1:49 AM

1:49 AM. That’s when the dreaded thing happened that I’ve prayed would never happen. Ethan sat up and then threw up all over the bed. He was sleeping in my bed because Jason was working. NOT a fun mess to wake up to. Poor little guy was terrified too.

So why was this even worth blogging about? I know most moms have already dealt with this too many times to count. Luckily, this was my first time and he’s four! Why I am telling you this is because I thought it was ironic that I was gonna blog about my bed today anyways. Let me explain…

As you can see, we have a big bed. It’s a Cal King and has steps on each side to help you get into it. I was planning on putting the comforter and all the pretty pillows on and taking a picture of it…instead, you get to see one pillow and an old set of sheets because Tater tossed on everything else. Anyways, what I was gonna tell you about was what happens when Jason works nights. You see, when he works nights, I end up with all 3 kids in bed with me.

I was going to have Lila and Mia host The Bidness and have them tell you how they love sleeping in my bed with me and snuggling up and pushing me further off the very big bed. I was also going to tell you how they fight over who gets to sleep next to me, and how I usually end up in the middle of them until they go to sleep. And how magically when they wake up they are back in their own beds, or if they are still in my bed, how grouchy I am when it’s time to get out of bed and they don’t know why. Here’s why:

There should be enough room in that big ol’ bed for me and three little people, right? Wrong. I end up with maybe 10 – 12 inches of room to sleep on, and usually also end up with an arm and/or leg hanging off the side. Meanwhile, the girls are upside down, horizontal and everything else while Tater is also hanging on to 10 inches on the other side of the bed. But he’s a lot smaller than me and it’s enough room for him.

So last night, I FINALLY decided to let the girls fall asleep in our bed, and then I moved them back to their own beds. I was a happy camper. Tater was happy. I even went to bed early so I could get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

And then 1:49 AM hit and all hell broke loose. Stripping the bed, showering and then having Lila waking up was not fun. Sleeping in Tater’s double bed with him and Lila was also not fun. Fortunately, he didn’t throw up again and seems to be fine now. And I am even more fortunate that the girls weren’t in bed with us when he started hurling or it might have been a toss fest in there!

But I really, REALLY need to get those kids out of my bed on the nights that Jason works so I can be the one upside down and horizontal and everything else.

Damn kids…


  1. Oh no!!! I hate cleaning up the puke messes. My kids have been sneaking into my bed lately and OMG how can someone so small take up SO MUCH room?
  2. Oh, yuck! I had a stomach bug over New Year's Eve - I hope E recovers quickly & the girls don't catch it! Your bed is gorgeous, by the way... Cole recently posted..Celebrity Look AlikesMy Profile
  3. I do puke and poo for a living. Next time gimme a call. Symdaddy recently posted..Time: Too Long On The ToiletMy Profile
  4. I am glad he is fine, but that is a harsh wake up call. The hubs loves to let the toddler sleep with us but I am the one that always getting punched in the middle of the night. Barbara recently posted..Pretty as a pictureMy Profile
  5. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be laughing, but I can't seem to stop. I cannot share a bed with my kid. Not only does he move non-stop, he SNORES LIKE A TRUCKER, and likes to sleep directly on top of me. I cannot do it anymore. Never again.
  6. You know? I'm lucky that my kids don't sleep with me... yet. (they also are still in cribs so I suppose I shouldn't brag until they can physically get out of their own beds on their own.) But I swear every time I get ready to open my mouth and say "why don't you come get in bed with Mommy" when they are having a rough night, I remember stories like this and I keep my trap shut! So... thanks for that. :) Nice bed by the way! Krista recently posted..{Let’s Discuss} Toddler Sleep SchedulesMy Profile
  7. Cynthia G. says:
    We are finally at the stage where the boys prefer to sleep in their own beds when Dave works nights. A few weeks back when it was REALLY cold I tried to convince them that they wanted to have a "sleepover" in my bed and they said that they did not want to because there wasn't enough room. So the cat joined me and we froze.
  8. All my kids are still in cribs, yes even my almost 4 year old. She refuses to get out on their own so we keep her in there. And it's stories like yours that keeps her in a crib even though I get judged all the time for it. I'm going to cry when I have kids in beds and they can get out. I like having them trapped in there. I'm sorry you had such a rough night. My kids only throw up at night so I feel your pain. Twingle Mommy recently posted..Friday Confessions 1/6/12My Profile
  9. I am actually having the same issue (minus the throw up)! My husband was gone every week for 4 months up until December, so little dude got used to being allowed to sleep with me. Now, he winds up coming into our room in the middle of the night EVERY night and sleeping the rest of the night in our bed. I know I probably need to fix it...but I'm honestly just too damn tired to move him back on most nights. Hoping it is a phase he grows out of?? Mary Fischer recently posted..Mom Sexy Fridays: You Are What You Eat!My Profile
  10. Yeah, we've dealt with this one before - and she threw up hard boiled eggs. Which means she quite literally blew chunks. Fortunately, she was in her own crib at time. And just as fortunately, it was a freak incident, like Ethan's - we think a result of this weird self-induced gagging thing she used to do. I do not look forward to the day she gets a stomach bug and is up all night with it coming out of both ends, but I know it's inevitable. Like death and taxes. Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Dear 2012: I’d Like a Do-Over, PleaseMy Profile
  11. That sucks! I've been barfed on more times then I want to remember and it is the worst, especially in the middle of the night. And I'm there with you, my son wants to sleep in bed with me the nights my hubby works too. My daughter still loves her crib so I only have to contend with one but I tell ya, a Cal King isn't big enough for a toddler. It just gives them more room to roll around, turn upside down and kick you in the head. And he somehow always manages to end up on my pillow!
  12. KNOCK ON WOOD: We havnt been puked on yet. Thank goodness. My three year old climbs in bed with me about once a week. Drives me crazy. Between him and hubby I hardly have any room. I typically end up on the couch at that point while they sleep pretty in my bed.
  13. Oh I hate these times. Once the biggest threw up in his bed (new sheets), his bed again (out of sheets that fit), so then my bed (new sheets), my bed again (out of sheets that fit), and then the sheets that didn't fit. FINALLY we slept on blankets. And, naturally, he stopped puking. Jamie recently posted..if i could turn back time — the momalogMy Profile
  14. Oh you poor thing! {Also? I love your bed!} I hope everyone's feeling better! Galit Breen recently posted..Sweetness and LightMy Profile
  15. For awhile, we were working on putting CJ & Leila down in their own beds . . . but we realized that bedtime was taking, at least, an extra hour, and making for especially cranky parents. So, we get them to sleep in our bed & transfer them over . . . and then transfer them back over if they wake up in the middle of the night (for the 26 month old, this is a near-daily occurrence . . . for the 19 month old, it's far more rare, but if she ends up not sleeping through the night, nobody is sleeping). Whenever one of the kids pukes . . . well, that means the next kid is going to puke, and it's never anywhere but on the bed or on a parent. Never. And, how is it that such little people take up so much room? I'm a really big guy, but I end up, every day, on the very edge of the bed . . . it's worse when you add the two dogs & a cat to the mix. John recently posted..Where I embrace my inner geek, because there’s a monster in my closetMy Profile
  16. Knock on wood this has never happened to me before... in our bed, but Lucas has thrown up all over his bed. So not fun! I would rather change 5 poppy diapers in a row than clean up one vomit mess. Tonya recently posted..Relishing QuietMy Profile
  17. OMG, I was up with a puking child on Friday, too! I totally feel your pain. :( But at least he was in his crib. And it was only twice. I cannot think of a more horrifying thing to wake up to than a child screaming, scared, sick & covered in puke. After about 30 minutes of clean up, new sheets pj's etc, he woke up 45 mins later for round 2. Thank goodness I have 2 sets of backup sheets & blankets for him. We don't for our bed! p.s. Love your blog. Your mommy moments (yours & guests) are fabulous. Thanks :) Lindsey recently posted..Shocking NewsMy Profile