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How Often Do Kids Need A Bath? (The Answer Might Surprise You!)

Okay, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think that kids need a bath every day. And the kids hate taking a bath, so it’s always a battle. Jason on the other hand freaks out if they don’t get a daily bath or shower. I think if I wipe ’em down, what’s it gonna hurt if they take a bath every other day? Especially in the summertime when they are in the pool and sprinklers all day. So how often do kids need a bath?

Now I’m focusing on kids that are the same age as my kids. The girls are almost 6, and Ethan is almost 8. I found this on the American Academy of  Dermatology’s (AAD) site (they also include other recommendations for kids of all ages):

How Often Do Kids Need A Bath?

How often do kids need a bath? Depending on their age, the answer might surprise you! After all, we've all heard the saying, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt?"

How often do kids need a bath? At least once or twice a week? I honestly think they need one more often than that. And my bad for counting the pool as a bath! As long as you rinse them off, I don’t see the need for a bath.

The AAD strongly recommends regular hand washing, and I loved this handwashing how-to post because I showed it and read it to the kids and they “got” it.

The AAD also recommends making bathtime fun (easier said than done sometimes) and offered these tips:

  • Play with a favorite (waterproof) toy.
  • Listen to favorite stories.
  • Read a book made especially for taking into the bathtub.
  • Have fun with an adventure that you create to make bath time fun.

I never thought of reading to them in the bath tub! Duh! So I tried it and it works! There’s no water on the floor from them splashing around like crazy kids, and it helps us transition from bathtime to bedtime.

And I love the way that the Washington Post answered the question how often do kids need a bath: “It all seems pretty straightforward; wash your kid if he stinks or is visibly dirty, but otherwise we can relax a bit on being clean as a whistle. Wash hands regularly with good old fashioned soap and water and spot clean with a washcloth between baths, and I’m willing to bet everyone will be happier (and healthier). After all, haven’t we all heard the saying, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt?”

How often do kids need a bath? Depending on their age, the answer might surprise you! After all, we've all heard the saying, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt?"

So of course I wondered how often everybody else bathes their kids. I asked on Facebook, and got a ton of responses. If you’d like to see them all, you can read them here.

Now it’s your turn! How often do you bathe your kids?

I Want To Stop My Kids From Growing Up!

It’s a fact: I have decided that I need to figure out a way to freeze time so that I can literally stop my kids from growing up. Remember last week when I told you I would do anything to spend one more afternoon at the park with my babies? Well now I just want to make them stop growing all together.

When Ethan was in kindergarten, I would walk him up to the gate every afternoon and say goodbye. I would watch him until he started walking to his class and I was so excited that he was finally away from the house for a few hours! It sounds bad, but most moms with kids that age (and two smaller ones!) probably understand what I mean.

We would get to that gate, and he would hug me and kiss me and tell me how much he loved me and never wanted to leave me. And it was pretty much the same thing in first grade. And I guess at the beginning of second grade, too.

Somewhere during the first and second trimesters of second grade (with the exception of the love note I wrote him), he decided that hugging and kissing and telling me that he loved me was not very cool. I would drop him off in “The Circle” (he did NOT want me walking him to the gate!), he would get out of the car, and I would say “OK! Have a great day! I love you buddy.” and he would look at me, scowl, and walk away. It really hurt me!

Want to stop your kids growing up? Me too! Here's why I'll miss their elementary school years.

My favorite picture of me and my favorite boy. Find out why here.

That was enough. ENOUGH. I wanted to stop my kids from growing up anymore. RIGHT.THEN.AND.THERE.

One night, I finally broke down and asked him to tell me why he wouldn’t say “I love you” to me when I dropped him off. He said it was embarrassing and that he didn’t want anybody to make fun of him. I told him that I understood, and that I wouldn’t do it anymore. It killed me.

The next morning, I dropped him off and told him to have a great day. I didn’t say anything else, but I did blow him a kiss. He gave me the scowl, and closed the door.

But then something wonderful happened.

He turned back around and looked at me and mouthed “I love you”.  He may or may not have surveyed the scene before saying it to make sure that none of his friends were around, but I was ecstatic!

And every morning since then when I drop him off, I say the same thing, and he shuts the door. And then turns back around to tell me that he loves me.

It’s official…he can stop growing right now. I can’t imagine loving that kid anymore than I already do, but every day makes me love him more and more. I don’t want those teenage years to come. At all.

Kid-Approved Crispy Kale Chips

Summer’s on its way, which means my annual diet is too. I’m always looking for healthy recipes that don’t taste like “diet food”, and this one for Crispy Kale Chips is definitely a keeper!

Jess and Sonia, head foodies over at Damn Delish, shared this recipe with me. I had some kale sitting in the fridge that I needed to use, so I thought I’d try the recipe out myself! It literally takes a minute to throw together and in ten minutes you have a yummy snack that will make you forget about potato chips and french fries…well, almost make you forget about them.

20150423_155440_resized (1)

Crispy Kale Chips


Crispy Kale Chips
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  • 1 bunch of fresh kale (remove leaves from the stalk and cut in to bit sized pieces)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp course sea salt
  • 1 tsp garlic powder


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Toss kale in olive oil until fully covered, and spread out on a cookie sheet.
  3. Sprinkle with sea salt and garlic.
  4. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until edges of the leaves are brown.


Other add on ideas: lemon (freshly squeezed or maybe lemon powder), red pepper flakes, and salt and vinegar.


  This recipe for Crispy Kale Chips is kid approved! Ethan actually suggested adding lemon to it, so next time we make Crispy Kale Chips (tomorrow), we’ll be adding some lemon salt, too!

Looking for a healthy snack that the kids will love and ask for more of? This crispy kale chips recipe definitely fits the bill, and only takes 10 minutes or so to make!

For more healthy recipes that taste good, visit my Healthy Eats and Drinks Pinterest board.

Now head over and visit Jess and Sonia at Damn Delish and make sure to follow them on Pinterest, too!

Trying to get ready for summer and bathing suits? These crispy kale chips will satisfy your craving for potato chips (or other salty snacks) and makes a great snack. It only takes three ingredients and 10 minutes to make! Bonus: It's kid-approved!

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Spring Allergies: The Bane of My (And Now Mia’s) Existence

Oh Spring has sprung! The birds that live above our front door had babies, who have since “flown the coop” so to speak. The hummingbird in our lemon tree just welcomed two little ones yesterday. The plumeria flowers are blooming, as are my orchids that haven’t bloomed in almost two years. There are baby bunnies on the hill behind our house. The peach and plum trees are both blooming, and there are flowers everywhere! And weeds. And dust…lots of dust in the house because all of our windows and doors are open to let the warmth in. The dust is from the wind. And with all of that comes my spring allergies, which are out of control this year. And unfortunately, Mia is experiencing the same nightmare.

I’ve been taking an allergy pill and using the neti pot every day for years. But for poor Mia, this suffering is all new. Did you know that allergies are the third most common chronic disease among children 18 and under? Clearly Mia is not alone, and we are a nation of allergy sufferers! But the problem with allergies in children is that it’s often difficult to tell whether your child has a cold or allergies because the symptoms are so similar. I thought that Mia had what was a never-ending cold, so I took her to see the doctor.

Did you know that allergies are the third most common chronic disease among children 18 and under? To learn if your child suffers from spring allergies or a cold, read on.
The doctor took one look at her, and immediately knew that she suffered from allergies. The telltale sign? There’s a little white line that goes horizontally across the tip of her nose from her constantly wiping at her runny nose. The doctor said that most kids with allergies have it. I had it as a kid too!

Is It A Cold Or Spring Allergies?

Did you know that allergies are the third most common chronic disease among children 18 and under? To learn if your child suffers from spring allergies or a cold, read on.

So now, like me, Mia is taking allergy medicine daily for her spring allergies (I hope it’s just spring allergies and not year round allergies like I have). But she’s not taking the same kind of medicine for her spring allergies that I am! She’s taking a medicine that was recommended by her doctor as safe to give to a child her age (she’s 5).

Did you know that there’s a common ingredient in allergy medicines called diphenhydramine that is NOT safe to give to children under the age of 6? It’s extremely important that you always read the drug facts label and really understand the ingredients of common over the counter medications to determine they are safe for your child. When in doubt, ask the pharmacist for assistance or call your child’s doctor. Better safe than sorry!

And while many of us joke about giving kids allergy medicine to make them sleepy, because sick kids are grouchy kids, remember that it is NEVER okay to give kids any medicines to make them sleepy. It’s not safe and it’s not okay.

Did you know that allergies are the third most common chronic disease among children 18 and under? To learn if your child suffers from spring allergies or a cold, read on.

For more information about spring allergies…and allergies and sinus issues in general, visit Know Your OTCs.

I can’t believe that I’ve been partnering with Know Your OTCs for an entire year now! I’m honored that I was able to be an Ambassador for them, and I’m sad that my time with them is up. I’ve learned so much, and I hope the information I’ve shared has been helpful to you as well. Know Your OTCs is a great resource on health information for parents. If you haven’t yet, make sure to visit their website, KnowYourOTCs. I encourage you to check them out because they have a TON of information that all parents need to know. And while you are at it, like them on Facebook and Twitter too!

Disclaimer: I’m being compensated as an KnowYourOTCs Ambassador, though all thoughts, opinions, and suggestions expressed here are my own. Keep up-to-date on over the counter safety information by visiting the KnowYourOTCs and by following them on Pinterest.

Happy Earth Day!

I try to incorporate green living into our lives as much as possible, though I’m sure there are lots of things we could do better. We compost, plant a garden, have our own fruit trees, we recycle, have solar panels on our roof, and we’re looking to replace our real grass with artificial grass to cut down on our water consumption.

I’ve also written about different ways you can go green without breaking the bank or exerting a ton of time. Why reinvent the wheel? I’m going to share last year’s Earth Day post with you that offers you 10 things you can start doing today to make the world a better place.


What tips and suggestions can you offer to add to the list?