20 Questions Answered By Ethan

I’m going to do another vlog. I know, I know…I said I probably wouldn’t do another one, but like you all told me, it’s kind of addicting! But I’m not going to be the star of the show – Ethan is. You probably all saw that Tonya over at Letters for Lucas did a 20 Questions post today, but it was her son Lucas who answered them. I decided to do the same thing here because I love the idea, but I’m going to have Ethan tell you the answers himself!

Next year, I’ll ask him the same 20 questions. I’ll ask the girls next year too. What a super fun tradition to start! Thanks for the idea Tonya!


  1. Gramma Gramma says:
    I love this! What a great idea! Especially his answers about Jimi Hendrix (where did he hear that one?) and keeping his book in the attic. Let me tell you Mommy of a Monster, this is just the beginning of the many secrets Ethan will keep from you :) And you won't find out till after he's grown - and you'll be thankful you didn't know what he was up to! You know what I mean, don't you?
  2. When you asked him what he liked to play with, I was relieved to hear him say his tractor! That kind of question could have turned up a nasty surprise!
  3. What a cute idea! How fun to see how his answers will progress from one year to the next!
  4. That was awesome! What a great idea. I'll have to do something like that too.
  5. So cute! What a good idea too.
  6. That was precious! I love that you vlogged it. "You have a book I don't know about?" "When were you in the attic?" So funny! And a doctor... to help sick people. Nice.
  7. Awww, he's so sweet! And he looks so much like you! Will it sound wierd if I tell you that I loved that you mentioned the nose picking at the beginning of the video? That's totally something my kids would do. Except they wouldn't sweetly answer "no" like Ethan did. They'd just stare at the camera and show their audience their proud pickings.
  8. This is such a cute idea!
  9. Ohhhh, I just love this! What a sweetie! I'd love to do something like this on my blog...and to do it every year and see the answers change. Priceless! Mandi Smile and Mama With Me
  10. I am SOOOO stealing this!
  11. Jimmy Hendrix. Too funny! And there were a couple of girls in the background trying to steal some of Ethan's thunder. Were they naked???? So funny!!


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