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The Countdown Is On…

Looking forward to dropping them off at school in just a more days!

Yep, the countdown is on until Ethan starts Kindergarten and the girls start preschool. Next Wednesday (why do they start in the middle of the week?), my sweet boy starts “real” school. The following week, the girls will start preschool two days a week. I will be getting about four hours a week sans kids. It might not sound like much to you, but it has me doing the happy dance.

I can workout uninterrupted!

I can write!

I can get errands done without lugging all three kids along!

I can take a nap!

I can go to lunch with my husband, or maybe see a friend!

The possibilities are endless!

When Ethan started preschool last year, it was bittersweet. I went through the emotions of “oh-he’s-growing-up-so-fast” and “my-little-boy-isn’t-a-baby-anymore”. This year? Not so much. I am ready for this! I am ready for this time. I know that getting away from them for a few hours a week is something that we all need.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure I’ll cry when I drop him off and then again the next week when I drop the girls off. I’m sure I won’t be skipping out of school or doing the happy dance. I’m sure I won’t. Probably.

Being a full-time, stay at home mom has been the most challenging job I’ve ever had. I’m constantly on, constantly doing something. Kids cannot and do not appreciate the day-to-day things. They are demanding and stubborn and whiney, and if you aren’t a patient person, it’s enough to drive you crazy. I am not patient, so it’s been  a real eye opener for me, how tough it is for moms that stay home.

It’s tough, but it’s also a huge blessing, and I know how lucky I am to be able to do it. And all that being said, I’m still looking forward to school starting again. How about you?

There’s still time for you to enter my BabbaBox giveaway! If you don’t know what a BabbaBox is, go find out now!

White Trash Wine Glasses AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

Last year, I showed you how to make these white trash wine glasses and you loved them. In fact, it seems everybody loves white trash wine glasses because that post is one of my top searched posts on Google. Who knew people were so trashy?!

But these are pretty fancy-schmancy for everyday use. These glasses are like your good china that you only bust out when company comes over because you are worried that it will get broke if you use it all the time.

But what about everyday use? What about the white trash wine glasses that you want to use all the time?

You need something dependable but that you don’t have to worry about breaking. If the kids knock it over, you won’t care. If you need to buy make new ones, it’s no big deal.

And that’s where these new white trash wine glasses come in. Introducing the White Trash Wine Glasses AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses for everyday use!

You can make your own White Trash Wine Glasses (AKA Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses) in no time at all! These have a base that can be used as a shot glass too!

Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

That’s right people! Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses. Or plastic wine glasses, red cup style. These are just as easy to make as the other white trash wine glasses. Use a hot glue gun to apply some glue to the bottom of the shot glass, and then attach the shot glass to the Red Solo Cup. I pressed on it for just long enough to make sure it was straight and centered (or pretty close…these are white trash glasses after all!) and then put  something heavy on top of them and let them dry over night. That’s it!

Looking for more white trash gift ideas? I’ve got White Trash Gift Ideas That Will Make You Laugh.

Now you need something to put in your new wine glasses. Check out my Peach and Orange Sangria recipe. It’s a cool, refreshing drink that you can enjoy sitting on the patio in the evening while the kids are playing outside. I made these glasses for my sister’s birthday and plan to pour all of that sangria into a large Mason jar to go along with them. I hope she enjoys them!

The beauty of using shot glasses for the “stem” of the glass is that it’s multi-functional: you can drink wine in the cup or flip it over and do shots. Maybe try my Jolly Rancher infused vodka or my Chocolate Pudding Shots.

Still want more cocktail ideas? Check out my board Beverages for Adults on Pinterest.

Peach and Orange Sangria Recipe: Perfect For Those Hot Summer Days

Our white peach tree produced about a million peaches this year, more than we know what to do with. So I have been giving them away, eating them, and trying to figure out what else to do with them. I found a recipe for sangria that is yummy and that I thought I’d share with you. If you are a fan of white wine, you will love this recipe!

This Peach and Orange Sangria Recipe is perfect for hot summer days or any day you are looking forward to a refreshing glass of wine. Includees a recipe for one-glass white sangria too!

Peach and Orange Sangria Recipe

This is so simple to make. In a pitcher, combine some mint leaves (I picked it from the garden, rinsed it off, and tore it into pieces) with a splash of peach schnapps (or peach vodka) and a tablespoon of sugar. Gently stir and mash the mint using a wooden spoon.

This Peach and Orange Sangria Recipe is perfect for hot summer days or any day you are looking forward to a refreshing glass of wine. Includees a recipe for one-glass white sangria too!

Look at all of that yummy fruit!

Next, slice some peaches (right from the tree!) into thin slices. Add to the pitcher. Thinly slice one orange, and add that as well.

Add a bottle of chilled white wine (try Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigot) and stir it all together. Cover and chill. The longer it sits, the yummier it is! Pour it into a White Trash Wine Glass and enjoy!

A little warning…if you have never had sangria before you might not know this, but the fruit seeps up all the alcohol from the wine. You will want to eat the fruit, but beware! Eat too much of it and you’ll be tipsy before you know it!

If you don’t want to make a whole pitcher of sangria, I’ve got a great recipe for one glass white sangria too!

Do you have a favorite sangria recipe? I’d love to hear about it!

For more wine, mimosa, and sangria recipes, check out my All Wine, All the Time board on Pinterest.

Let Me Tell You About BabbaBox…And How You Can Win One For Yourself!

BabbaBox. Funny name, right? But inside this box, designed specifically for kids ages 3 – 6 is all kinds of educational goodness! And while it’s designed for a specific age range, I am sure that older kids would enjoy it too.

What is it exactly? BabbaBox is a monthly subscription box that is delivered to your home with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. I was contacted BabbaCo to see if I’d like to review a box. At first, I was thinking that I was going to pass on the opportunity. But after watching this video, I decided to check it out!

Watch the video below to see first hand what the box is all about!

Pretty cool, right? Well a few weeks ago, we got our BabbaBox. The theme of the month was the Sun, Moon and Stars. There was lots of information about the solar system, the moon, the sun and stars. Information that was even interesting to me!

I’m sure some of the information went right over the twins’ heads, but Ethan was intrigued – and excited – to check out all of the included materials. There was a book, projects and even a little gift for mom & dad.

Included in the box was a book titled Twinkle, Star of the Week,  a small pair of binoculars with a sheet describing the different phases of the moon throughout a month, two different age-appropriate projects, and a star wine stopper for me.

The first thing we did was check out the moon with the binoculars, something the kids want to do now anytime they can see the moon in the sky. All of the kids liked this activity, and they’ve all come to understand that throughout the month the moon looks different. They don’t “get” why the moon looks different, but they recognize that it’s not always the same.

The following day, we read the story included in the box. They loved Twinkle, Star of the Week so much that we read it all the time. It’s a cute story about a star trying to find out what makes her unique in a classroom full of other stars. And of course, it ends with a song (you know the one!) The kids love that they can sing along and look forward to the ending every time.

And just a few days ago, the kids’ cousin Sydney came over to play. I thought it would be a great time to check out the other projects included in the box. One of the projects was a Constellation project that included a frame so the kids could keep their artwork. They all took turns applying stars to special paper that changed colors in the sunlight. Although they didn’t create a known constellation, they did create one of their own! Did I mention they took turns? There was no fighting! It was great!

Lila excited to get started on her moon nightlight

But the messiest, and most fun for the kids, was creating a paper mache moon nightlight…at least for about 5 minutes anyways. We spread out the newspaper, made the paste, and let the kids go to town. Everything required (including a small battery operated tea light for the nightlight) to make the nightlight was included.

Although they were excited to get messy, they quickly got bored. And they weren’t happy that they had to wait overnight to see the results. They were more interested in playing with the balloon! But this morning, when I popped the balloon, they were excited to see that it actually worked and want it on when they go to bed tonight. They even all want to sleep in Ethan’s room so they can see it!

I will be honest – I haven’t been this excited to introduce you to a new product in a long time. This was fun, educational, and because there were several different things to do in the box, it kept the kids busy for multiple days.  Everything needed for the projects was in the box. You can even go online for interactive learning downloads approved by BabbaCo experts.

And of course I loved the little gift included just for me – this star shaped wine stopper. I can’t wait to put it to good use!

The cost for a BabbaBox is $29.99 a month, which includes free shipping. It was worth every penny, and I plan to join and get the kids a membership.

The good people over at BabbaCo want you to check it out too! They are offering all of you a special promotion for a back to school pack that they think you will love. You can get the first 3 months of the membership for 33% off the regular price…that’s only $20 per box! Just use the coupon code MONSTER33BTS at checkout for this awesome deal!is  and of course they can still receive the usual 20% off the first box with your other code.

Not sure you are ready to commit to 3 months without checking it out first? If you use MONSTER20OFF to receive 20% off of any  BabbaCo products!

Still not convinced? Well you can enter to win a BabbaBox to check out for yourself! There are lots of ways to enter! Simply leave a comment and you’ve got a shot. Do a few more things for even more chances to win! this Rafflecopter giveaway This is a giveaway you want to win…trust me! Good luck!

Have you checked out BabbaBox already? What do you think of the products?

This giveaway begins on Thursday, July 26th and will end on Thursday, August  2nd, 2012 at 11:59  pm. It is open to US residents only. One winner with a valid entry will be selected at random using The winner will be announced on Friday and must respond within 48 hours to claim. Otherwise, another eligible entry will be chosen. I received a free BabbaBox for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

I Want Wine, Not Whine!

The whining. Oh, the incessant, non-stop whining. It is slowly quickly killing me.

All three of my kids have developed the lovely habit of whining instead of talking to me. Honestly, they whine more than they speak. I have come to hate the sing-songy, cry-like words that come out of their mouths. If they want something, they whine. If they don’t get their way, they whine. If they are tired, they whine. If they are hungry, they whine. They whine to communicate. They whine and repeat over and over what they are whining about. They.Just.Whine.

All of this makes me want to wine.

I have even caught myself whining back at them, but not in a good way. It’s like I’m developing the habit too.

It’s gotten to the point where I am wondering whether my decision to go off of my anti-depression medication was a bad idea – if I can’t handle being a mom without it.

It has gotten to the point where I feel like I’m just a terrible mom. Like I’m not cut out for this job. Like I’m not good at it.

It’s gotten so bad that I lost it the other day. After a morning full of “no” and “please stop whining” and “please use your words” and “please be quiet” and “JUST STOP” and “I am soooo done” and “you guys are driving me crazy”, I finally lost it. While having to clean up one mess they made by eating on the couch even though I specifically told them not to (this occurred when I went upstairs to do more camping laundry), they decided to dump water all over the kitchen table and spread their lunch on top of it. They decided to do that little number while they were whining because I wouldn’t give them a treat.

And I just lost it.

I started crying uncontrollably. I just couldn’t take anymore. I hit my limit. And I stood there crying, watching them watch me. They were all so quiet, with wide-O mouths and eyes to match. It was the quietest they had been all day.

I walked into the bathroom and locked the door, and I could hear Ethan whispering to them. I don’t know what he said, but once I got control of myself and cleaned myself up, I walked out of the bathroom they all apologized.

I tried to explain why I was so upset – how their whining and not listening and bickering hurt my feelings. I thought they got it.

But within 5 minutes the whining had already started up again.

The next day, I needed to talk to a friend, so I called Nichole from in these small moments. Gratefully, she answered and we had a nice chat. I know she has little ones close in age too, and she assured me she understood completely and mentioned some things that helped her deal with the whining. She reached out to another blogger, Melissa at Confessions of a Dr. Mom, and ended up writing an article full of Melissa’s advice (Winning Against Whining…easy tips and worth the read!) Just knowing that someone else was dealing with the same thing made me feel better.

Last night, while getting ready to go to my weekly bowling league, the whining was so bad I went upstairs to take some prescription ibuprofen to deal with my headache and major neck cramps (where I hold all my stress). Inadvertently, I took two Somas instead of ibuprofen. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I didn’t feel right – I felt loopy and tired and drunk. I went back upstairs to make sure I had just taken ibuprofen, only to realize that I took twice the dose of major pain medication.

The stress of the whining is getting to me. I could have seriously hurt myself. I need something to change.

I asked friends on Facebook about how they deal with whining and got the typical funny responses like “Benadryl” and “duct tape”. I got some serious ones too, and I’m willing to try them all. So far, they are not working any better than me screaming at the top of my lungs.

I guess what I really need reassurance about is whether or not this constant whining is normal. Do all kids do this? Is it something I’m doing (or not doing) that’s making it so bad? Am I a bad mom?

I’m kind of asking these questions rhetorically, but you know that misery loves company. Knowing I’m not the only mom who feels this way would actually make me feel better about the situation. And of course, if you have any suggestions on how to deal with the whining, I’d love to hear them!

And send wine. I could use that, too. Or maybe I’ll just make my Banana Icebox Cake recipe and eat the whole thing.