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The Flower Garden

Hydrangea we received as an engagement gift…ten years ago!
I showed you all of the veggies and fruits that we have growing in our backyard a few weeks ago, and the How Does Your Garden Grow? post was a hit! So this time, I’m going to show you some of the flowers that are blooming – they all look so beautiful. Please keep in mind I’m not a very good picture-taker, and that I have no idea how to make them look better except by hitting “auto correct” and cropping.
First up, the rose section! Hubby is proud of these babies, and while I’m not a huge rose fan, these are my favorites.
Some of the roses currently growing: Christian Dior, my favorite (don’t know the name), Love, and scarlet carpet roses
Next up, the hibiscus…a tropical delight! These are 2 of 7 that we have in the backyard.
Followed by…lilies!
Very late blooming Easter lilies, my favorite Calla lilies that we have actually transplanted throughout the garden, and day lilies
And a bunch of others…

Geraniums, sea grass, and I don’t know what, but they’re cool!
 Star jasmine that has taken over our entire back fence and  smells HEAVENLY, and the last of the bearded irises
Crown of Thorns
Vinca Major…I bought a tiny pot of this, and it’s taking over as a border in our entire yard!
And the sweetest of surprises popped up (or at least we finally noticed them!) Monday evening…our berries that we thought were gone have reappeared! We just can’t remember what they are; we think they are boysenberries or blackberries.
My favorite flower? Orchids. Which I cannot grow for the life of me. What’s your favorite flower, and are they in your garden?

What Did I Miss? What did I Miss?

So many people were lucky enough to take off for Memorial Day weekend (lucky!), and missed out on reading their favorite blogs. If I’m one of those favorite blogs, here’s a rundown of what you missed over the weekend!

I flipped stuff off, photo style! I didn’t just tell you what upset me through the week and earned a flip off, I actually show you too! Check it out here.

Woo hoo! I rolled out my new blog design by Alissa at Simple Sweet Design. Do you like it? I love it! While you’re here…grab my button!

My blog was reviewed over at Blog Brew Review! Check it out and leave a comment so that everybody knows what you think of my blog.

I announced the winner of the Waterpik Easy Select showerhead giveaway! Gina from The Ish Blog was the lucky girl! Congrats again!

I also showed off my bucket list. Do you have one?

And so it goes…

My Bucket List

I was reading some blogs the other day, and I ran across a post over at in which she described what’s on her bucket list. I think everybody knows what a bucket list is, but in case you don’t, it’s basically the things that you hope to complete before you kick the bucket. I liked the idea so much, I thought I’d also start one for myself. I’ve been thinking about this list for a long time anyways, so I thought I’d show you what I have so far…

Things I want to do for myself
Learn to speak Italian…not fluently; just enough to carry on a somewhat understandable conversation

Walk with my mom in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk to honor family members affected by breast cancer (my mom is not included in that count, thankfully)

Read all the books on my ‘to read’ list. It’s currently at 493 books, but I’m adding to it constantly

Finish my MBA, not because I want to go back to work, but because I started it and I need to finish it. It’s like a little black cloud hanging over my head; the perpetual ‘To Do’

Become a sommelier (okay, this will never happen because I don’t have the nose for it, but without dreams, what do we have left?!)

Bake the perfect chocolate souffle

Stay in touch with friends I’ve had since high school and watch our kids grow up together (Christi, you know I’m talking about the twins and your sweet angel!)

Grow old and wise so my children, and even my grandchildren, come to me

Pass along family traditions along to our children

Put together all my recipes and pass them along…with handwritten notes

Create a “secret” family recipe

Write a children’s novel using my children as the characters and get it published

Complete a family tree

Learn to love and accept myself as is, faults and all, no strings attached

Things I want to do with hubby and the kids

Spend a month with travelling throughout Italy with hubby, specifically, it’s famous wine regions and the Isle of Capri…we even have a mural (a replica of a Howard Behrens painting) of Capri painted on a wall in our house

Travel through all 50 states – not all at once though!

Build our own home with lots of acres of land so that we can have a huge garden and guest house for the kids and grandkids to stay with us

Teach our kids, and see them become, responsible, respectable adults

Teach our kids to understand money and finances and how they work

Teach our kids to understand hard work and make sure they develop the work ethic so many young people today don’t possess

Dive the great barrier reef while vacationing in Australia

Yep, it’s a long list, and I’m hoping to get through…eventually…

What’s on your bucket list?

And I wanted to announce the winner of my Waterpik showerhead giveaway!! The winner is…

Congratulations to Gina from The Ish Blog…you just won the Waterpik Easy Select showerhead…woo hoo! I sent you an email; please respond with your full name and address so that I can send it to Waterpik! Thanks to everybody that participated – be on the lookout for my next giveaway coming later this week.

And so it goes…

Do Everything Good, Everyday!

My friend Tonya over at Letters for Lucas posted this video, and I immediately fell in love. I dare you to watch this without cracking a smile!

Remember this little girl’s sweetness and gratitude for what she has the next time you have a rough day or you need a quick attitude adjustment!

Today is the last day to enter my Waterpik Easy Select showerhead giveaway! Make sure to enter if you haven’t already.

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Have a great rest of the weekend!

And so it goes…

Check Out My New Monster Look!

Mommy of a Monster
Like my new look? I love it! But we’re still doing some tweaking and fine tuning so please excuse the dust. A special thanks to Alissa at Simple Sweet Design for making it happen!

Don’t forget to grab my new button because it’s pretty darn cute (thanks again Alissa)!! You can find it right under Google Friend Connect to the right of this post.

Yay! My blog is being reviewed today over at Blog Brew Review! Blog Brew Review is a cool blog dedicated to reviewing blogs and giving you a taste of what they’re all about so you don’t have to! It’s a super cool blog, so please check it out. I’m a contributor over there, so if you’d to have your blog reviewed please leave me a comment and let me know. Or you can email me at Thanks to Kristin from Taming Sanity for writing such a great review!

Don’t forget! Sunday is the last day to enter my first giveaway for a Waterpik Easy Select showerhead! Go check it out and leave me a comment on the post…that’s all you have to do to enter to win it!

Last but not least, I had a first time visitor here yesterday and so I went to check out his blog and thank him for swinging by…I found a new cool blog to read! He’s the Urban Cowboy, and he had a post titled 10 Signs You Might Be a Blog Addict, and it was too good not to share! So go check it out!

And so it goes…