sometimes hourly), and found the jeans. I picked them up and took them into his bedroom to put in his hamper, and when I bent over to pick up yet another toy that he’d thrown on the ground, a bunch of candy fell out of his pockets! I have no idea who gave it to him, or where he got it from for that matter, and I had no idea that he even had it!

Keep in mind he’s only two, and jeans for two year olds don’t have very deep pockets. How he shoved all that candy in there is yet another mystery.


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I received some awards!! If you don’t know these bloggers already, you should go visit them because their blogs are fantastic!

A special thanks to Pua over at Dino Momma and Move Over Mary Poppins for this sweet award.

A very big thank you to Jules over at A Little Bite of LifeA for this beautiful award!

And since I was gone on the vacation from hell the last week, I only have one cool blog to share with you this week, but it has two posts! So check out these very beautiful before and after pictures from Maureen over at Tatterscoops! Here’s the before picture…and the awesome after picture.

And so it goes…


  1. litanyofbritt says:
    Funny! I worry about hte things I will find in Jack's pocket!
  2. NanaDiana says:
    Just you wait til he gets a little older and you reach in a find a garter snake! Those are ALWAYS fun! lol
  3. Dalia - Gen X Mom says:
    Ahh, toddlerhood. I remember those days. I was always afraid of what I would find! Visiting from SITS.
  4. Well Auntie Natalie, I think we just found the culprit who gave Tater all that candy! Early morning confession from Tater's best buddy and cousin, Fuzzy!!!!
  5. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    I hope you know how lucky you are that it was candy and not crayons. I've washed and then dried pants that had crayons in the pockets, and it ruins a lot of clothes, not to mention the inside of the dryer. But I'm sure you check all the pockets of your kid's clothes before you wash them... I'm working on that.
  6. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Funny! I've always wondered why there are pockets on baby and toddler clothing. Now I know!
  7. forty-something chick says:
    Sounds strange, but I love checking the pockets when I do laundry! I find the most interesting combinations of things....and I am very impressed by that candy stash!

    Did you eat it? I just may have....
  8. Maureen says:
    WOW Tater! That's quite smart of him to stuffed it in his pockets LOL. Btw, thank you for sharing my blog with your readers I am so stoked. Enjoy your weekend!
  9. Big Mama Cass says:
    I am a hoot? Saawweeeet!!

    Wow! That IS a lot of candy in those tiny pockets!!

    I voted ;)
  10. Mama Hen says:
    Congratulations on your awards! You deserve them! I will go and check out these links now. Have a great day today!

    Mama Hen
  11. Okay I know your #171 do I have to join to vote for you? DO they except votes via telepathy?
  12. Oooh, Tater...Sigh.
  13. Oh my... that's hilarious!!! :)
  14. Drama queens mum (Kimberly) says:
    Congrats on the award.
  15. I bet he enjoyed all that sugar... glad to see you survived the sugar rush!
  16. Okay, I voted, hahahaha, ahem.
  17. Shannon says:
    Voting for you before leaving...

    Loved that old post. So fun to look back! I can remember having to shake down my second graders and then wonder (after finding oodles of candy) if perhaps they lived with Willy Wonka!

    Have a great weekend! Oh and yay for your awards! Isn't it great to get a little bloggy lovin'?
  18. moveovermarypoppins says:
    Thanks for the nod! And for reminding me that I'm so very glad Felix thinks "candy" is Hershey's kisses and only comes from Gramma's house.
  19. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    Voted! :-)

    I love that story, it cracks me up every time I read it!
  20. I've got a hoarder in training as well :) at least yours is stashing good stuff. Mine hides crap like deflated balloon shards.
  21. 1) I voted!! (Hell yeah I voted for YOU!)
    2) The candy ... hysterical! I think they make their pockets out of some sort of elastic ... wish my pants had waste bands like that!
    3) Congrats on the award! I've so enjoyed your blog and look forward to lots more from you (not to put the pressure on!) But I'm just so glad I found you!
  22. I see a candy bandit in my future. Wednesday night Alex saved a cookie in his carseat to eat Thursday morning. Oh, was he pissed when I took it away...
  23. Heather says:
    LOL Vacation from hell! I've had a few of those! They get better! I promise!
  24. Sharlene T. says:
    A toddler's gotta do what a toddler's gotta do...enterprising young man you're raisin'...enjoy it now, you can deal with the cops, later...come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief
  25. Paul and Kerry says:
    smart, smart!! the hiding part is so funny! you are in trouble with that one...

    great idea for reposting!
  26. I'm thinking you are so lucky you found it before it went through the wash. My kids have shoved unbelievable crap in those tiny pockets. We've had some real nightmarish laundry days. And I have a candy hoarder too. He's so funny cause then he forgets about it and eventually I find it and toss it or he does.

    Congrats on the award. Funny, I saw both those pics by Maureen and never connected the two til you said that.
  27. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    Congrats on your award! My son has just realized he has pockets.