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Lila and Mia Host The Bidness – Round 14

I am SUPER excited to be guest posting over at SITS and sharing my tips for how to build a blog community (loyal readership) on your blog! If you are interested in growing your readership, definitely stop over and read it! But Lila and Mia also have a few things to say here, so I’m handing the floor over to them now…

The Business Lila: My mom never lets us talk anymore. Even though she knows you guys like it when we do.


The Business Mia: Yeah, she’s mean sometimes. She doesn’t even want us to play on her iPad. We love Angry Birds.


Lila: Maybe she would let us if we didn’t get into so much trouble all the time. She always says that we start one mess and while she cleans it up, we make two more.

Mia: I don’t think that’s true, though. I think she just thinks everything is a mess. We are just having fun!

Lila: I know! And then she makes us go play outside, so we throw rocks. Daddy doesn’t like that. We like to take the bark out of the planters, too. We throw it in the lawn, all over the patio and at the dogs. We get in trouble for that a lot.

Mia: Uh huh, we do. Mommy says “I never let you play with that and you always get in trouble, so why do you keep doing it?!”

Lila: Doesn’t she know it’s fun? That’s why we do it!

Mia: You know what else is fun? Throwing stuff in the toilet.

Lila: Yeah! And unwinding the toilet paper roll. And trying to flush our diapers. Did you guys know that doesn’t work?

Mia: Mom doesn’t think so. Mom is never fun.

Lila: You know what else is fun that mom doesn’t like? When we dump cereal all over the couch. Or out of the box. Or try to feed it to the dogs. She doesn’t like any of those things.

Mia: Getting Tater in trouble is fun too. All I have to do is start crying and mom yells “TATER!” like she’s really mad.

Lila: Even when he doesn’t do anything! That’s probably why he hits us all the time because he knows that even if he doesn’t he’s still gonna get into trouble.

Mia: Our mommy got our haircut finally. Did she tell you that? Now they call me Lloyd because she says that is what my haircut looks like.

Lila: Well, at least you have hair! The lady told mommy I can’t wear piggy tails in my hair anymore or it won’t grow!

Mia: Yeah, I do have more hair than you.

Lila: We got tricycles for Christmas, and I love riding mine. Mia just pushes hers around though.

Mia: It’s not my fault that my feet don’t reach the pedals! You’re a giant!

Lila: No I’m not! I am big like Tater.

Mia: Well, it’s still fun even if I just push it.

Lila: And the last thing we want to tell you is that mommy says we talk a lot. And ask a lot of questions. And she says we are going to drive her to drink with all the questions.

Mia: She just gets mad because she doesn’t know the answers, I bet!

Lila: Tater knows the answers! He knows everything.

Mia: Mommy says he thinks he knows everything.

Lila: I don’t know. Maybe he is smarter than mommy. He’s way more fun than mommy!

Mia: SHHHHH! What’s that? I think Mommy’s coming! Or is it Tater?

Lila: Well if it’s Tater, he can help us find a mess to make, right?

Mia: Let’s go find out!

And So It Goes…

Not me, but it's how I feel...

They say when it rains it pours, and they are right. Last week on Wednesday, my computer started acting wonky – you couldn’t click on any posts without getting a 404 error message…basically, my blog was broke. I thought something might be wrong with my hosting because I couldn’t log into my Dashboard either. But I didn’t beg ask Ashley for help until Friday. And it didn’t get fixed until Sunday. So yeah, I’m way behind now.

I also don’t have a Mommy Moment to share today…I didn’t want to have a guest poster here if my blog was still broke! So watch for that later in the week.

And over at, things they are a changin’, so I have a ton of work to do there.

I could’ve just not posted today, but I wanted you to know what was going on…that I hadn’t ditched my blog! If you notice anything weird, shoot me an email okay? We *think* it’s all fixed, but you never know…

In the meantime, if you are trying to grow your blog’s audience, readership, or social media followers, head over to moments that define life and read the advice from me and some other seasoned bloggers who have already made that a big focus on our blogs. We’ll tell you what worked for us!

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming, so stay tuned!

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Monster Likes #4 – 2012

It’s the weekend and you know what that means…it’s time for Monster Likes! What’s Monster Likes? I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past week.

If one of your posts is listed below and you want the badge, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll send you the badge to put on your post!

And now on to the good stuff….

Krista over at Not Mommy of the Year wrote a beautiful post titled if the moment was a picture that I immediately fell in love with. Probably because it reminded me of the post I wrote about Ethan titled Sweet Memory. It’s one of my favorite posts that I’ve ever written.

Over at The TRUTH About Motherhood, Deb wrote Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mommy…and it’s all so true!

Leigh Ann from Genie in a Blog wrote a hilarious guest post over at Wonder, Friend titled The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist…this is so my cleaning style!

Still want more weekend reading? Head over to Sluiter Nation where Katie is also sharing her fave posts of the week! Check ‘em out!

I have comments turned off on this post because my blog is being a real jerk right now and if you click on any posts, you get a 404 error message. I’m hoping to have it fixed soon!

My Life In Drafts

I’m sure many of you save ideas for blog posts somewhere, somehow. I happen to save mine as a Draft in WordPress. It works for me…or so I thought until I started looking through them. Turns out, I may be a borderline idiot because for many of these saved Drafts, I have NO IDEA what they mean! Let me give you some examples…

While going through my Drafts, and seeing what I have wanted to write about but just haven’t written about yet, I’ve had some really awesome things I have wanted to share with you. My very organized way of keeping track of post ideas (said as sarcastically as possible) is to title a post with my idea and then save it as Draft…I just need to find time to share these post topics, some good ones if I do say so myself. Things like:

  • Why I Got Fake Boobs
  • How Jason Proposed
  • 10 Smells From Childhood (via a Seven Clown Circus prompt)
  • You Know You’re Addicted To Blogging When…
  • Understanding Twitter
  • 10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say Till I Had A Kid (via The Mommyologist’s post)
  • Time In Lake Havasu When I Walked Into a Restaurant With A Bunch Of Girlfriends And Found Our Picture Posted On Their Wall
  • Time I Thought Tater Was Kidnapped
  • Things Mom Was Right About
  • Jason Says I Couldn’t Talk If I Sat On My Hands (I Talk With My Hands)
  • When Jason Deleted Our Vacation Pics in Fiji
  • Kisses (from 10/2010 – Tater kissed Lila when he had cupcake frosting all over his face and left it all over her sweet little sleeping face)
  • Going To A Friend’s House That Doesn’t Have Kids (why it sucks)
And then there’s some real gems in there, too. Some of which I have NO IDEA what they mean. Like these Draft Beauties…
  • From 01/16/2012 – Title: My Bruise – Like you guys want to hear about how I ate shit walking down our wooden stairs, landed on my ass, and almost knocked myself out. There’s pictures, and the bruise ain’t pretty…it’s disgusting. Just ask @MommaKiss, @tsharp12, or @MrsWonder.
  • From 01/18/2012 – No Title – The body of the Draft says: “dafafadFASDAS”  I got nothin’ people. No clue. And this was just last week.
  • From 12/01/2011 – Title: Monday Post – That’s all it said. WTF?
  • From 06/15/2011 – Title: Lila Says No – Maybe the first time? Because she says it daily now…
  • From 03/25/2011 – Title: Reviewing Your Analytics – What do I know about analytics and why in God’s name did I think I could write about them?!
  • From 03/25/2011 – Title: The Business Shakes Her Money Maker – Sure Lila loves to dance, but do I have a video or picture of it somewhere? I’d love to see it!
  • From 03/23/2011 – Title: My Mole Experience – Yep, my hot (in a super geeky kind of way) male dermatologist had to check out a mole I had in my nether-regions. I think I did blog about that eventually?
  • From 11/09/2010 – Title: Cleaning Up After The Kids – Really? This is something to blog about? Like it never happens?
I never keep those titles, it’s just a *reminder* to me of what I wanted to write about. Note to Self: You might want to be a bit more specific in the future, just sayin…

So what’s in your Drafts? Got any funny things in there to share  (especially ones that you have no idea what they mean?)

Did you see my big announcement yesterday? I’m a Charter Chiquita Mom and you can be a Chiquita Mom too!

I Can Finally Share The News! I’m A Charter Chiquita Mom!


After having to wait a couple of months to tell you the big news, and believe me I’m not patient and it wasn’t easy, I can now officially announce that I am a Charter Chiquita Mom! I am one of the lucky 5 bloggers that was selected to be a brand ambassador for Chiquita – to represent the brand and help others learn that Chiquita is more than just Chiquita bananas and Chiquita pineapples. Chiquita is a staple in our house, I’ve loved Chiquita bananas since I was a kid, and I am proud to be chosen to be one of the faces that represents them. Proud and honored.


Who are the other Charter Chiquita Moms? Well, from left to right there’s Katie, VanessaTricia, me and Angie. These ladies are really incredible, and I’m humbled to be part of such a great group of bloggers!

So what does my new gig entail? I’m going to be writing on a regular basis at the new Chiquita Moms Community! We Charter Chiquita Moms will be sharing motherhood stories, craft ideas, recipes and more with you and other moms around the world. We’ll help you get to know Chiquita, and help spread the word about everything that Chiquita is, stands for, and represents. It’s going to be an amazing and very fun community – somewhere you can meet other moms, share stories, ask questions, and everything else that you need when you’re a mom. We’ll support each other, laugh, cry and vent with each other, and most importantly learn from one another. It’s going to be THE mom community!

Last week, I was lucky enough to head out to Cincinnati to visit Chiquita’s headquarters and even meet the company’s CEO, Fernando Aguirre! Charter_Chiquita_Moms

The Chiquita Moms Community is launching soon, very soon. And I want you to be a part of it. So before the big announcement is made by Chiquita introducing the site to the masses, you are going to get VIP access! Hop on over to www.ChiquitaMoms.Com and submit your email address to be among the first moms to be notified of the official community launch! I’ve seen what it’s going to be, and I am excited to share it with you!

In the meantime, check out this video of Chiquita’s Executive Chef sharing the easiest, yummiest snack recipes that your kids will love: Banana Socials!

Yummy right? And there’s more where that came from! Head over to the Chiquita Moms Community and submit your email to become one of the first Chiquita Moms! We can’t wait and hope that you’ll join us!

** I am a Charter Chiquita Mom and am compensated for my time. Chiquita was also nice enough to pay for my travel expenses during the Cincinnati trip last week. I was not required to write about this exciting news, I wanted to! As usual, all opinions expressed are my own.**

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