Red Onions: How To Regrow Red Onions and Plant Onion Sets

How to regrow sprouted red onions using the onion sets inside of it. Also includes a link to a post on how regrow celery, garlic, and green onions.Last summer, I explained to you how you can regrow celery, garlic, and green onions. I have continued to replant all of those things, and rarely have to buy them. Since then, I’ve been thinking: I wonder what else I can regrow? So when one of my red onions started sprouting, I let it continue to grow so that I could figure out how to plant onion sets from it.

From what I understand, onion sets are very small bulbs. These bulbs are very easy to set out and grow into mature bulbs. Remember that sprouted red onion I mentioned? I knew if I cut it open that the middle part of that was sending up those green tops would be onion sets.

Red Onions: How To Plant Onion Sets

How to regrow sprouted red onions using the onion sets inside of them. Also includes a link to a post on how regrow celery, garlic, and green onions.

1. Get your sprouted red onion, a knife, and a cutting board.

2. Make a deep slit into the red onion so that you can peel away the out layers to get at the core of the onion. This is where you will find the onion sets.

3. Gently pull away the layers until you find the sprouted onion sets. The onion set should come apart as one bulb. This one came apart into two pieces. I’ve had success planting them both ways.

4. Make sure to leave some root on the end of the onion set.

5. Plant them in fertilized soil and let them do their thing!

When To Harvest Red Onions

Mature red onions are ready for harvesting when the green top withers, falls over and starts to turn brown. Expect this to happen in mid to late summer. But red onions don’t like to get wet; be sure to harvest before the fall rains start.

Lay mature onions in a single layer on newspaper in a warm, well ventilated place to dry out for several days. You’ll know they are reading when the outer skin becomes papery and crispy dry. Hang in bunches, away from any moisture. If stored in a dry cool place, the red onions can keep for months.

There are some diseases that can infect planted red onions that are caused by wet leaves. Water the red onions early in the day so the leaves will dry before night.

How to regrow celery, garlic, and green onions. Also includes a link on how to regrow sprouted red onions using the onion sets inside of them.

Learn how to regrow celery, garlic, and green onions too! It’s easy and will save you money at the grocery store.

I’ve learned that there are lots of other things that you can regrow, including lettuce and cabbage. Stay tuned for more on that! And for more gardening tips and tricks, visit my Gardening board on Pinterest. You’ll find more kitchen tips and tricks here.

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  1. This has now become my favorite frugal away to multiply groceries. I had a slightly different experience with sweet Vidalia-type onions. I cored them just as you showed, though leaving a slightly larger core. I found that each of the “sets” in the middle wanted to grow its own onion! The bulbs push away from each other and sort of crowd each other out. I actually got 8 medium-sized sweet onions from the cores of 2 larger ones! I’ve now taken to separating the sets, cutting the rooted base area with a sharp knife so that the onions can grow to maturity with lots of space. Another easier way I’ve had success is to simply cut off the bottom of the onion, let it root out in soil, and then separate the sets that grow with a knife. (As a final note, the onion cores I planted in February are now full-sized. I had a few bolt on me, but I cut the scapes and they have bulbed up nicely.)

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