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Saturday Stuff #4

Okay, 2 bad weeks in a row? I think I’m due for a good one, right?!! I’m trying to keep it all together while dealing with teething babies (yes, babies…plural), a toddler running a fever for no apparent reason, cleaning up after construction, praying that construction will be finished this weekend, AND trying to keep up not only on my blogging, but also responding to comments and visiting other blogs. And tweeting. Cuz I loves me some Twitter.

Thanks to everybody who stopped by to visit this week! If I didn’t cruise by your blog for a visit, or if I didn’t respond to a comment, know I’m still trying to get through the email and will be by – hopefully this weekend!

In the meantime…I have a HUGE thank you to send out to Liz over at a belle, a bean, and a chicago dog
because a few weeks ago she (finally!….kidding, kinda) awarded me with a Chicago Dog Award! I’ve been hoping to get one for months and I finally did! Here’s what Liz says about recipients of the Chicago Dog: “Witty, smart, sassy & true-to-life! Sprinkle on a little sarcasm, and you’ve got yourself a true Chicago Dog award winner.”

a belle, a bean & a chicago dog
This award is one coveted by many because not only does Liz not give many of them out, but it also comes with NO strings attached! She just gives it to the bloggers that she thinks are awesome! Thank you Liz! You know I think you are awesome, too!
And now…my favorite blog posts of the week! I want to share them with you, and hope you’ll check them out because they are each fantastic in their own way. For your reading pleasure, check these out:

The Flying Chalupa wrote a post called The Little Engine That No Way in Hell about what happens when mom gets sick. It’s hilarious, and hits the nail right on the head.

Julie over at The Peanut Gallery…Exit Here wrote a post titled A Walk Down Memory Lane about the first time they met their adopted daughter, and included pics and a video. It had me blubbering like a baby….good blubbering full of happiness and joy. It’s touching and you need to watch it.

And Lori over at In Pursuit of Martha Points wrote a post titled The House Where Lori Lives, based on The House That Jack Built. It’s about all the crap that we go through to get the house spruced up for an appraisal. It had me laughing,  nodding in agreement, and wanting her kitchen. And I want to do cool stick figures now too.

Oh, I’m at a playdate (AKA guest posting!) over at The Life of Rylie…and Bryce, Too! Please check it out because LeeAnn’s blog is awesome. I write about the last “firsts”…you know what I mean – the last time you experience a first smile, or first steps…and the feelings that go with it.

And there you have it! Please check back on Sunday for the new WOW! for Word Up, YO!

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And so it goes…

It’s All One Big Hot Mess

Things have been crazy around here lately…and I’m not just talking day-to-day craziness. I’m talking *hot mess*- trying to keep my head above water – when it rains, it pours (and not in a good way) crazy. That picture above? If I had long, brown hair, a tan, and wore red lipstick? Well, that would be me. I need to get Gigi over at Kludgy Mom, the genius behind Friday Flip Offs, to change the picture to look like me. Because it depicts how I feel 99.9% of the time lately.

Now on to the craziness…Tater hit a bunch of milestones over the past week, which of course means that we stayed busy helping him work on becoming a big boy. The twins are busy learning to walk, getting teeth, eating like it’s going out of style, becoming way more active than ever, and sleeping way less than I prefer they usually do. The house is still a mess, and construction is at a standstill until who knows when.

It used to be that I could actually get chores and things done when the girls were awake as long as I remained in the same room with them. So I could vacuum, dust, do dishes, clean the kitchen, etc. as long as they could see me. Not anymore! Now, they want to be pretty much on top of me the entire time they are awake. So I spend lots of time on the floor playing and keeping them busy. And Tater of course also wants to get in on the action, so they’ve all become an extension of me. We call them my hemorrhoids.

This means that during naptime, and after the twins hit the sack for the night, I clean and try to get things accomplished. And herein lies the *hot mess* of a problem…I’m a little obsessive compulsive when I start to clean. I’ll start on one thing (like cleaning the counters in the kitchen), and the next thing you know I’m cleaning the front of all the cabinets, pulling everything out of each cabinet to vacuum inside, and before you know it, I’m rearranging where everything belongs.

And the same thing happens in every room! So while I was planning on getting lots of the construction cleaning done this week, it didn’t happen. I haven’t even made it out of the kitchen! So our *hot mess* of a house continues to be, well, a *hot mess*!

I’d like to flip off the mess. I’d also like to flip off construction, ants, and not having enough hours in the day. And I am flipping off the fever that Tater acquired out of nowhere that isn’t doing any more (thank God) than keeping me worried. While I’m at it, I’m flipping off teething, too. Because there is nothing worse than a teething baby, except two teething babies.

header 150x150

And so it goes…

Tater’s Big Week

Tater had a really big week over the past week! Not only did he get to go to Disneyland for the first time, he hit a couple of big milestones: he learned to swim (well, doggy paddle with floaties on, but still…) and he doesn’t wear diapers during the day anymore! So does that mean he’s potty trained? He still wears a diaper to bed at night, but he’s even been waking up dry.

I am SO proud of my boy! He is going to be three in August, and I can’t believe how much he’s turning into a “little boy” and how much he’s grown…physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

You Know You’re a Mom When….
You feel so much pride in your child, and you understand that that kind of pride can’t possibly be considered a sin.

You watch your child jump from the side and into the pool, and are more afraid of him growing up than of jumping in the pool by himself.

You can’t believe the feeling that the weight of the world was lifted off your shoulders once potty training was finally completed.

You have just as much fun (or more!) as your kid(s) when introducing them to something new (like Disneyland or swimming).

You finally realize that being a mom means that you’ll be able to re-live your childhood and share the things you loved about it with your kids.

This is for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday…Check out some other fantastic posts below, or visit any of these blogs to link up!

This post also represents my favorite meme…You Know You’re a Mom When-sDaze by Arizona Mamma!

And so it goes…

The Never Ending Stair Construction

So about a week ago, I was so excited because the construction in the house was supposed to be getting finished up. Due to a flood in the house back in March (Yes March! Can you believe how long this is taking??!) we had to have our entire staircase refinished, and decided to upgrade from carpet to wood. It started out like this:

Almost three months after the flood…
Then finally we got to this:
And now finally we look like this:
Notice anything missing? The wrought iron bars still have not been put in! That’s because it was stained a week ago last Saturday, but we noticed some issues with the wood – it looks like it is warped in a few places. So we are hoping that this coming weekend it will be completed. Sigh.
But let me tell you about the weekend it got stained. Saturday was staining day, and Sunday walls were being painted, and baseboard was being installed. Because we are dumb asses, we created a weekend from hell for ourselves. It never occurred to either one of us that the fumes from the staining and lacquer might be overwhelming. Nobody mentioned it either, until it was too late.
Because my entire family (parents, siblings, relatives…) all went camping for the week, I thought it would be a good idea to get a key to my sister’s house (she lives about 2 miles away) so that we could hang out there while the work was being done since we had to get out of the house both days. Hubby had other plans though – he wanted to go to his sister’s house (30 miles away) to visit with her family. Although we still don’t agree on how it happened, this is my blog so it goes my way: I told him I’d get my sister’s house key anyways, just in case we needed it, and he said no because we were going to his sister’s house so we wouldn’t need it. And I didn’t get the key.
Saturday morning, the stainer shows up. We let him in, and he then tells us to come back in three hours to check the color of the stain. So we drive to his hubby’s sister’s house (30 miles away), and then him and I come back in three hours for a total of five minutes to say the stain was fine. He tells us he’ll be done around 5:00 or so, and he’d call us. We finally get the call at 7:00, and drive back home. We get here, and it smells SO strong of stain and lacquer we can barely even stand to be in the house. I’m afraid that if the kids go to sleep, they may not wake up. And I’m only exaggerating a little when I say that. Then he tells us not to go up the stairs for at least three hours, but if we stay off of them overnight, that would be even better. Why he didn’t tell us all this the first two times we saw him that day I don’t know.
We decide to set up the playpen in the spare room downstairs, and realize we left it at his sister’s house since we were going back the next morning. So I called three friends looking for a Pack N Play to borrow. And found one…went over and picked it up…and set it up. And that’s when we decided we couldn’t stay in the house all night because of the smell. So we drove aaaaallll the way back to hubby’s sister’s house to spend the night. And then drove aaaaallll the way back in the morning to open the door so the painters could come in and do their thing.
A weekend from hell. A total of 5 round trips to his sister’s house for a grand total of 300 miles. If we would’ve went to my sister’s house, it would’ve been a total of 5 round trips for a grand total of 20 miles.
And because of all of the sawdust from the drilling and sawing, the filters for the air conditioners (one upstairs and one downstairs) were totally covered with it and actually ended up blowing it through the ducts. There was dust EVERYWHERE.
And because we had to replace baseboard due to the flood, everything had to be moved out of closets and our china hutch (so it could be moved). And hubby has been working like a crazy person and hasn’t had time to caulk and paint the baseboard. So my house still looks like this because nothing can be put away:
My formal living room has all the coat closet’s crap sitting in it, and is still covered in dust
Guest room bed is covered with my china
Formal dining room table is also covered with china
While my china hutch (it’s rustic and that’s why it looks “old”) sits all alone
But as always, life goes on, and isn’t all bad. We finally had a pest control company come out and spray for ants because I was losing the battle. So the ants are aborting their mission to overtake the house. And life in the garden continues to bloom…
The water lilies finally showed up (AKA Zephyr lilies)
And the hibiscus’ continue to stun me with their beauty!
Although the house is still covered in dust and ant carcasses, things are calming down. And life is good.
I also joined in with a recipe for my favorite muffins for Tasty Tuesdays. Check it out here!
And so it goes…

Almond Poppy Seed Muffins: The Best Recipe EVER

This recipe for almond poppy seed muffins creates light, airy, sweet muffins perfect for breakfast or with a cup of coffee as a snack.

This is my FAVORITE muffin recipe. I make these almond poppy seed muffins all the time, and could eat the entire batch myself (but I don’t…not in one sitting anyways!). I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Almond Poppy Seed Muffins

Almond Poppy Seed Muffins
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Recipe Image


  • 1-3/4 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon poppy seeds
  • 1/2 cup butter (softened)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract (I like a strong almond flavor, and use 1 teaspoon)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Sliced almonds to garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix flour, baking powder, salt and poppy seeds and set aside. Cream butter, sugar and extract. Add eggs, beating well. Add flour mixture alternately with milk into butter mixture. Pour into greased muffin tins (or ungreased paper muffin cups) and sprinkle with sliced almonds. Bake 24 minutes or till top springs back. Makes 10 large muffins, or 12 smaller muffins.
  2. You can also make a glaze with mixture of 1/4 cup powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, and 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract if desired.


These almond poppy seed muffins freeze well.



This recipe for almond poppy seed muffins creates light, airy, sweet muffins perfect for breakfast or with a cup of coffee as a snack.

If you are a fan of muffins for breakfast, try my Banana Oatmeal Muffins! Want something more savory? Try my Mini Breakfast Quiches, Baked Prosciutto and Egg Cups, or my Breakfast Pizza Cups. You can also check out my board Baking on Pinterest for lots of other great recipes.